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The Delicate Technique of Watercolor: Aquarelle

Aquarelle_banner_600px copy

Now I know last week I said that it was a crazy week, well I lied to you all because THIS week is actually crazy! Holidays are near and we couldn’t be more excited to start on new projects for 2021. This week is going to be the last full week here before the year ends, so we are working together to bring you as much inspiration as we can. This brings me to today, where we have Katarina Roccella’s latest collection, Aquarelle! Seeing all the makers submit their projects got me excited for this lookbook, and of course, Katarina never disappoints with her fabric designs. She is truly a talented artist, and you can see it through all her collections with her details! 


Ok, I’m sure you all just want to skip right into the fabric, so let me give you some insight. Giving an ode to her favorite style of painting in this collection, Aquarelle, is a delicate technique of watercolor. Navy blues and rich fuchsias highlight these lush florals all whilst creating contrast with geometrical shapes and textures that produce sensations of fluidity and translucency.

Aquarelle38 copy*Available in 16 quilting cotton prints

Look at that beautiful range of colors! There are 2 colorways available, one being “Atelier Cobalt” which is filled with true blues, and the second colorway is called “Atelier Viridian” that’s more on the teal side and filled with saturated pinks.  

Aquarelle59*Featuring prints: Rhombastic Positive, Watermarks Cerise, and Plein Air Bouquet

You have everything you need in this collection, lights, darks, large florals, small florals, and unique blenders. I can already see the intricate quilts under the hashtag #AGFAquarelle!  The magic trio pictured above shows a perfect example of the variety of prints offered, like “Rhomastic Positive” that you can fussy cut without disturbing the rest of the elements, “Watermarks Cerise” which is small enough to use as a blender and that looks great when sewn with larger prints like “Plein Air Bouquet.”

Aquarelle153 copy*Featuring the rayon prints in Buttercups Still Life and Rhombastic Negative.

Apparel makers prepare to be excited because we have 2 rayon substrates available in this collection. The painterly florals and geometric shapes in Aquarelle will make sophisticated dresses, skirts, and accessories like scarves!

Looking for more matching blenders? Here are suggested Elements that pair with the collection:


*Featuring PURE Solids in Cherry Lipgloss, Tile Blue, and Royal Cobalt & Floral Elements in Shocking Pink and Esmeralda.

More matching blenders not pictured:

PURE Solids: Fuschia, Mirage Blue, Nocturnal, Icy Mint, and Flamingo. 

Floral Elements: Icy Blue and Cobaltic

Take a look at all the wonderful projects made with this collection by checking out the lookbook below for tons of patterns that you can download with a click of a button.



Have fun cutting tons of strips with our “Waterfall” free quilt pattern below!

Aquarelle Quilt 2 copyDOWNLOAD HERE

Take a closer look at Katarina Roccella’s latest collection, Aquarelle! In this Fabric Haul video, you’ll be mesmerized by Katarina’s favorite style of painting, a delicate technique of watercolor infused in all her design details. Just click play, relax, and enjoy some inspiring sewing content! 



Aquarelle08 copy

Who is ready to start the new year with some pretty fabrics?! For a chance to win the entire collection of Aquarelle, CLICK HERE, and enter your information. The giveaway ends on Monday, December 28th, and the winner will be emailed and announced right here on the blog! 


Thank you for following along this wild AGF ride, it has brought me a lot of joy hearing your feedback lately on the blog! If you enjoy this collection, please let me know what you would create with these fabrics in the comments below. And until next time…

Happy Sewing!




The 2020 Quiltmas Spectacular

Sparkler_Fabric-Quiltmas-Graphic RECAP

’Twas the night after Quiltmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a Quiltmas Elf…well, actually, this Elf is still up! Hi everyone, Amanda @broadclothstudio here. Art Gallery Fabrics kindly invited me over to talk a little bit about Quiltmas. 

What’s Quiltmas you ask? It’s a fun quilt-y kickoff to the holiday season! Each day starting December 1st and running through the 12th, a new free quilt block pattern is revealed. It’s kinda like half an advent calendar, but instead of chocolate or toys, it’s a PDF quilt block pattern that’s delivered via email. And to add to the fun, each block is designed by a different designer, so there is a great mix of styles and skills (I’m looking at you, EPP!).

It may only be the second year that we’ve hosted Quiltmas, but it’s already become one of my favorite holiday traditions. From the charming festive designs of the quilt blocks, to the holly-jolly jollity that each designer brings to the project; from the joy with which the quilting community gets into the spirit of the daily block reveal, to the enthusiasm as quilters start to make and share their blocks: it’s hard to resist the feeling of merriment. And just like the Grinch, my heart grows with each share, with each block made, and with each word of good cheer.

