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Makers' Manifesto + Typecast Fast

IMG_2290-mockup-crop-tight copy
Hello Makers, Sewists, and Quilters!

My name is Sheri of Whole Circle Studio and I am a designer, independent quilt pattern publisher, professional quilter, and teacher. I’m super excited to share the evolution of my latest quilt block pattern—Typecast Fast and some fun projects that Art Gallery Fabrics and I collaborated on.

Typecast Fast is a foundation paper pieced (machine pieced) pattern that includes all 26 letters of the
English alphabet, all the numbers, punctuation, and special characters — a total of 50 block designs!

I made this quilt, incorporating all 50 blocks included in the pattern, with Art Gallery Fabrics Elements. I used a combination of blender prints from Prisma, Nature, Icon, and Decostitch for the letters and the scrappy binding and Pure Solids in White Linen for the quilt top background.


The pattern is a tribute to my love of typography. I have fond memories of my early undergraduate graphic design classes and tracing typefaces. While it certainly would have been quicker to use the computer, my professors knew that their students would gain a greater appreciation for type design by drawing characters by hand. Later, I had an opportunity to design my own typefaces in advanced Typography classes. At that time, I thought that quilts were blankets that you bought the store. I didn’t know it was something that people made. Given that I didn’t even know how to sew back then, I never would have imagined that years later I would be designing and making my own quilt blocks that incorporated typography. It’s amazing how connections are made and things can come full circle!

It was about three years ago that I started sketching and thinking about designing my own quilt block typeface. Typecast Fast was first released as an English Paper Piecing pattern (entitled Typecast) in early 2019. You can learn more about Typecast (and see what 26 quilters made with the letters) on my blog. Here are some mini quilts I made with Typecast, all using Art Gallery Fabrics:

Aloha and I Heart EPP mini quilts made with Aura by Mathew Boudreaux.
Quilt Star mini quilt made with Matchmade
Makers Gonna Make quilt made with Pure Solids

I love all types of piecing and I know others do too. Last year, I started to explore how the letters could be made with foundation paper piecing techniques. I also wanted to add letters, punctuation, and special characters. Out of that study, Typecast Fast was born!

The Typecast Fast foundation paper pieced pattern debuted in the Art Gallery Fabrics at the International Quilt Market booth in October. Together, we developed and designed two Makers’ Manifesto quilts—a public declaration that all creators, makers, sewists, quilters, and crafters can get behind!

Both Makers’ Manifesto quilts were made with Art Gallery Pure Solids. I pieced and quilted one of the quilts with a beautiful ombre of coral to magenta colors. Special thanks to Jenny Meeker for piecing the “We are a Community” quilt in the beautiful yellow and mustard palette.

Untitled-1 copy

But the fun didn’t stop there...

Check out these beautiful mini Makers’ Manifesto quilts recently pieced and quilted by Jenny Meeker using Typecast Fast and a variety of collections by Art Gallery Fabrics.

Now it’s your turn!
What will you make with Typecast Fast?

Get your copy of the pattern here and make any word or phrase you want. Mix and match Typecast Fast with your other favorite quilt blocks to customize your projects. The possibilities are endless!
This pattern is fabric stash friendly. Scraps, fat eighths and fat quarters work great for the letters, numbers, punctuation, and special characters. Use prints, solids and/or fussy-cut your favorite fabric. You’ll enjoy making these fully-tested, foundation paper pieced blocks.

We can’t wait to see what you’re going to make!

- Sheri

Curl up with Oh Meow!


Hello Fabric Friends and Fellow Feline Lovers!

If you’re crazy about cats as you are with fabric then I have a special treat for you today. We have released our newest collection called “Oh Meow” by Jessica Swift! Now I would identify myself as a crazy cat lady. So when I saw some cute furry friends and the variety of fun and colorful prints that come in this collection, I got very excited for its release. I immediately thought of my own two cats and their funny unique personalities. They actually both made their modeling debuts on the AGF social media and the "Oh Meow" Lookbook! Check out the cute felines with some fun prints of "Oh Meow" below to satisfy your cat lover's heart. 

