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HST Zanthia Pillow

Zanthia copy

Welcome back, fabric friends! 

Today we are featuring one of my favorite and easiest way to create a patchwork pillow, I like to call this one "Zanthia" and if you know about basic half-square triangles, then you'll especially love making this pillow. Once you create the HSTs, all it takes is some cutting and rearranging to complete this look! 

Have fun with your fabric choices too, as for this tutorial I kept it simple by using AGF Pure Solids, but play around with some movement by including some prints. 

Let's get started!


Fabric A PE-421 1 yd

Fabric B PE-436 1/2 yd

Fabric C PE-456 1/2 yd

Fabric D PE-457 1/2 yd

Fabric E PE-482 1/2 yd



  • Batting
  • Cotton Rope-90” for piping
  • Backing:
  • Two (2) 24” squares
  • Pillow fill



Three (3) 2” x WOF strips from fabric A.

Two (2) 22” x 15 3/4” rectangles from fabric A.

Two (2) 12 7/8” squares from fabric B.

Two (2) 12 7/8” squares from fabric C.

Two (2) 12 7/8” squares from fabric D.

Two (2) 12 7/8” squares from fabric E.



To complete this pillow you’ll need to make two different blocks, for each block you’ll need two different HST combinations.

Begin with block #1.

For the first HST combination, take one (1) 12 7/8” square from fabric C and one (1) 12 7/8” square from fabric E.


Place one on top of the other, right sides of the fabric together, align.

Use a fabric marker and your ruler to trace a diagonal line from the top left corner to the right bottom corner.

Sew 1/4” away from each side of the previous traced line.


Use your rotary cutter to cut on top of the drawn line.

Press open, you should end up with two (2) CE HST’s.

Set aside.


Repeat the previous steps this time with one (1) 12 7/8” square from fabric D and one (1) 12 7/8” square from fabric E.

You should end up with two (2) DE HST’s.

Diagram-4Sub-cut the HST’s into six (6) 2” strips as shown in the diagram below.


Sew the strips together alternating the colors following the diagram below for strip placement.

Make a total of two (2) block #1.

Press and set aside.

Diagram-6Move on with block #2.

Take one (1) 12 7/8” square from fabric B and one (1) 12 7/8” square from fabric D.


Place one on top of the other, right sides of the fabric together, align.

Use a fabric marker and your ruler to trace a diagonal line from the top right corner to the left bottom corner.

Sew 1/4” away from each side of the previous traced line.

Diagram-8Use your rotary cutter to cut on top of the drawn line.

Press open, you should end up with two (2) DB HST’s.

Set aside.

Repeat the previous steps this time with one (1) 12 7/8” square from fabric C and one (1) 12 7/8” square from fabric B.

You should end up with two (2) CB HST’s.


Sub-cut the HST’s into six (6) 2” strips as shown in the diagram below.

Diagram-11Sew the strips together alternating the colors following the diagram below for strip placement.

Make a total of two (2) block #2.

Press and set aside.

Bring one (1) block #1 and one (1) block #2.

Sew them together and repeat the same steps one more time to end up with two rows.

Diagram-13Attach the rows together as shown in the diagram below.


Quilt as desired.

I suggest and echo quilting with contrasting thread but feel free to get creative!

Diagram-15Add piping if desired.



Take both 22” x 15 3/4” rectangles from fabric A.

Fold one 15 3/4” edge 1/2” towards the wrong side of the fabric of each rectangle.

Fold the same edge ó” again and edgestitch the fold in place to have a clean edge.

Take the quilted pillow top and lay it at the right side up.

Take one rectangle from fabric A and align it wrong side up to the right side of the pillow top.

Take the other rectangle from fabric A and align it wrong side up to the left side of the pillow top.

Pin the three pieces in place and sew around the edges at 1/4”.

Clip the corners and flip the piece to the right side of the fabric.

Fill the pillow.



and you're finished! I hope you enjoyed what I did with the quilting, I felt like I had to do something unique for this project. It'll be a cool idea too if you quilted on the red and orange pieces. 

If you found this tutorial helpful or have any questions, please let me know in the comments below! As always, if you end up making this project, tag us on social media using the hashtag #artgalleryfabrics, I would love to see your creations.

Until next time,

Happy sewing!







