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Life Is Just Peachy With Nectarine Fusion Fabrics 
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Let’s Glow, Grow, and SHINE ON with Sharon Holland’s Latest Collection! 


As makers, we are always trying to evolve our craft, it’s what makes being a creator so great! As the years go by, I’ve considered myself quite lucky to be part of this evolution, in the way that my personal taste has changed and witnessing those around me also switch up their styles. The first person that comes to mind with great change is our dear designer, Sharon Holland! Ever since I joined the AGF family, collection after collection release I would always be amazed at what she brought to the table when it came to designs. 

I love to see these romantic elements and hand-drawn designs in her collections, but her color palettes are always a pleasant surprise, and her latest collection Shine On is just that! Sharon created this collection last winter while dreaming of spring unfolding into winter, where nature’s promise and renewal remind us to keep glowing and growing. Spring is beginning to unfold from winter and the transitional colors of the season are present in this collection with the airy freshness of golden yellow, blushing peach, sepia, and milky white efflorescence.


This collection has 16 quilting cotton prints that are perfectly balanced with blenders, medium-sized prints, and large-scale designs that are ideal to piece together in your patchwork projects! In Sharon’s special interview, she described this collection to be her alter ego, a younger version of herself on a road trip.  


Hurrah, 4 prints are available in different substrates! There is something for everyone here, from the deep peacock color rayon print in “Intrinsic Deep” to the soft white and peachy knit print in “Paisley Bloom.”  Let’s not ignore the TWO flannel prints available in “Artifact Terra” and “Woolen Blanket Rust” that would make the coziest jackets or the softest pillows ever! 


The more, the merrier with these matching AGF Elements (blender fabrics) that coordinate with Shine On fabrics! 

Decostitch Elements: Pink Powder & Subtle Sage.

PURE Solids: Turmeric, Honey, Peach Sherbet, Fresh Sage, Georgia Peach, Vintage Walnut, Blossomed, and Ocean Fog.

Floral Elements: Sunflower


Recreate this 96’’ by 108’’ free quilt pattern beauty called “Wind Bells”! 



With Shine On’s prints and substrates, we put together tons of unique projects like stunning quilts, table runners, accessories, apparel, you name it— you’ll surely discover your next sewing project by checking out our “Shine On Fabric Lookbook” below!

I’m sure we have all heard of, seen, and probably even made a mug rug recently. They’re perfect gifts for everyone, and they are one of the quicker and easier projects to make in an afternoon. Check out our latest Sew Easy video on our YouTube channel to see how we used Sharon Holland’s new collection “Shine On” to make an appliqué mug rug!


Sharon, as you all know is a talented designer, but she is also a very talented quilter! I highly recommend checking out her Instagram page because it’s always filled with tons of projects made by her and other makers that are truly inspiring. You can also check out the hashtag #AGFShineOn for more projects, and we encourage you to share your own too! We love seeing them and sharing the love.

Happy Sewing!