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Taking Black and White Prints to a New Level: Duality Fusion by AGF 


The comfort of basic black and white fabrics will never disappoint! Two colors on the opposite side of the spectrum, working together to create something universal and modern. I believe this is the way we feel about these colors because fashion always portrays this combination as high contrast, bold yet classic, and ideal to wear no matter what season it is. But as the quilting world continues to evolve, black and white prints are coming to all patchwork projects alike. This brings to one of my favorite collection releases today, Duality Fusion

Get ready to sew with more than just black and white fabrics, but fabrics that contain subtle prints and textures that change will change your sewing game. These prints may seem familiar to you because our Fusion collections take some iconic prints from our designers, put them in a new group, and create a whole new color story. In this case, black and white is the theme, and you’ll find prints from Pat Bravo, AGF Studio, Sharon Holland, Maureen Cracknell, and Bonnie Christine. 


This collection comes with 12 quilting prints. and you can have fun by mixing the light and dark tones. You can even sprinkle them in your sewing projects for extra contrast, or use them together to create statement pieces. 


The fun doesn’t end at our cottons because this collection comes in rayon and a knit print! If you consider yourself a fashionista, you’ll know you can’t go wrong with any of these prints for your outfits. Pair it with any color, or let it speak on its own with a striking garment. The knit print “Meadow Dreams Duality” would be ideal for the colder months as it’s warmer but if you want something more breezy and delicate, the rayon print “Woodblock Black” would be a great option. 


Add on to the textures this collection has to offer with matching AGF Elements (blender fabrics) that coordinate with Duality Fusion fabrics! 

Decostitch Elements: Stellar

PURE Solids: Caviar, Mystic Grey, and Magnetism. 

Nature Elements: Charcoal

Oval Elements: Cookies ’n Cream & Silver Drops.

Squared Elements: Shadow 


Get ready to make the ultimate quilt with our “Monochrome” free quilt pattern! 



Discover tons of projects you can recreate for every category, even apparel with the available substrates in our “Duality Fusion Fabric Lookbook” below. 


Check out the series on our YouTube channel called Sew Easy, where we show you fun and easy projects featuring the latest AGF collections. For Duality Fusion, dabble into some fabric weaving with this cool pouch tutorial! 


For this lookbook, they really did capture the variety this collection has to offer with quilts because they featured not just 1 or 2 quilt patterns but 6!! Yup, all available to all of you in just one click of a button. Please let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below and if you recreate any of them, share them under the hashtag #AGFDualityFusion.  

Happy sewing!