For Quiltmas 2020 we designed 12” finished blocks, drawing inspiration from some of our favorite holiday movies. And as an extra special treat this year, Art Gallery Fabrics joined in the festivities! All of us Quiltmas Elves were so excited to work with the fabrics from the Sparkler Fusion collection: with its pinks, brick reds, navy blues, deep mint greens, and extra special dashes of bronze sparkles, it was a dreamy modern-holiday color palette to work with!

So, whether you’re looking for a new movie to add to your holiday viewing or a new quilt block to try, I think the 2020 lineup of Quiltmas is sure to inspire!

On the first day of Amanda @broadclothstudio gave to us a whimsical block, Quiltenbaum, based on A Charlie Brown Christmas:

Quiltmas Day 1 Broadcloth Studio Quiltenbaum Quilt BlockImage courtesy of Broadcloth Studio

On the second day Julie @runningstitchquilts gave to us a playful block, Holiday Lights, based on Deck the Halls:

Quiltmas Day 2 Running Stitch Quilts Holiday Lights Quilt BlockImage courtesy of Running Stitch Quilts

On the third day Donna @xoxsew gave to us a fun-loving block, Nakatomi, based on Die Hard:

Quiltmas Day 3 XOXSEW Nakatomi Quilt BlockImage courtesy of XOXSEW

On the fourth day Fran @cottonandjoy gave to us a jolly block, St. Nick, based on Miracle on 34th Street:

Quiltmas Day 4 Cotton and Joy St Nick Quilt BlockImage courtesy of Cotton + Joy

On the fifth day Wendy @the.weekendquilter gave to us a merry block, Santa’s Helper, based on Elf:

Quiltmas Day 5 The Weekend Quilter Santa's HelperImage courtesy of The Weekend Quilter

On the sixth day Laurel @porcupinesews_threads gave to us a tippy-top block, Retro Ornaments, based on Eloise at Christmastime:

Quiltmas Day 6 PorcupineSews Threads Retro Ornaments EPP Quilt BlockImage courtesy of PorcupineSews Threads

On the seventh day Tiffany @villageboundquilts gave to us a festive block, Warm Glow, based on The Muppets Christmas Carol:

Quiltmas Day 7 Village Bound Quilts Warm Glow Quilt BlockImage courtesy of Village Bound Quilts

On the eighth day Dash @smithsgeneralstudio gave to us a winsome block, Winter Warmer, based on The Santa Clause:

Quiltmas Day 8 Smith's General Winter Warmer Quilt BlockImage courtesy of Smith’s General

On the ninth day Ben @benmillett gave to us an enchanting block, Toy Soldiers, based on Babes in Toyland:

Quiltmas Day 9 Ben Millett Toy Soldiers Quilt BlockImage courtesy of Ben Millett

On the tenth day Shannon @shannonfraserdesigns gave to us a delicious block, Jolly Jelly, based on National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation:

Quiltmas Day 10 Shannon Fraser Designs Jolly Jelly Quilt BlockImage courtesy of Shannon Fraser Designs

On the eleventh day Anna @waxandwanestudio gave to us a dreamy block, What’s This, based on Nightmare Before Christmas:

Quiltmas Day 11 Wax and Wane Studio What's This Quilt BlockImage courtesy of Wax and Wane Studio

And on the twelfth day Amanda @broadclothstudio gave to us a lovely block, Heart In Hand, based on Serendipity:

Quiltmas Day 12 Broadcloth Studio Heart in Hand Quilt BlockImage courtesy of Broadcloth Studio

While all the blocks were designed as standalone patterns, they look charming together (if I do say so myself!). I made nine of the blocks this year and turned them into a sampler style quilt, which I absolutely adore. But, I think it could also be so much fun to turn the blocks into a fun table runner, a set of placemats, or as a couple throw pillows!  If you’re looking for some ideas for how to use your blocks in a larger project, I’ve got some ideas for you over on Broadcloth Studio.

Quiltmas Broadcloth Studio 9 patch sampler quiltImage courtesy of Broadcloth Studio

If you missed this year’s festivities, never fear! The 12 days of the Quiltmas Spectacular might be over for this year, but you can still sign up to get all the free quilt block patterns here (just make sure to sign up before the end of the year as the download links will disappear in 2021).

And then make sure to sign up for Art Gallery Fabric’s awesome giveaway: one lucky will be chosen to win a Fat Quarter bundle of Sparkler Fusion fabrics and all you have to do for a chance to win is to enter your information below and hit "subscribe"! 

The giveaway ends December 21st, 2020, and the winner will be emailed and announced right here on the blog on Tuesday, December 22nd.  And as a little bonus, if you already signed up for the Quiltmas Spectacular emails, you're automatically entered in the giveaway, so by signing up above, you'll get two entries! 


