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Makers' Call: Block Edition


One of my favorite things to do at the beginning of every month is looking at all the exciting things that are happening and being released on our calendar! Discovering significant days that are dedicated to your loved ones, a unique cause, and this time around I there was something extra special happening… The whole month of September is National Sewing Month

At Art Gallery Fabrics, we dedicate our craft to those makers that transform our fabrics into something even more beautiful! This is a month that celebrates all you creatives out there and this is our chance to say thank you and to give you something more to show our appreciation. 

Our team would like to introduce to you all, MAKERS’ CALL

To celebrate National Sewing Month, we want to invite you on a creative journey with us, where you call the shots through the entire design process. Every week for the rest of the month of September, we will be showing you a series of things to choose from until the final project is made. This event will start by choosing your favorite quilt block, then choosing what project will be made with that quilt block, till the very end where you can download the free pattern you voted for! 

Starting today, we need YOU to choose your favorite original AGF block! We will be asking all over social media for everyone to vote for their block of choice and we will tally up the votes and announce the winning block next week on Wednesday, 9/15/2021.

If you have a platform everywhere, we encourage you to vote on all of them to make sure your favorite block gets chosen! Choose between Block A, B, or C. 

Blocks - mockup_1 copy
Blocks - mockup_1 copy
Blocks - mockup_1 copy






Mark your calendars for September 20th for part 2 of this series! Where we get to show you some project options you can create with the winning block, and where you get to vote again for the final project. 

Don’t want to miss the next post? Just follow the hashtag #AGFNationalSewingMonth where will be posting all the updates. We are looking forward to seeing all your votes, and we will meet again very soon!