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Taking Black and White Prints to a New Level: Duality Fusion by AGF 
Let’s Glow, Grow, and SHINE ON with Sharon Holland’s Latest Collection! 

Life Is Just Peachy With Nectarine Fusion Fabrics 


We’ve been longing for low-volume! If you’ve been following AGF for a long time, you may have seen a couple of collection releases of low-volume fabrics but revolutionized. Before I get into the evolution of these fabrics, let me just dabble into what “low-volume” fabrics are, which may be a term you haven’t heard if you are new to the quilting world. These fabrics are subtle prints that read like one from afar, they are usually white, cream, or neutral color palette, but of course, here at AGF we like to push the limits!

 Bringing us to the beginning of the revolution with Ballerina Fusion, a collection with delicate blush tones, and with that success then brought Serenity Fusion filled with soft blues, followed with Vert Fusion where we introduced soothing aloe tones, and finally with today’s exciting release Nectarine Fusion

Color is extremely important to us, and we knew that pushing the limits of these fabrics will transform the low-volume movement! This time around, we were feeling peachy and infused these minimal prints with a sweet, crisp, apricot color palette that is soft on the eyes. 


This collection comes with 10 quilting cotton prints that are unique within themselves but when used together in your patchwork projects, no print stands out more than the other, making the collection work like magic as they complement each other. 

One of the many benefits of these fabrics is that they are focused on one color only, making your life easier as a maker to not worry about what other colors to incorporate or focusing on where to place each print for maximum contrast. 

Although this collection is only available in quilting cotton, don't let these fabrics limit all you garment makers out there because it's still just as soft and lightweight! You can definitely make some sweet dresses and even darling accessories.


Add on to the textures this collection has to offer with matching AGF Elements (blender fabrics) that coordinate with Nectarine Fusion fabrics! 

Decostitch Elements: Cafe Latte 

PURE Solids: Peach Sherbet, Sandstone, Sweet Macadamia, Georgia Peach, and Creme de la Creme.

Oval Elements: Peaches ’n Cream & French Vanilla.

Floral Elements: Sand, Tangerine, Natural, and Sunset.


Walk through the fields of apricot trees with our  “Sweet Orchard” free quilt pattern! 




 Flip through the pages of our “Nectarine Fusion Fabric Lookbook” below where you’ll discover projects like dreamy quilts, calming pillows, quilty accessories, and more! 


How many times have you needed a pin and realized they are all the way over by your sewing machine, far from where you are standing? Check out our latest Sew Easy video on our YouTube channel, where we show how to create this amazing DIY project wrist pincushion, the perfect little sewing project that will always have your pins handy. 


I can’t wait to see what makers have in-store with all the different kinds of projects that they will be making with this collection! If you get a hold of these lovely prints, please share them with us on social media by posting under the hashtag #AGFNectarineFusion. Let me know in the comments below what’s been your favorite “low volume” fusion or comment below what color you’d like to see next! 

Happy Sewing!