Inspired by Jessica’s own two cats, this collection celebrates all the things feline friends love the most. From yarn, string, and windows to peer out of, you’ll discover a purrfect world in these playful, bright prints.

CatsBlog Edit_Oh Meow Fabric Wheel 1*Available in 12 Cotton Prints

Blog Edit_OhMeow_Fabric_20*Available in 1 Rayon Print

Blog Edit_OhMeow_Fabric_24*Available in 1 Knit Print

Oh Meow! comes in twelve cotton prints, one rayon, and one knit print. Jessica mentioned "If this collection was a person, it would be a rambunctious, kitten-obsessed 6-year-old girl! , which I totally agree with. I can see some of these prints be used in apparel for young girls such as dresses. Our one rayon print is a blender polka dot print perfect for some flowy trousers just as the one made for the lookbook. If you love our cotton print in "Cat Nap", you'll definitely be a fan of our only knit print "Cat Nap Blu" which is a colorway. The creamy white color and blue-toned kitty faces add an extra touch of coziness to the texture of knits.  For more feline playfulness and inspiration on what to create with this collection and free patterns, view our latest lookbook below!


Blog Edit_OhMeow_Quilt1_1

Blog Edit_Oh Meow Extra Fabric Bundles 3

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Personalizing Our Own Log Cabin

Hi, fabric friends! 

I’m excited to be bringing you a fresh new topic today: Log Cabins! I really wanted to talk about this today because not too long ago we asked you on social media, which quintessential block would you be?

We had an overwhelming amount of responses, and after counting your votes, Log Cabin was the winner! Now we really wanted to show the versatility of this classic quilt block and how you can make it unique to YOU. With this idea in mind, myself and a couple of girls at the studio were excited to take a challenge and create a log-cabin inspired project that was personalized to us!


I really wanted to think outside the box with this challenge and I wanted to make something modern! I’ve been inspired by a lot of quilty apparel lately, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to merge these ideas. We made a very cool patchwork design in the past for one of our lookbooks, we used the collection Craftbound and created a stunning piece on the back of the denim jacket. I wanted to do exactly that but in my own version! When I started designing, I was aiming for tonal colors, so I chose my favorite Color Master box in “Cloud & Sky”. To make this a more modern design, I did a variation of half-log cabins and began to sew away! 

This project was so easy to make, any quilter would be able to add some pizzazz to their wardrobe! Add your favorite block to the pocket of your jacket, shirt, and even pants. 


Thrilled to hear that she can design her own project with no limitations, Jessica who is part of the production team here at AGF, decided to create an eye-catching tote by just making one BIG log cabin design. She was inspired by the sunny rays of summer and picked some of her favorite yellow prints, to create a more traditional yet bright design. Being a big fan of Pat Bravo- she used some of the bold prints in Mayfair, Nuncia and Matchmade collections. 

I had no doubt that she would make a beautiful project, as she had made some amazing projects in the past lookbooks! When I saw her designing it on her computer I got instantly inspired to make more log-cabin totes. She always has a signature crafty look in her projects, and you can really see it in this tote with her hand-quilted touch! 


Being crazy about quilts, when her favorite block was chosen, Elisa who is also part of the production team began to design right away. By picking some of her favorite boho-styled prints, she created this wall-art with tons of fun twists and turns! Denim is a substrate she loves to quilt with, so it was the perfect match for the chosen prints. She approaches her designs a little bit differently, by choosing which fabrics she wants to highlight first,  and then working from there. She searched for some boho-style prints and collections with a rich color palette and ended up with a mixture of Craftbound, Legendary, and Spirited

Who would have thought Log Cabin quilt blocks can be transformed into boho decor! I’m completely in awe with how this turned out, from the choices of fabrics to the beautiful detail in the free-motion quilting. Can you believe she made this in 2 days? Talk about dedication! Elisa plans on hanging this in the office, so we can all see this beauty every day.

