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Hi, Makers! 


The holidays are around the corner and it’s that time of the year where we makers really shine! Today, I would love to talk about something a little different, deeper than just sewing, and it’s about the wonderful gift of giving. What it really means to make something with your heart and hands and give them to the people you love and appreciate. Last year was a very difficult one, due to the pandemic affecting every one of us. Most of us couldn’t spend holidays at home with our families as some are sick and hospitalized. Making us think, how can we make them feel better? How can we bring them warmth? With these gifts, we can bring joy to the people in hospitals, and this gesture will certainly make them feel appreciated, especially in this holiday season, where we focus on making projects from the heart. I knew we had to come together and give them something made with love to brighten their days, decorate their room, and make them feel loved and optimistic.


During the height of rough times, I am amazed at what the sewing community can do together! This wonderful community always stepped up to the plate to help when it was needed, making masks, collaborating, and making things with what they already had in hand. Makers truly support each other, as we know the amount of love that goes into all our projects. With this in mind, I am so excited to announce that here at  AGF we invite you to an event of giving back, and to join us in creating handmade gifts for those in need.


Starting today, I encourage you to use your healing hands to make something beautiful and share it with us using the hashtag #AGFGiftofGiving on all social media platforms! Share the joy of giving something handmade, and creating something with your own hands with fabrics and tools that you already may have. Time to dig through your fabric scraps, take out those UFOs, and finally transform them into something with a purpose. As you posting your projects will help spread the word, we also plan on sharing the love every week until the end of the year and sharing your posts.


Please feel free to share every project with us whether it’s big or small! Here are some suggestions that you can make: toiletry pouches, napkins, garlands, table toppers, coasters, fabric trees, stockings, ornaments, mug rugs, lumbar pillows, neck pillows, bowl cozies, whole cloth blankets, and pillows

Gift of Giving Collage copy

Those are just some ideas from the top of my head that I believe would be ideal for someone in the hospital, things that can be displayed in their rooms like a cozy pillow on the guest chair, a garland to hang on their hospital bed, a table runner to place over their bedside table, and pretty little coasters or mug rugs for their beverages. Please let me know some project ideas in the comments below all of your suggestions to help all of us makers.


At the end of the year, I will gather a lot of the projects that you share with us online and post about them again so don’t forget to tag and tell us your story. Of course, this event doesn’t have to end here because the gift of giving is forever! I encourage you to continue sharing your projects under the hashtag as we will also do that same. 

We can’t wait to join you on this amazing journey and to help us make a difference this holiday season.

Thank you for your kinds hearts,