Binding for Beginners - Easy Way to Finish Your Quilt Projects

Hello Makers, 

Hope you are finished making your handmade makes and have them beautifully wrapped under the tree! I can't believe Christmas is only three days away! Hope you all have a relaxing and safe holidays! But before you start celebrating I have a Quilting Tips video for you showing you a simple binding method that will have you finishing your quilting projects like a pro! There are so many different ways to bind a quilt and choosing the one that works for you may take some time. In this video I will show you the most successful method I have found that has given me the best results with the least amount of stress and fuss. Enjoy the video below! 

If any of you are like me and have a stack of unfinished projects at the binding stage, NOW is the time to start checking them off your projects list. With binding, practice makes perfect and practicing on smaller projects like potholders or table runners are perfect projects to build your confidence to get you ready for binding larger quilting projects. 

Happy Sewing, 


Two Ways to Join Quilt As You Go Blocks- Quilting Tips and Techniques

Hello Sewing Friends, 

 I am welcoming December with open arms and a big smile on my face! I have always loved counting down the days til Christmas with each passing day my excitement grows in anticipation for spending time with family, eating holiday treats and creating memories that will last a life time. Today I have a fun quilting tips video about how to attach your quilt as you go blocks in two different ways using the stitch in the ditch method and the binding strip method! 

If you missed out on my last quilting tips video all about the basics of Quilting As You Go make sure to check this video out for a great scrap busting tutorial! Use the  blocks you create in todays video and sew them up to create a table runner or full size quilt! 

I decided to get into the holiday spirit and whip up some AGF Holiday inspired free block patterns! Choose from two great patterns or sew them both, the Winter Wonderland Block is a gorgeous tree pattern and the Bauble Block is the cutest ornament block perfect for showcasing large scale fabrics!  

Enjoy the video tutorial below! 

Happy Sewing, 


How to Quilt As You Go - Time Saving Scrap Buster Technique

Hello Makers,

I am so excited about our brand new Youtube Series called Quilting Tips! In this playlist my mission is to cover all the basics every beginner quilter should know to jump start them on their quilting journey and to have them making finished quilts in no time!

Today’s new video is about Quilting As You Go!  Grab a piece of batting and pull out your scrap bin because not only is this process a great scrap buster but it saves you the extra steps of having to quilt your project after you have pieced it together. Quilting as you go you is essentially piecing your fabrics as well as attaching it to the batting so you are doing the piecing and quilting all in one step! After learning this fun technique you will never throw out another scrap a fabric again. It's so much fun making your project as small or as big as you want and watching it grow. You can turn your finished piece into so many fun projects like coasters, tote bags, placemats, pillows and so much more!

To follow along with me to make your own quilt as you go project watch the video below!


Make sure to head over to our Youtube Channel to discover more quilting tips, tutorials and fun fabric videos!

Happy Sewing,


Quilting Tips- Learn to Strip Piece Three Different Ways

Hello Makers,

When I first started quilting I had no idea how to cut fabric for quilting and using a rotary blade and quilting ruler was so foreign to me coming out of fashion design school. Every time I would cut out my pieces they would end up being a bit too small and wonky but that didn’t stop me from tackling all the tips and techniques I could find about quilting. Weirdly enough I starting designing quilts on the computer before I even new how to put one together, which if you are starting out I definitely don’t suggest you start in that order. With time and practice I kept finding ways to help make my quilting fast, fun and easy! Learning how to strip piece was my favorite technique to learn as a beginner! If you never strip pieced before then watch the video below to find out what I mean!

Doing something as easy as sewing strips together and cutting it in different ways to create different quilting units was both magical and super rewarding to learn! In this video we learn three ways to strip piece to get three totally different outcomes! For more quilting tips make sure to check out the Quilt Tips Playlist on the Art Gallery Fabrics Channel

Until Next Time,

Happy Sewing

Setting the Table for the Holidays - Handmade Makes and Decor

Hello Makers, 

46 days until Christmas and I am rocking and rolling this year, taking my time finding the best handmade makes to fill my home and to fill the homes of family and friends. If you haven’t jumped on the holiday making bandwagon yet this blog post might get you to jot a few sewing projects on your to-sew list. So, get a pen and paper ready as I show you some great ideas to set your table for the holidays and fill your home with handmade holiday makes and decor. 

Xmas Holiday Ideas

Adorn your Tables with Table runners

A table runner will instantly transform your table, acting as a main focal point to uplift and liven the room and all the decor around it. Here are my top four favorite table runner patterns below. 

North Table Runner

Sparkler Fusion TableRunner 1

    Fabrics used: Sparkler Fusion and Pure Solids

With a bit of appliqué and some triangle piecing, you can have this festive beauty finished in no time. Just imagine the magical reindeer parading down the length of your table among the glistening stars. 