This was a super fun sewing challenge for us at the studio! It was quite nice to venture out to our creative side and make something unique. Although this experience originated from the classic log cabin quilt block, this took my expectations for what you can create with quilt blocks to a much higher level! 

I hope these projects excelled your expectations too and that they inspired you to make something out of your comfort zone.  As always, I’d love to know what your favorite project was and what you plan on making next in the comments below. 


Until next time,




Wandering Around: Mayfair


Hello Fabric Lovers,

Our newest collection called Mayfair by Amy Sinibaldi takes you straight to London! Inspired by the neighborhood of the same name in Central London. A small interesting fact, the name Mayfair comes from a 17th-Century springtime celebration once held in that area. In this lovely collection, fabric patterns range from small dainty to big and expressive florals. Pastel to deep rich tones. Super versatile and perfectly suited for upcoming seasons like spring and summer.  

Reminiscing on her visits to Shepherd Market, Piccadilly, Hyde Park, and Covent Garden. Amy sketched the flower-filled neighborhoods that surrounded her beloved hotel in Mayfair. With a color palette rich in greens, plum, and marigold, this collection truly echoes the path of a wanderer in the city of London.

Below is a mood board to help create the atmosphere that is strolling through Mayfair, the main inspiration for Amy Sinibaldi's latest collection. 

Mayfair MoodBoard 2
Mayfair Fabric Bundle 3
*Available in 12 Cotton Prints

Blog Edit- Mayfair Fabric 2 copy*Available in 1 Rayon Print

Blog Edit- Mayfair Fabric 3 copy*Available in 1 Knit Print

Mayfair is available in twelve cotton prints, one rayon print, and one knit print. These prints would look super cute made into pouches or bags of all sorts! As we all know florals will never go out of style. Our rayon fabric showcasing a beautiful deep orange could even be used for the fall season as a dress or a top for that special occasion. As for our knit the muted light navy blue pairs wonderfully with some light blue denim. I can automatically see this knit made into any casual apparel. For more inspiration on what to create with this collection and free patterns, view our latest lookbook below!

Blog Edit-Mayfair Quilt 1 1

Blog Edit-Mayfair Fabric 6 copy

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A Magical Journey: Foresta Fusion


Hello Makers!

I’m here to bring you exciting news, our second fusion collection of 2020 called Foresta Fusion is available! This collection is perfect for all the nature lovers out there. What I love about this collection is the color palette and fabric prints immerse you into the coziness and atmosphere of being in the woods. Being a Florida native, I’ve been surrounded by beaches all my life, but always preferred a more forest scenery. There is something magical about the peacefulness and vibrant colors from nature that you experience by exploring.

Foresta Fusion Fabrics will make you discover an enchanting forest that awakens at dusk when woodland animals come out to forage amongst dark florals and towering trees. Grounded in cranberry & pine with dusted pinks, this collection is for those whose hearts are filled with wanderlust.

New-Blog--Foresta-Fusion-Fabric-Bundles-1*Available in 10 Cotton Prints

New-Fusions Foresta Rayon 1*Available in 1 Rayon Print

New-Fusions Foresta Knit 5*Available in 1 Knit Print

Foresta Fusion is available in ten cotton prints, one rayon print, and one knit print. Perfect to use in projects ranging from quilts and accessories to garments. This collection is filled with gorgeous versatile florals, trees, and textures. These prints are for sure to reminisce about your love for the wilderness and inspire beautiful creations. "Fields Of Foresta" our one rayon print flows beautifully in the wind rustling through the trees. Making it into a dress would be a wonderful way to showcase this floral print. Our knit print "Simple Defoliage Foresta" which are these dainty small white pine trees set against this deep forest green looks lovely made into a cozy sweatshirt. To see these fabrics transform into everyday items and more inspiration check out our lookbook below!

New- Fusions Foresta Quilt 1 1


New- Foresta Fusion Fabric Bundles 4

As a celebration of the lookbook being released, we'll be giving away a bundle of Foresta Fusion:

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Quilted Floor Pillow in Canvas + Denim | Shannon Fraser Designs


Are you ready for a fun home décor project?

