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Bargello Technique Tutorial

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Welcome back to another tutorial, makers!

One of my favorite things to sew is strips of fabric because I find myself in a trance under my sewing machine, and at that point, I feel unstoppable. I'm sure when everyone is in the zone, you can relate too! Combing this love to strip piecing, I thought it would be a great idea to show all of you the Bargello Technique, which is made of strips of fabric sewn together to create the appearance of movement. I wanted to capture this technique with a small project so it is easier to digest, so what better than these awesome placemats!

This tutorial is great if you're a beginner quilter, and even if you have been quilting for years, I'm sure you'll learn something new to add under your belt. The idea of this technique is to use a variety of shades of print to create that illusion of movement.

Taking advantage that Spring is still here, I choose some fabrics that are pastel tones to represent the colors of the season. I used  AGF Pure solids "Honeydew," Floral Elements in "Blush," and prints from the Playroom collection "Teeny Confetti Candy," "Flowers All Around," and "Teeny Confetti Mint." 

Let's get started!


Diagram 1 copy

Fabric requirements:

Fabric A 1/2 yd

Fabric B 1/2 yd

Fabric C 1/2 yd

Fabric D 1/2 yd

Fabric E 1/2 yd

Fabric F 1/2 yd


Four (4) 3  1/2’’ x WOF strip from Fabrics A, B, C, D, E

Two (2) 20 1/2’’ x 14 1/2’’ rectangles from fabric F.


Sew fabrics A, B, C, D, E WOF strips in order 


Cut the strips at a 20 1/2’’ 

Take that 20 1/2’’ piece and sew it under the end of fabric A.



Cut seven (7) strips at a 2  1/2’’ W.


Take the first strip, which is SS1, and place it on your table. This will be your start guide.

Take the other six (6) strips and sew the beginning and end for each strip, creating a circle for each strip.


Unsew one seam from each tube to create a long strip, following the image below as your guide.


Now, join all seven (7) strips. 

Once assembled and pressed, trim the piece to a 20 1/2’’ x 14 1/2’’ rectangle as in the image below.

Edit 2 copy

Use this technique to create many fun projects, such as this Making Waves Quilt, Follow the Wave placemats, and more!

I hope you this tutorial and as always please let me know if you have any questions or helpful tips you'd like to share in the comments below.

I'd love to see if you attempted this project, so make sure to tag us on social media using the hashtag #artgalleryfabrics, I would love to see your creations.

Until next time,

Happy sewing!







Love Conquers All with Open Heart Fabrics by Maureen Cracknell

Open-heart_banner copy

One of the greatest things about being a part of this wonderful community is that we can always come together and share the love of quilting and sewing no matter your background. It’s collections like this one, that serve such a lovely reminder that love always wins! I am happy today to introduce to you Open Heart by Maureen Cracknell, celebrating love, respect, and beauty in everyone’s uniqueness. Expressing the power of love through the simple act of holding hands through an uplifting palette of pinks, soft greens & blues, and cheerful florals.

Hashtag copy*Available in 16 quilting cotton prints

After reading Maureen’s questionnaire, (which you can find throughout the lookbook) and looking through every print, you can feel the story behind each print! 

OpenHeart_Fabric(21) copy*Featuring the print Unique Beauty 

A personal detail that you might’ve not known is that the print Unique Beauty includes Maureen’s daughter and her niece’s beautiful silhouettes. She also pledged to donate 100% of the royalties from this print to Color of Connection, a nonprofit quilt teaching workshop focused on making quilting more accessible to more socio-economic classes, races, ages, and genders with the hopes to further diversify the industry. What a lovely cause! 

OpenHeart_Fabric(20) copy*Knit prints in Cherished Gathering Glint & Written Love Lively 

OpenHeart_Fabric(10) copy*Rayon print in Sweet Floret Cerise 

Our rayon is known for its delicate drape and in this collection, there is one available, that’s just perfect for garments like lightweight dresses. Plus 2 knit prints, that are the coziest and softest knits in the industry, ready to be cut up and transformed into leggings, t-shirts, and much more. You can almost “feel” the softness through these pictures! 