Congratulations Krista McAllister, you've won the bundle of Sparkler Fusion fabrics! Please check your email :)

Small Last Minute Sewing Projects

Happy Holidays, Makers!


Last week I shared with you some of my favorite quilty projects that were not as big as a quilt but captures everything you love about patchwork in a smaller package. But this time around, I realized that I still need to make more gifts but with Christmas around the corner, I have even less time to complete projects. 

So, here’s another list of free sewing projects that are even smaller, perfect for any last-minute gift making! The biggest project being a pillow and it’s for those quilters who are already quick in putting a block together, but most of these projects are still quite small that will take no more than an hour to create. 

Make several of each, or choose one that you find is perfect to gift. No matter what project it is, you’ll have a blast sewing them! 

Legendary Makeup Bags 1*Featuring Legendary fabrics by Pat Bravo


Starting with the “Stories” bag, this little patchwork bag is a dream to make! Have fun with the fabric you already have, it’s a great scrap-buster and you can hand-quilt it for a unique look. 


Daydream Pillow 2*Featuring Daydream by Patty Basemi


Step into the clouds with this “Memoir” pillow!  Created with a mixture of hourglass blocks and fun applique design, you can have a lot of quilty fun with this make. Gift it to any new parent for their nursery or they can add it for a pop of texture on a rocking chair or glider for a kid’s room.


Summerside_SunglassCases_1*Featuring Summer Side by Dana Willard


Make a cute case to store your sunnies! This project is small enough to make for several of your loved ones and it’s also a great stocking stuffer. 


Merry & Bright Kitchen 3

*Featuring Merry & Bright by AGF


 This is one of my favorite gifts to receive because I just enjoy all things for the kitchen! Sew it up with some bright fabric prints and gift it to someone that loves to cook too.

Fusions Ballerina Pin Cushions 3*Featuring Ballerina Fusion by AGF


Do you have a sewing buddy? Let them know you appreciate them during these times and make these adorable pincushions! You can make one for all your sewing friends, and it’s a special gift you know they’ll use and enjoy. 


Knit Solids_1*Featuring Knit Solids by AGF


THROWBACK to when I made these bright colored and super soft “1979 Pillows”!  As a beginner sewist, I wanted to make something easy to sew, especially since it was my first time working with our knits. This pattern is great for anyone starting to learn! Kill 2 birds with 1 stone because this pattern creates 2 pillows with the same set of strips (yay for zero-waste!) 

TerraKotta_Masks_1*Featuring Terra Kotta by AGF Studio



Last but not least, sew up these lovely patchwork facemasks! We are still going through a pandemic and many of us can’t see some of our family members, but something like this would be a great gift to send. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe with a handmade mask! 


I hope you enjoyed this short list of small projects, and as always I’d love to see them if you make them! Tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #artgalleryfabrics to share the love. I’m wishing everyone out there a safe, and happy holiday season. Until next time…


Happy Sewing!





The Mystical World of Luna & Laurel

Luna&Laurel_banner copy

Ya’ll it’s been a crazy week here at AGF, as we prepared for our 2021 Part 1 collection reveals, a lookbook, and some holiday projects, it’s been non-stop! Thankfully, everything we’ve been working on has been quite exciting, and today’s lookbook release is one of them. Let me introduce you to what I think is a collection that most speaks to me, Luna & Laurel! I honestly can’t express the feeling when I saw AGF Studio drawing this collection for the first time, I watched the print “Esoteric Alignment” come to life on the computer and my heart skipped a beat. These prints define how I feel, demonstrating this special connection I have to the earth, the stars, and the elements! I find a lot of inner peace when I separate myself from the chaos and focus on my surroundings, and this collection makes me feel like I’m stepping outside and taking a breath of fresh air. 

So, today I am more than happy to show you these pretty prints and all that I love about them! Its celestial details and bold florals are enriched with deep teals, mellow oranges, soft creams, and contrasting blacks that were meant to be sewn together for statement projects. Now with these prints in my hands, I couldn’t be any more excited about all the lovely projects people are about to make! So, don’t forget to share your projects and check out what others are making through the hashtag #AGFLunaAndLaurel

Luna & Laurel Fabric Rolls 2 copy*Available in 14 quilting cotton prints

Anyone else drooling right now? Ok, just me...haha! I love this group of fabrics so much, I drove from home to the office so I could see them in person. I couldn’t resist grabbing a couple of rolls and taking pictures of them (you are seeing the final result above hehe). Its moody colors and its southwest flare make this collection extra unique. 

Luna&laurel_fabric_22 copy*Featuring prints: Stardust, Sunmoon, and Esoteric Alignment.

There is a lot of variety in this collection, so there are many different scales for all kinds of projects. You’ll see prints like “Stardust” featured on the very left, which is a perfect blender with its small scale and texture, that will also work great when paired with large prints like “Esoteric Alignment” for patchwork projects. Another fun print to play with is “Sunmoon” containing half-moons that fit perfectly into a 2-inch square- a fussy cut dream! 