The triangle border frames the majestic creatures so elegantly that not only will your guest be talking about how great your stuffing is but also where you got your beautiful table runner. 

Keep the quilting simple by using some basic straight line quilting to put more emphasis on your adorable appliqué. My favorite part of this table runner that makes it unique and stand out is the reindeers that are patchwork appliquéd. Which is great for using up your leftover scrap fabrics. 

Quilo Table Runner 

Earthen Table Runner 2

    Fabrics Used: Earthen and Pure Solids

The Quilo Table Runner made with Earthen fabrics reminds me of an ice-blue Winter Wonderland. The refreshing ranges of blues used in this table runner adds a nice calm and tranquil feel to your table. 

By using templates to create your half rectangle triangle units in the center of your runner to form the large obtuse triangles all in a row, gives off such a bold and sophisticated statement. 

Creating a double border of flying geese adds to the triangle feels of this runner adding great movement and depth. 

Red Braid Table Runner

Tablerunner 2

   Fabrics Used: Cozy and Joyful Fabrics

You can’t go wrong with a braided quilt pattern design! With strips wide enough to fussy cut cute Christmas elements from the fabric, this intricate but easy to follow design is a great fast finish project! What’s great about this design is it’s easy to create as short or as long as you would like to fit your table. Quilt some organic wavy lines to add movement and texture to the structured braided design. 

Seasonal Runner 


Fabrics Used: Merry and Bright

Another great make to add to the list is the Seasonal Runner, I love all the Half Square triangles that make up the 10 "x" inspired quilt blocks in this runner. Using AGF Linen for the background of this runner showcases each blocks elegance and charm. Just quilting the backing and leaving the insides of the blocks without quilting will really make the center of your blocks stand out! 

The Perfect Pot Holders and Placemats 

If table runners aren’t your style maybe try your hand at a smaller size project like placemats or potholders. Place your homemade platters and dishes on handmade potholders. Make each guest feel special with a nice placemat setting just for them. 

Bauble Blocks

Bauble Placemats

    Fabrics Used: Cozy and Joyful 

Turn these festive quilt blocks into placemats making each ornament in different holiday fabric! These blocks may only measure out to be 12” finished but add a border around your block to make it the perfect square placemat to welcome your guest to their seat. Whip up all the blocks you need in one afternoon and have fun quilting each one with a special holiday motif!

Quilted Potholders and Oven Mits

Foresta_Oven Mitts & Pot Holder_3

Fabrics Used: Foresta Fusion 

There is nothing faster to make than a solid fabric potholder. Cut two squares of your choice of holiday fabric, some batting, insul-bright batting, and some scrap fabric for the loop, and you're ready to make a quick and easy potholder to place your delicious holiday spread on. 

While you're at it, make yourself a pair of oven mitts to match to quickly pull things out of the oven and off the stovetop! 

Here is a quick bonus project I threw into the mix. Be super extra this year and make a matching apron to wear over your holiday apparel. 


Fusions Foresta Apron 2

    Fabrics Used: Foresta Fusion 

Of course, our apron needs a bit of patchwork and big roomie pockets! 


The Finishing Touches 

Fabric napkins are definitely the way to go this year. Embellish each place setting with a fabric napkin to elevate your dining experience. Choose from two great easy tutorials below. 

 Causal Mitered Napkins 


Blithe Product Inspiration Kitchen Towel 4    

    Fabrics Used: Blithe Fabrics and AGF Denim Studio 


       The Neva Napkins  



      Fabrics Used: Sparker Fusions and AGF Denim Studio 




Merry & Bright Lau's Tutorial 1

    Fabrics Used: Merry and Bright

Add this fun fabric ornament to your ceiling to create a chandelier display above your table. 



  Fabrics Used: Merry and Bright

Make these plushie fabric ornaments to give away as holiday party favors to each one of your guests to take home and put on their tree. To share a bit of handmade with all of the people you love. 

Which project is your favorite? I hope all these project ideas have got you ready to sew for the holiday season. All you need to do is turn on some Christmas music, grab a hot beverage, and pull together all your holiday fabrics. 

If you create any of the patterns mentioned in this blog post using AGF fabrics we would love to see your creations. Make sure to post on social media using the  #artgalleryfabrics so we can find your makes. Do you have any other great holiday table setting ideas?  Make sure to share it in the comments below. 

Happy Holiday Sewing,