If you’re looking to accentuate these pretty colors, check out these matching AGF Elements:

OpenHeart_Fabric(8) copy

PURE Solids: Ruby, Coral Reef, Raspberry Rose, Tigerlily, Quartz Pink, Apricot Crepe, Appletini, Dark Citron, Crystalline, and Denim Blue. 

Floral Elements: Flame and Bubble Gum

AGF Denim: Cool Foliage, Endless Paradise, and Rose Feather. 

Create a darling quilt like our “Kindred Souls” free quilt pattern that shows off these heartwarming fabrics!


Prepare to swoon when you flip through the pages of our open heart fabric lookbook! Find tons of projects that will show you new ways to piece together these fabrics and inspire you to get on your sewing machine. Discover quilt blocks, quilted hats, book covers, and home decor, plus tons more offered in our lookbook!

See Open Heart’s true colors and scale in our “Let’s Talk Fabric” YouTube segment and experience Maureen’s latest collection through a high definition lens.

  • See Open Heart in action
  • Discover matching blenders
  • Take a closer look at prints & scale
  • Preview projects

Sit back, click play, and feel the love through your screen! 

Get your hands on this collection and a chance to win a Fat Quarter bundle of Open Heart by CLICKING HERE to enter in our Facebook exclusive giveaway! The giveaway will only last for the weekend, so spread the word to all your fabric friends (open internationally). All the rules and details will be posted on our Facebook page, good luck! 

Fabric Giveaway copy
One of the things I’m most excited about in this collection is the wonderful quilts that are going to be made! With so many loving prints, this just makes for the perfect project to gift to someone special. If you’d like to share your creations with Open Heart, please tag us on social media using the hashtag #AGFOpenHeart, we’d love to see it. Thanks again for joining me on another exciting fabric collection and until next time...


Happy Sewing!




Cathedral Window Tutorial


Welcome back for another tutorial!

If you've been in the quilting world for a while, you might've seen this beautiful block show up in some quilts, and wondered how to get that look! In learning how to make this block, it amazed me is how different each tutorial can be. Today, I wanted to share my version and knowledge of this Cathedral Window that I believe is the best way to help you! It's a great technique to use too if you want to use some fabric from your stash bin. 

Feeling the softer colors today, I decided to use AGF’s Capsule collection Terra Kotta’s Desert Flora print, and AGF's Pure Solids White Linen and Blossomed print. 

For this tutorial, make sure to cut your squares the same size, in this case, all of my squares are 4’’. 


Take four (4) of your PE-408, White Linen fabric and fold them on the diagonal.


Take four (4) squares from Blossomed, PE-489 fabric and align two (2) blocks on each side (8).

Then, take four (4) folded squares from PE-408 and place them on top of the aligned squares.


Now, grab two blocks and place them right sides facing together. Make sure to pin so the fabrics don’t shift while sewing, remember your sewing 4 fabrics together.


Now, join both rows together making sure you pin the pieces so they don’t shift while sewing.


Now, place Terra Kotta’s CAP-TK-1500 4’’ square on point on top of the sewn piece. Make sure it's centered.


Place batting and backing fabric underneath the block piece.  


Fold the edges from PE-408, and with your fingers pull it towards its point and over the fabric on top.

Edge-stitch carefully along the new curved edge. You will be stitching all three layers.

Once you finish, press carefully.

Ta-da! You did it. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and as always please let me know if you have any questions or helpful tips you'd like to share in the comments below. 

Whether you are a beginner or advanced quilter, I'd love to see if you attempted this project, so make sure to tag us on social media using the hashtag #artgalleryfabrics, I would love to see your creations.

Until next time,

Happy sewing!


Celebrating Dogs with Oh, Woof! By Jessica Swift 

Oh Woof banner BLOGJPG
Surprise! A new Lookbook release on a Tuesday? What a great way to start the week! I am so excited to share with you Jessica Swift’s collection, Oh Woof!, that just makes me smile from ear to ear. Last summer Jessica Swift’s neighbors got two sweet puppies, that her kids absolutely loved and spent a lot of time playing in their backyard. Their love for the pups inspired this bright and colorful collection! Where every print celebrates the joyful energy that dogs bring into our world.

