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As a child, I used to love to hear stories of magical worlds filled with unexplained beauty, make-believe creatures, and stories that would my take your mind on an insightful journey packed with adventure and possibilities. 

Alexandra Bordallo’s debut collection for AGF called Dew and Moss brings me back to my youth with her whimsy prints illustrating a world where gnomes play in their gardens and live in their mushroom houses. Not only are all the prints super adorable, but the color palette is what caught my eye right away. The shades of green mixed with the wonderful pops of reds and peaches are so delightful! 


I had so much fun sewing up the “Eight Pointed Star” block, I fussy cut the cute girl gnome watering her plants and used prints with snails, ladybugs, florals, and bunting to surround her. 

This is such a sweet collection I hope to sew more with!  To check out my latest block tutorial enjoy the video below! :) 


Happy Sewing, 


Designer’s Palette of the Month: Katarina Roccella

Katarina CM

If you’re anything like me, you can get a little obsessive with prints! I love to collect from certain designers, and I tend to always have the same color palette. But things start to get out of control when you find a new designer you love, and you don’t know where to start! Luckily, AGF has the perfect solution for just that. You may have seen the Color Masters before on the blog talking about each color group but now AGF launched the Color Master in “Designer’s Palette Edition” where they have curated a 10-piece FQ/HY sampler bundle from each designer with coordinating prints, to better introduce to you each designer’s style. 


Last month, we talked about Sharon Holland’s Designer’s Palette, and for this month we wanted to give the spotlight to another talented designer Katarina Roccella. 



Katarina was surrounded by an artistic family all her life and it made her the artist that she is today. With a Masters and Ph.D. in Applied Arts, her creative outlets always evolved on different mediums, until she came across sewing. After a few short years of sewing fun, clothing pieces for her daughter, she decided to practice on her own patterns. Katarina finds her inspiration everywhere, ranging from different forms: objects, illustrations, photographs and more! Her motif for her designs is always filled with unexpected textures, and movement that carries a sense of exotic elegance as well as dreamy feels.


If you love jaw-dropping prints and blenders that also act like solids, Katarina’s Designer’s Palette captures her style with an assortment of her past fabric collections, like Avant Garde, Skopelos, and Imprint. I can see projects made with these fabrics ranging from bold quilts, abstract home decor, wall hangings or some contrasting garments. 

Fabric blog

If you need some inspiration on what you can do with this bundle, here are some ideas! Simply Sewing Magazine featured this “Diamond Brights” pillow on issue 55! Using the FQ bundle, they made this bold geometric decorative pillows, that is sure to pop in any space. 

Issue 55 cushion copy

Using lots of strips, Katarina created this laptop cover that’s super beginner-friendly! She shows you a step-b- step tutorial on her blog for anyone looking for a simple, yet impactful make. 



A true collector’s box! Remember that this box is there for your convenience, it has many uses! The “Color Master Box” can keep your fabrics organized and neatly displayed for easy finding, or you can share the love because it’s perfectly curated in a box for an easy present!


Too excited to get straight to the fabric?! You can get all Color Master Designer’s Palettes, in a BUNDLE. The bundle option is there for anyone ready to be cut and be sewn right away, also available in FQ or HY.


If you're a fan of Katarina Roccella or know someone who is, these group of fabrics would be the perfect gift or you treat you yourself by finding them in our online stores. AGF made a box for all of their designers, so don’t forget to check them all out here. If you have any project ideas or already sewn something with these fabrics, make sure to tag us on social media using #artgalleryfabrics


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A Debut Collection by Alexandra Bordallo: Dew + Moss



Have you ever visited and explored a forest? There's no other feeling like being in this unique, natural environment! Being surrounded by so much greenery, the stillness, the fresh, invigorating smell of the trees, and unexpectedly discovering cute animals, bugs, as well as cute mushrooms, plants or flowers. It's definitely a place to decompress, discover, and let your curiosity and wanderlust guide you. 

Making her debut with a collection, our newest designer Alexandra Bordallo takes you into a whimsical forest with “DEW + MOSS!” These prints are filled with little gnomes, fireflies, and florals that were inspired by wandering through the forest with her family in Spain. Alexandra’s youthful style comes to life in this collection through hand-drawn, inky lines, and quirky designs. 