Luna&laurel_fabric_40 copy*Featuring the print Laurel Daring in rayon

Luna&laurel_fabric_41 copy*Featuring the print Eye See You Night in knit

Find the best of both words in the selected substrates, having 2 available in this collection, rayon and a knit! The light and airy feel of the Luna & Laurel rayon will make sophisticated dresses and accessories like scarves or a kimono. If it’s winter where you live, then you must use the knit in the collection, it’s so soft and it will keep you warm! 

Looking for more matching blenders? Here are suggested Elements that pair flawlessly with the collection:

Luna&laurel_elements_2 copy*Featuring PURE Solids in Terracotta Tile, Peach Sherbet, and Spruce & Decotitch Elements in Red Desert and Stellar.

More matching blenders not pictured:

PURE Solids: Caviar, Dried Carrot, Zambia Stone, Vanilla Custard, and Ocean Fog.

Prisma Elements: Jet Onyx

Decostitch Elements: Cloud

Take a look at all the wonderful projects made with this collection by checking out the lookbook below for tons of patterns that you can download with a click of a button.

Practice sewing your curves with our “Eclipse” free quilt pattern below!


Take a closer look at Luna & Laurel in this Fabric Haul video, you’ll be shown what makes these fabrics so beautiful, from the botanical to esoteric elements and even its striking color palette. Click play, relax, and enjoy some inspiring sewing content! 


Christmas is around the corner so who’s ready to start the holidays with some pretty fabrics?!  For a chance to win the entire collection of Luna & Laurel, CLICK HERE, and enter your information. The giveaway ends on Friday, December 18th, and the winner will be emailed and announced right here on the blog! 


Thank you for following along and showing how much you love these collections too, whether it’s in the comments on Instagram or through a direct message- it means a lot to us! Please let me know in the comments below if you feel the same way I do about this collection release and what you would make with it. I plan on sewing up tons of home decor, seat covers, wall-art, plant holders, you name it- I want it all! And until next time…

Happy Sewing!


AGF Collection Reveals: 2021 Part 1


With a new year, comes new collections! What better way to start 2021 than with some exciting news. We are thankful and proud to have this opportunity to continue bringing you original designs & beautiful fabric collections. We are pleased to show you the fruits of our labor and bring you what AGF and our designers have in store for you in OUR NEXT ROUND OF COLLECTIONS! Just in case you didn’t get to see it on social media, here’s a quick rundown of what’s being released. 

Available January 2021


Velvet by Amy Sinibaldi 

Soften the volumeSoften The Volume by AGF Studio 

PuresPURE Solids (New Colors) by AGF

KnitsKnit Solids (New Colors) by AGF


Available February 2021

LilliputLilliput by Sharon Holland 

AndinaAndina by AGF Studio

DecoDecostitch Elements (New Colors) by AGF


Available March 2021

Oh woofOh, Woof! by Jessica Swift

Open heartOpen Heart by Maureen Cracknell 


Available April 2021

SunburstSunburst by AGF Studio

BoscageBoscage by Katarina Roccella 

For more details on availability, prints, and upcoming free patterns, check out our “New AGF Collections Jan-Apr 2021” below! 

For more of an up-close look, check out our video below so you can see new fabric groups in detail. All you have to is do is click play, sit back, and enjoy! 

We are excited to start the new year with lots of hope, dreams, and desires to create something beautiful every day! In our constant search to create the most unique textile designs with the best quality in the industry, for our team of creative minds, the sky's the limit! Whatever 2021 brings our way, we can always rely on this amazing sewing community, and we can’t wait to see all of you sewing with these new collections soon. What collection are you excited about?


Happy Sewing!

- Jannelle

Two Ways to Join Quilt As You Go Blocks- Quilting Tips and Techniques

Hello Sewing Friends, 

 I am welcoming December with open arms and a big smile on my face! I have always loved counting down the days til Christmas with each passing day my excitement grows in anticipation for spending time with family, eating holiday treats and creating memories that will last a life time. Today I have a fun quilting tips video about how to attach your quilt as you go blocks in two different ways using the stitch in the ditch method and the binding strip method! 

If you missed out on my last quilting tips video all about the basics of Quilting As You Go make sure to check this video out for a great scrap busting tutorial! Use the  blocks you create in todays video and sew them up to create a table runner or full size quilt! 

I decided to get into the holiday spirit and whip up some AGF Holiday inspired free block patterns! Choose from two great patterns or sew them both, the Winter Wonderland Block is a gorgeous tree pattern and the Bauble Block is the cutest ornament block perfect for showcasing large scale fabrics!  

Enjoy the video tutorial below! 

Happy Sewing,