Hashtag copy*Available in 12 quilting cotton prints

This collection strums a chord in my heart because it reminds me of my dog, Tony! I got him unexpectedly when my little brother insisted on going to the shelter, little did I know I would walk out with the first dog I saw! He was 6 months old and he completely turned my life upside down. It was my first pet I ever had in my life, and I had to learn so much. It was a big change for both of us, but I wouldn’t take it back for anything in the world because I just gained another family member and a best friend for life. I wish I can explain how excited I was when the AGF team asked me and Tony to be included in the lookbook!  

Oh Woof Hats & Bows 1 copy
Here’s me and my boy! Ya’ll the amount of cuteness in this Lookbook is unmatched! So many cute accessories, quilts, and more, that blew the creativity out of the water with all the possible projects that were made with this collection. The team created the sweetest matching bucket hats and ties, plus a collar, a leash, and more that you will find flipping through the pages. You’ll get to see tons more puppies in action too! We gathered several furry models to strut their stuff for the lookbook, so make sure to check out all their outfits too. 

OhWoof!_FabricBLOG*Knit prints in Woofin Around and Snack Hour 

This super stretchy substrate is so cozy yet breathable, making it ideal for spring and summer. With both being black and white, this means you can make garments for your little ones and play around with the pops of color we have available in knit solids!

If you’re looking to accentuate these soft colors, check out these matching AGF Elements:

OhWoof!_Fabric(7) copy

PURE Solids: London Red, Coral Reef, Burnt Orange, Mandarin, Turmeric, Dark Citron, and Cozumel Blue. 

Nature Elements: Sweet Mango and Ocean Breeze

Squared Elements: Turquoise

AGF Denim: Cool Foliage

There are tons of opportunities to fussy-cut all sorts of designs in this collection. Have fun cutting out your favorite elements and create our playful free quilt pattern called “Doggo” below.


Flip through the pages of our lookbook below where you’ll discover doggy beds, quilt blocks, and whimsical quilts. You’ll even find wonderful accessories for you and your pup, like fabric bins, trendy bucket hats, and dog toys! 

Sometimes pictures aren’t enough! Check out our “Let’s Talk Fabric” YouTube segment where you’ll get to see “Oh, Woof!” true colors, scale, and view the fabrics in action as if they were on your sewing table. Within every print, you will feel the joyful energy that dogs bring into our world. Be inspired to create all sorts of patchwork projects with all the sewing patterns featured in this video, matching AGF Elements, and the knit prints available. Stay tuned till the end of the video for a GIVEAWAY and a chance to win a fat quarter bundle!

I would love to hear the stories on how you got your pets in the comments below and if you plan on getting your hands on these fabrics, I’d love to know what you’ll be making with them. You can also share with us by posting it on social media using the hashtag #AGFOhWoof

Make sure to follow us on Instagram and watch out for some super funny BTS on our stories with me and the pups! Who knew taking pictures with multiple dogs would be hard? (haha!) Thanks again for joining me on another exciting fabric collection and until next time...


Happy Sewing!



AGF Collection Reveals: 2021 Part 2


Here at AGF, we celebrate a lot of holidays but there are a few dates that are on our calendar that we treat the same… COLLECTION REVEALS! They are here and here’s where we show you what we’ve been working so hard on for the last couple of months. We are so thankful and proud to have this opportunity to continue bringing you original designs & beautiful fabric collections. Although last year was a hard one for everyone, it was a time that allowed us to get together and work even harder! We strive on having the prettiest fabrics with the best quality in the industry, and our team is in a continuous state of evolution that pushes our creative boundaries every day. This means introducing new color palettes, choosing felicitous prints, and creating designs that will capture your fabric-loving hearts. Check out the AGF fabric collections below that will be available June through August 2021!


Available June 2021

EveEve by Bari J.

