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The best reason to be happy...

You may be thinking... because I have a great company, because I feel fulfilled with my job; or maybe because I have a good standard of living.

No, absolutely not. The best reason to be happy is because:


Let me tell you that his card made me cry of happiness! He gave me a beautiful blouse and a flower...


He was always the sun who woke me up, the little one that with just coming into this world and without telling me one word, told me to be a better person for him. I loved to teach him everything that I have learned from my parents and more along the way... I nurtured him, feed his soul and brain love, love and more love. And what do I have in return? Lots of love back for me and my husband; I see an honest man, so dedicated and truthful to his ideals of love and peace like he always says. He taught me to be strong when at 9 years old told me "everything is going to OK mom, I'm going to come out of this", when he saw my eyes so red of crying because he had cancer in one kidney... That is exactly what I dreamed of him!



This is so funny because this post looks like a post about my son, and it is! I am swollen with pride for being his mom. He always gave me SO MUCH that I wanted to give him a little back. I am supposed to do a post about my mother... I couldn't celebrate with her because she's in Argentina. But this post is about her too, because I could not have been a good mom without my mom. She is THE BEST MOM A PERSON COULD ASK FOR...

Alex with my mom at her 82nd birthday

I want to share with you (thank you for being always with me) how happy I am for having such a good son and wish all of you the same happiness for Mother's Day. Having children is to be blessed to a level that only moms can imagine. How was your day yesterday? Did you have a good time with them? Let me know how you celebrated!

I feel that my dreams are totally fulfilled... and my mission accomplished.



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Some updates and such...

As you all well  know, the countdown til Quilt Market has officially started... and yes, that does mean a whole lot of work... I felt like blogging today to share everything with you.

So, what's been going on in the fabric department?

Well,  for starters UPS came to make my day this morning when they brought one of my new fabric collections, PARADISE! I must tell you, I was almost as surprised as I was pleased (was expecting for it to come this weekend); there is no better motivation to start sewing that having those beautiful rolls of fabric standing at my door... Hope you like them as much as I do!

How would I describe it? Vintage sewing and modern quilting! I hope to make a more detailed presentation soon. Delivery will begin on August.


And speaking of sewing motivation, I must introduce you to my latest lovely assistant: my industrial Pfaff machine.


Did you have had a chance to sew with one of them? Even though I own 4 sewing machines, this one is definitely the New Kid on the Block and is already looking at the others like her bigger sister! It's a totally new and different sewing experience... It's smooth, can sew through rocks, and it's FAST, REALLY FAST!!

Guess who else is a fabric lover around here? Daisy, my sweet little daughter... Her sewing style is definitely different than mine. She LOVES to chew fabric!!


On my home front...

Even tough I love to cook -- I took cooking and pastry lessons 4 years, this seems to be a luxury for me now days; I don't have the time to do it anymore. But today I felt a little nostalgic and I was remembering my Spanish grandma. I remembered that when I was at college studying for a final and was very tired, she used to tell me: "There is nothing better than a good homemade meal to make you feel as good as new again". I now associate that thought... it was because I was feeling the same fatigue... I said to myself: stop working and start cooking, you're gonna feel much better! How many of you have tried octopus? In Spain it's one of the most delicious seafood! It was waiting on the freezer for me. There. "Pulpo a la gallega = Galician octopus". So simple, so natural, so good.



Grandma, even you are not with me anymore... I LOVE YOU!



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25 years and counting...!

I think that everyone that's been married for 25 years deserves a weekend on a cruise.

Just kidding! I couldn't ask for the ONLY and better company than the two loves of my life: my husband Walter and my lovely son Alex.

The boat "Carnival Liberty" took us to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Ocho Rios, where I was stunned by its blue, blue skies and crystal clear, turquoise waters. 



This was a cute little gift shop in Cozumel, I couldn't resist to take a picture of these amazing colors! 


Other thing I could not resist: hand- painted pottery! I could not come back home without some gorgeous pieces.


