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AGF Collection Reveals: 2021 Part 1
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The Mystical World of Luna & Laurel

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Ya’ll it’s been a crazy week here at AGF, as we prepared for our 2021 Part 1 collection reveals, a lookbook, and some holiday projects, it’s been non-stop! Thankfully, everything we’ve been working on has been quite exciting, and today’s lookbook release is one of them. Let me introduce you to what I think is a collection that most speaks to me, Luna & Laurel! I honestly can’t express the feeling when I saw AGF Studio drawing this collection for the first time, I watched the print “Esoteric Alignment” come to life on the computer and my heart skipped a beat. These prints define how I feel, demonstrating this special connection I have to the earth, the stars, and the elements! I find a lot of inner peace when I separate myself from the chaos and focus on my surroundings, and this collection makes me feel like I’m stepping outside and taking a breath of fresh air. 

So, today I am more than happy to show you these pretty prints and all that I love about them! Its celestial details and bold florals are enriched with deep teals, mellow oranges, soft creams, and contrasting blacks that were meant to be sewn together for statement projects. Now with these prints in my hands, I couldn’t be any more excited about all the lovely projects people are about to make! So, don’t forget to share your projects and check out what others are making through the hashtag #AGFLunaAndLaurel

Luna & Laurel Fabric Rolls 2 copy*Available in 14 quilting cotton prints

Anyone else drooling right now? Ok, just me...haha! I love this group of fabrics so much, I drove from home to the office so I could see them in person. I couldn’t resist grabbing a couple of rolls and taking pictures of them (you are seeing the final result above hehe). Its moody colors and its southwest flare make this collection extra unique. 

Luna&laurel_fabric_22 copy*Featuring prints: Stardust, Sunmoon, and Esoteric Alignment.

There is a lot of variety in this collection, so there are many different scales for all kinds of projects. You’ll see prints like “Stardust” featured on the very left, which is a perfect blender with its small scale and texture, that will also work great when paired with large prints like “Esoteric Alignment” for patchwork projects. Another fun print to play with is “Sunmoon” containing half-moons that fit perfectly into a 2-inch square- a fussy cut dream! 

Luna&laurel_fabric_40 copy*Featuring the print Laurel Daring in rayon

Luna&laurel_fabric_41 copy*Featuring the print Eye See You Night in knit

Find the best of both words in the selected substrates, having 2 available in this collection, rayon and a knit! The light and airy feel of the Luna & Laurel rayon will make sophisticated dresses and accessories like scarves or a kimono. If it’s winter where you live, then you must use the knit in the collection, it’s so soft and it will keep you warm! 

Looking for more matching blenders? Here are suggested Elements that pair flawlessly with the collection:

Luna&laurel_elements_2 copy*Featuring PURE Solids in Terracotta Tile, Peach Sherbet, and Spruce & Decotitch Elements in Red Desert and Stellar.

More matching blenders not pictured:

PURE Solids: Caviar, Dried Carrot, Zambia Stone, Vanilla Custard, and Ocean Fog.

Prisma Elements: Jet Onyx

Decostitch Elements: Cloud

Take a look at all the wonderful projects made with this collection by checking out the lookbook below for tons of patterns that you can download with a click of a button.

Practice sewing your curves with our “Eclipse” free quilt pattern below!


Take a closer look at Luna & Laurel in this Fabric Haul video, you’ll be shown what makes these fabrics so beautiful, from the botanical to esoteric elements and even its striking color palette. Click play, relax, and enjoy some inspiring sewing content! 


Christmas is around the corner so who’s ready to start the holidays with some pretty fabrics?!  For a chance to win the entire collection of Luna & Laurel, CLICK HERE, and enter your information. The giveaway ends on Friday, December 18th, and the winner will be emailed and announced right here on the blog! 


Thank you for following along and showing how much you love these collections too, whether it’s in the comments on Instagram or through a direct message- it means a lot to us! Please let me know in the comments below if you feel the same way I do about this collection release and what you would make with it. I plan on sewing up tons of home decor, seat covers, wall-art, plant holders, you name it- I want it all! And until next time…

Happy Sewing!