SpookySpooky 'n Sweeter by AGF Studio  


Available July 2021

CozyCozy & Magical by Maureen Cracknell 

PlaidPlaid Of My Dreams by Maureen Cracknell 

VertVert Fusion by AGF 


Available August 2021

BookishBookish by Sharon Holland

OnwardOnward & Upward by Jessica Swift 

For more details on availability, prints, and upcoming free patterns, check out our “Art Gallery Fabrics Catalog Season 2 – 2021” below! 

For more of an up-close look, check out our video below so you can see new fabric groups in detail. All you have to is do is click play, sit back, and enjoy! 


This year is already shining brighter and we have to thank all of you, in this wonderful sewing community, for your constant support! From the “likes” you give us on Instagram to every post you share with your creations with our fabrics are just a few things that keep us going. Every day you inspire us with your resilience & creativity, and we can’t wait to see all the beautiful things that you will be sewing with these collections soon. Let me know in the comments below what collections you are most excited to get your hands on!

Until next time,

- Jannelle


Sharon Holland’s First Kids Fabric Collection: Lilliput

Lilliput_banner BLOG

As someone who has been behind the scenes here at AGF,  I've had the honor and privilege of looking at collections come to life! Today I'm excited to finally see Sharon Holland’s first kids collection, Lilliput, live and in action. Now for me, this kids collection is the most unique I have ever seen, as Sharon really outdid herself by balancing adorable forest creatures, sweet florals, and tying them together with boho elements. 

Lilliput is inspired by observing the natural world through a child’s imagination. Encounter sweet foxes and bunnies in forest shades of fern green, budding pink, spring violet, and earthy clay. 

Hashtag*Available in 16 quilting cotton prints


This collection is so perfectly balanced with blenders, medium-sized prints, and large-scale designs that are ideal to piece together in your patchwork projects! Since there are a lot of eclectic elements in this collection, there are so many prints that are ideal for adults too, like “Secret Garden” and “Liliputian.” 

Fabric Lilliput (7) copy*Rayon print in Ferngully Cinnamon

Fabric Lilliput (4) copy*Knit prints in Berry Picking Dim and Ferngully Lilac

What I love most about the substrate prints is that they're so versatile, they could be transformed into apparel for kids and grownups! If you check out the lookbook below, you're going to find a stunning dress made by Alexis Wright, and the more playful knit “Berry Picking Dim” subtle purple and navy background makes it ideal for any little girl and boy!

If you’re looking to accentuate these soft colors, check out these matching AGF Elements:

Fabric Lilliput (20) copy*AGF Denim in Indigo Shadow and Frosted Sage & Pure Solids in Raw Gold and Cinnamon 

More matching AGF Elements not pictured:

PURE Solids: Sweet Macadamia, Blushing, Sugar Plum, Mauvelous, Sienna Brick, Fresh Sage, Forest Night, Ocean Fog, and Nocturnal.

Nature Elements: Dusty Mauve

AGF Denim: Adobe Clay 


There are plenty of opportunities to create magical quilts like our “treasure hunt” free quilt pattern that will let your little ones go on an adventure, where they will meet the sweetest forest critters and nature’s blossoms!  


Flip through the pages of our Lilliput Fabric lookbook to discover playful quilt blocks, adorable fox plushies, quilts, and more that you can recreate. With the help of a few talented makers and even Sharon herself, we have put together tons of quilty projects that will get you excited to sew for your kids!

Don’t forget to check our “Let's Talk Fabric” YouTube segment,  where you'll get to see the natural world through a child's imagination and unfold the magical story within every print as if the fabrics were right in your hands. Be inspired to create all sorts of patchwork projects with all the sewing patterns featured in this video, matching AGF Elements, and some sweet up-close shots of the knit and substrates available. 


If you love to quilt for the little ones in your life, this collection is for you! I can already see all the cute outfits, baby quilts, and nursery decor with these fabrics. If you get your hands on these fabrics and create something, please share it with us on social media using the hashtag #AGFLilliput, I would love to see it (and Sharon would too!) 

Until next time,

Happy Sewing!