There was this irresistible spa that offered full body massages for couples... how could I say no? They gave us this fabulous massage (I can't tell you the exact name because I don't remember, but I do remember it was exquisite!), followed by a seaweed wrap, nothing ever felt so soothing!

Isn't every woman's dream to have his husband get a facial? You had to be there to believe it, the look on his face was priceless! Wish I had a picture!


This is how 25 years of complete and utter happiness look like: 


A heart-warming hug from my dear Alex is always more than welcome!



I know, I know, I was on vacation... but with this gorgeous flowers, inspiration shots are a must! 

Cruiseflower1 Cruiseflower2 

A little secret about this picture: it's not "casual"! I actually put my producer skills into action and asked the bartender to make some drinks (virgin, that is) just for the shot! And then I arranged them to look all pretty.  He must have thought I was a bit crazy, but it was worth it, right?


I had the most wonderful time, and I believe this picture says it all: 25 years of Paradise on Earth.







Perros 003

Since my old German Shepherd SCOTT died last January, I could not recover from a feeling of emptiness and sadness. He was 13; an amazing dog, perfect in any sense for his breed. My 12 years old Chocolate Lab SHEEBO still misses him.

Perros 012

Walter and I immediately knew that we needed a new dog, and Sheebo would not feel lonely again. But we were undecided between buying a pure breed or adopting one. Walt told me to wait a little because we have to work all day and the task to train a new puppy is not an easy one.

After many months and everything going on at the new studio, I thought that it was the perfect opportunity to bring a pup home to start raising him. We are also re-arranging the house: rooms, furniture, etc. I said to Walt: "it's now or never"!

So, we went to the North Miami Beach Humane Society, and one sweet and timid puppy among many gained our hearts... here is my new daughter DAISY!


Isn't she the sweetest thing on earth? She is half Chinese Shar-Pei and I don't know what other half, but I couldn't care less. It was love at first sight!



She is so sweet, that we thought the name would fit perfect... my DAISY..

Our house is back to life again --well, HELLLLPP with the pi-pis and poo-poos!--; everything is happiness, new tricks, new pranks... We still miss our beautiful SCOTT, but the pain is a bit less.

One thing, though: because I have to keep an eye on her all day, she has to watch me quilting and sewing at my new studio in her new corner. She seems delighted...



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Today is a sad day for me. Lots of things are going through my mind, like a tornado:

  • My mom is a little bit sick in Argentina, and I'm not there to go with her to the doctor. She is 82, struggling with her hip and she's in a lot of pain to walk.
  • I am in my days; and with 47, only imagine. There are a lot of symptoms new for me.
  • It's raining like crazy for 9 days nonstop here. I don't remember in my 6 years living in Florida so much rain together... Hey Miami! What is going on?
  • Today everybody left the room that soon will be my designing studio. My sister took her office and move it to her bedroom (her place is going to explode of things, what a m-e-s-s). My son Alex took his computers, gaming, guitars, drums and college books to his room too. His place is exploding, like my sister's!


The den is empty now...

I feel terribly guilty, because I didn't want they HAVE to go away... I am going to miss all the chit-chat with Alex when he hung up with his friends and they were playing with his band of rock. Songs that he sang for me; songs that I love and made me dance while I was sewing. Also will miss my sister coming from Bloomingdale's and preparing all kind of papers for the bridal's department and talking and worrying to meet the plans and budgets she has been given (she's the manager). 


And I say to myself; Patricia, are you dumb? You are preparing everything to get the design studio of your dreams and you feel guilty? I try to cancel the word sad from my mind every time it appears. But like every other human being, some days I wake up like... down.

This is how I feel now: sad, guilty... I look at the rooms now and all I can see is emptiness. Yesterday was joy and happiness because we decided with Walter to make it now, because we are in between collections and shows. But today is loneliness.



And I miss my mom... she's the best. Did I tell you that she's coming next month? I'll feel better when she's here with me. I will call her tomorrow to see how she did with the doctor.