Dew & Moss Fabric 3

With a color palette that’s grounded in various greens with pops of burnt orange and grapefruit, these 12 fabrics can be used in various sewing projects to use in nurseries, playrooms, or even classrooms. 

Dew & Moss Fabric 7

Along with 12 prints in cotton, there's 3 knits to pick from to make cozy garments! The prints are a super fun, retro vibe, especially with the color combinations and can be used in numerous gender-neutral sewing projects. You'll discover cute snails that serve as a great reminder for "slowing down," blooming florals and a gnome village that's filled with mushroom houses, and where gnomes gather to drink coffee and garden.

Dew & Moss Fabric 19

Check out our "Dew + Moss Fabric Lookbook" that features this collection and what you can sew with it! 

Here's our "Gnomesville Quilt" that is a bold, impactful design! Click the below link for the FREE pattern:

Download Quilt Pattern

Dew & Moss Quilt FREE 1 Dew & Moss Quilt FREE 5

- - 🍄 DEW + MOSS GIVEAWAY 🍄 - - 

Enter a chance to win these 12 prints by signing up to our giveaway!


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Did you grow up in a fishing family? My Dad growing up would go fishing with his brothers as often as they could all throughout the Summer months and it would turn into ice fishing in the Winter months. Growing up I always wanted to learn but never got the chance. I love being on the water though, kayaking and enjoying the lake life and Mister Domestic’s fabric collection called Catch and Release has me wanting to hit the water for a relaxing lazy day. 



I decided to sew up the “Flying Star” block which shows off the relaxing blue prints in such a stunning way!  I fussy cut the “School of Fish” print with adorable swimming fish for the center of my block and this block could not have turned out any cuter. 


Enjoy the video tutorial below and if you sew with Catch and Release fabrics make sure to use the hashtag #AGFCatchandRelease so we can see all the fun things you make! 


Happy Sewing, 


Enjoying The Great Outdoors with Mister Domestic's "Catch & Release" Collection


Mister Domestic takes us to the great outdoors with his newest collection, "Catch & Release." Inspired by trips with his family to their favorite fishing spots in Oregon, he captures the spirit of relaxing and unwinding in nature with these 12 prints. 

Catch & Release is a whimsy collection that’s for those who enjoy disconnecting and being present in the moment. From swirling, schools of fish to gorgeous mountain scenery, these prints are perfect for creating fishing-inspired quilts, weekender bags, plushies, or even fishing gear for all ages.


In this collection, you'll discover schools of cute fish, paddles, ladybugs, a gorgeous mountain landscape, and even a fun, fish-scale print! 


Catch&Release_Fabric_10 Catch&Release_Fabric_14

This collection also comes in 3 knits - a super cute fish print in navy blue called "Catch & Release," a sweet fluttering ladybug print called "Good Luck Trails," and a ditzy floral print called "Flower Stream."


This collection also comes in a gorgeous, flower-filled rayon print named "Blue Bank Flora!" 


Along with Mister Domestic and other talented makers. we collaborated on fishing-inspired projects in our "Catch & Release Lookbook!" Make sure to check it out for inspiration of what to sew with these fabrics. 

Here's our "Making Waves Quilt" that's filled with tons of fun print and movement, just click the below link for the FREE pattern:

Download Free Quilt Pattern



Enter a chance to win this fish-filled bundle of "Catch & Release" by signing up to our giveaway:


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Reverse Appliqué Unicorn Baby Quilt Tutorial

Decorating spaces is one of my favorite things to do, so my love for creating things though sewing helps me to bring these spaces to life. Today I wanted to share a great way to decorate a wall, crib, or floor in a nursery by making a Reverse Applique Unicorn Quilt! One of the girls in our production team introduced me to this technique a few years back and I have made a few pillows which came out pretty cute. I wanted to create something a bit larger so I thought a baby quilt would be a perfect project to tackle. To add this tutorial to your to-sew list head to the WeAllSew blog for the full step by step instructions. 



It seemed super fitting to use Maureen Cracknell's fabric collection called Mystical Land to create this quilt. I love all the lovely shades of blues and purples. Fo the background of my quilt I used one of our new Pure Solids called Cotton Candy and it is just the sweetest pink which helped to showcase my striped unicorn so perfectly! 


Are you a fan of making baby quilts! Let me know in the comments how many baby quilts you have made so far? :) 


Happy Sewing,