I've got a fun one for you!

Shannon here, popping in one last time from Shannon Fraser Designs, with an idea to bring comfort and style to your living room, bedroom or family room.

Remember when I mentioned in my previous guest post that I had fun exploring some new to me AGF substrates? Last time, I got to work with their PURE Solids, Premium Linen Blend and their Denim. This week I’m diving into canvas.

Did you know Art Gallery Fabrics had canvas on offer? I didn’t! Not until my AGF friends told me it was something I could play with.

I’d been meaning to make some floor pillows for the longest time and having this fun stack of pretties to dive into finally got the project kick-started.


Now floor cushions are not revolutionary. It’s not a new idea by any means, but I figure they’ve been around for a while because they satisfy several needs: they bring comfort, are pretty to look at and are practical to have around!

Stitching this floor cushion totally brought me back to my early days of making and selling aprons, bags, and pillows. I still make them on occasion, just not as often as I used to (quilts have kinda stolen the show for me!). But I’ve been on a kick lately and have been wanting to make a floor cushion for the longest time. Getting my hands on some AGF denim and canvas finally got me fired up to make it happen!


My family get-togethers are pretty packed and seating is always at a premium (with lots of musical chair shenanigans to go along with it!). So, I thought a floor poof would be the perfect addition for added seating when I’m in a pinch. Or, at the very least, a fun napping spot for Pips 😉

Having never sewn with canvas, I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was in for a treat!


First off, it cuts amazingly well. Having been used to working with silky slippery cotton, the canvas just stays put – ha! You can’t layer it as much as cotton when cutting (it’s a workout to cut through allll those layers), but otherwise, it was a cinch to work with.

Since I just adore the tree print featured on the "Mystical Woods Solar" canvas print, I opted to forgo piecing and kept the cushion top and bottom as a whole cloth. Even better, was that my Juki had no problems stitching through the layers of canvas, batting and muslin. It was as though I was quilting through any other cotton. It was fantastic! Just look at the pretty texture the organic wavy line quilting adds to the printed textile. It’s like the trees are nestled amongst hills. I love it!


For the sides of the cushion, I decided to go with the AGF Denim in Indigo Shadow. I love how it pops against the soft cream and pinky/ peachy tones of the canvas. I wanted the focus to be on the tree print, but I wanted to add some additional texture through simple 1” straight line quilting. It adds a little dimension without being too bold. Plus, running your hands along it feels ah-mazing! AGF’s denim is the same weight as their PURE Solids, so you’re not dealing with the typical density of traditional denim. This means their denim has that silky softness you’ve come to expect from their quilting cotton. It really does feel divine.

A quick heads up – I didn’t pre-wash my fabric, and I did notice some dye rubbing off on my hands as I was quilting her up. You may want to pre-wash to avoid that transfer and/ or make sure to use some color catcher sheets when you do wash your project.


Since the devil is in the details (and we love our details, right?), I opted to add piping around the top of the cushion. I would have had this poof done way quicker had I omitted this step, but just look at how cute it is. I used the AGF Denim in Fading Darts and some cording I picked up at my local fabric shop. It was quick to piece and I feel adds that perfect finishing touch.


Now that I’ve got one made, I’m eager to try it again. Except for next time I plan on making the poof a little smaller. I'm thinking of featuring the trimmings leftover from my Cloud Surfing quilts (read more about the inspiration here and the design evolution here) that have been beckoning me to play with them! I’ve already got most of a top pieced, I just need to finish her up and decide whether she needs to become a pillow or a wall hanging - decisions, decisions. Sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss out on how I finish her up!

I have had THE best time guest blogging here and chatting with you 😊 A special thank you to the AGF team for having me and trusting me to play with all the fun fabrics! I hope my posts have inspired you to step outside your quilty comfort zone, to explore different substrates and, most of all, to just have FUN!

Happy quilting my friends!