Tomorrow I'm sure I'll feel much better (will have to start to get used to all this space for me alone). Many decisions have to be made in the morning, many plans. Shopping for furniture, floors (in the afternoon the come to install it). Colors for paint, and... the inspiration board! In fact, now that I'm writing this I'm starting to feel a bit better. This thing of talking to you through my blog is such a nice feeling and your comments will make me feel better too.

I have so many things to plan...

Planning for the future, always planning nice and better things...


With love,


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Yesterday was Mother's Day. I want to congratulate all the mothers that participated in this give-away and all the mothers in the world. Thank you SO MUCH for all your answers, comments, and stories. They are very nice and inspiring!

Let me share a little bit with you how I feel about motherhood:

Celebration mami 80

There are no words that can even begin to explain or describe the word "MOTHER". All the beautiful things they give us everyday start to be imprinted in our hearts since we are born. The best feelings and the behavior we show in life as persons are chiseled in our souls by them, by their "LOVE", "DEDICATION" and "VALUES".

Celebration 80 birthday mama

I don't even remember how many good things my mother taught me throughout my life. Millions. And for that reason alone I feel devotion to her. This is how strong families are built. By teaching values, thoughts, deeds. To continue the work of God. This is how my mother raised me, and this is how I raised and continue to raise my son Alexander. And not because times are different now I teach him different things. No, no. I teach him the same way my mother did to me. Some things (honesty, goodness, to be close to your family always, respect for our elders, friendship) never change...

It's a process of constant building, that shows results after a very long time. But it shows. If you sow everyday a little bit, it shows. Look at this lovely picture:

Celebration Cumple mama 80 006

My mother and my son

I love my mother SO MUCH and I miss her. She lives half of the year in Argentina and the other half here in my house. She will be here by mid July and spend all the Holidays with us.

Mamy traveling

Although she's 81, she keeps traveling back and forth. She says: "I want to be with you always", and because she has a very bad hip, makes her travel process very hard. But she continues to do it. I admire her.

Alex and Patri

I love my son SO MUCH. Since the very first moment I got him in my arms, I started planning a happy life for him. A good life. The best life. I'm not saying to be a millionaire, have AAA+ grades in the best college in the country and bragging about that. No. I'm not talking about that things. I'm talking him to be an honest, decent, good family man.

Vacation Disney2

Vacations Disney 

Mother's day dinner

I don't know if I love him that much because he is the only one that God gave me after 2 miscarriages and years of fertility treatments; so much was involved until I could delivered him, so much time waiting and praying... The best day of my life. Or because God almost take him away from me when he was 9 years old and we discovered that he had kidney cancer. I remember the doctor telling me that bad thing... The only mention of the word "cancer" makes me start crying again. How much did I suffered... how much did I pray... I think I prayed SO MUCH that He listened to me and here he is, about to turn 20. I LOVE him for everything he is... I am extremely happy!!

Alex and Isabel with his girlfriend Isabel

With these thoughts I don't want to impose any beliefs on anybody. You don't have to agree with me either. This is just how I think...

Now, changing a little bit subjects: HAPPY WINNERS' DAY!

I told you in my give-away post that I will choose randomly between 6 winners. Well, after 524 -WOW!- answers to my questions, here are the lucky ones:

jen w

Denise Felton


Me? A mom?

Leigh Ann Tennant


Congrats to all of you!!

One little sad note about the winners: because I'm leaving for Pittsburgh tonight, I will find impossible to ship the fabrics today... I didn't even pack my suitcases with the clothes I will wear to the show yet! And we have to start loading the van with all the samples, booth display and everything we have to take to travel tonight!! Soorryyyy... I will e-mail each winner later and will ship the fabric when I come back from Market. Hope you understand...

Now, I am running against the clock, so I better get myself off the computer to finish things! I promise to tell you everything about Market after I come back... Kisses to everybody,

Handmade rocks...   So let's keep on stitching!