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Zen Mode with Vert Fusion Fabrics

Vert_banner (1) copy

Hi, fabric friends!

Here at AGF, we love coming up with innovative designs and pushing the definition of what low volume prints mean, so we added a little spice! In some of our past Fusions, we released collections like Ballerina Fusion and Serenity Fusion that were based on the same idea but with a twist. Ballerina Fusion had a hint of pink, Serenity Fusion had a tint of blue, and now with our latest release of Vert Fusion, our approach was sage and aloe tones. 

If you’re new to AGF, our Fusions are a mixture of prints from other collections from our designers and they are recolored to tell a whole new story! Our aim for Vert Fusion was to enrich organic elements in soft sand and aloe tones that aim to soothe the soul through nature’s natural powers.

Blog Collage Mood Board copy
If you’ve been reading the blog for a while now, you may know that green is one of my favorite colors! I tend to gravitate towards earthy colors and when I saw this collection, it just instantly put me in a peaceful mindset. Color always plays a big role in how you feel and certain colors portray certain feelings, so this light green tint from the collection gives off relaxing vibes. I wanted to translate this directly into some pictures with the color mood board above, so you can see these fabrics come to life! An easier visual aid that hopefully will inspire you when working with these fabrics and how you can incorporate them in your home. 

Hashtag copy*Available in 10 quilting cotton prints

With 10 premium quilting cotton prints, there are so many chances to create charming projects like tranquil quilts, home decor, and more. Each print is unique but when used together in your patchwork projects, no print stands out more than the other, making the collection work like magic as they complement each other beautifully. This collection has plenty of versatility, its neutral tones will also work well with other AGF collections!

Untitled-1 copy*Featuring the print Sonic Flora Vert

Our quilting cotton is so soft, you can also use it to make apparel too! Make any dress and top simple, yet classic with an edge. 

Vert Fabric 23 copyMake the soft color palette of Vert Fusion Fabrics pop with some key AGF Elements

PURE Solids: Tender Green, Light Grey, Sandstone, Creme da la Creme, Sweet Mint, Fresh Sage, and Vanilla Custard.

Decostitch Elements: Cloud & Subtle Sage.

Nature Elements: Natural

Oval Elements: French Vanilla

Squared Elements: Almondette

Try out our “Quietude” free quilt pattern, a very beginner-friendly pattern that is pieced with simple squares and the perfect opportunity to do some fun quilting motifs!


Just flip through the pages of our Vert Fusion Fabric lookbook that will show you a variety of sewing projects that you can recreate. Discover tons of new ways and ideas to piece these fabrics together, with the array of textures this collection has to offer!

(insert lookbook)

Who’s ready to get their hands on this fabulous collection? We’re giving away a fat quarter bundle of all the prints in Vert Fusion and this giveaway is going to be a little different because we are hosting it on our TikTok account! If you don’t follow us there, you should join the club as we post some quilty goodness and funny behind-the-scenes videos every week. The giveaway will last until Monday, so hurry on over! 

Vert Giveaway Graphic

These fabrics are so soft and so delicate and they can be much better seen in our “Let’s Talk Fabric” YouTube Video! Get an up-close look at these prints and fully capture the essence of what this collection has to offer. This video was so much fun to film because it’s a little different from the rest, as we captured the live photoshoot for the lookbook! See exclusive behind the scenes, the way AGF sets up to take pictures of these fabrics, and how we style all our projects. Every print is filled with interesting textures, and you will see them shine in all the quilty projects that are featured in this video!

As quilters and makers, we are always looking for that sweet escape and these fabrics will certainly take you there. As a huge fan of any shade of green, this has to be one of my favorite Fusions yet and I can’t wait to see what all you have in store for these fabrics. So, please share it with us on social media by tagging us in your photo and use the hashtag #AGFVertFusion, that way we can check it out and share the love! Thank you for reading along and until next time...

Happy Sewing!




Feminine Beauty with Eve Fabrics by Bari J.

Eve_banner (1) copy

Hi, fabric friends!

It’s been a very exciting week here at the office because the team is back together! Working from home was a big challenge for us but we managed to continue releasing new collections and lookbooks, and boy does it feel good to do it in person again. The experience of having the collection right in front of you and feeling how dreamy these fabrics are in real life is something I will never take for granted! Now with the gang back together, we feel like it’s a great time to start with a new attitude and we are excited to pursue so many fresh ideas. This has been quite a year and a half for us and we think it’s important to reflect on what we’ve overcome together. Now, it’s time to pick things up where we left off and what better way to come back with a bang with Bari J.’s latest collection EVE

Feminine prints were the main focus of this collection as they express the majesty of our earth and motherhood. This collection is meant to honor the strength and endurance of the female spirit, Eve, the mother of us all, representing the beautiful qualities of being a woman through prints of fierce cheetahs, graceful herons, and gentle butterflies.

Hashtag copy*Available in 16 quilting cotton prints

Bari found herons to be magical and essential for this collection as well as her staple painterly florals. With so much meaning behind these fabrics, I can see so many projects being made that are dedicated to their mothers! This eye-catching color palette and unique textures are just asking to be made into home decor like table runners and pillows or luxe-filled quilts.

Eve Fabric (4) copy*Rayon prints in Jardin Robust & Rosefield Sapphire 


Eve Fabric (18) copy*Knit print in Jardin Delicate


Garment makers, you will adore all the possible dresses and accessories you can create with the one knit and two rayon substrates available! Make any dress and top stand out while looking elegant with these prints.  

What I especially love about rayon selection is the versatility of the prints because we have light and dark rayons that can be transformed for any occasion. The print “Rosefield Sapphire” is filled with dark and moody florals that would make the most glamorous night-out dresses. Yet, on the other end, we have the print “Jardin Robust” that reminds me of blue and white vintage plates, representing all things classy & timeless. 

Eve Fabric (1) copyReady to start your patchwork projects? Then you need some matching AGF Elements

PURE Solids: Caviar, Honey, Blueberry Zest, Aurora Red, Sweet Pink, Cotton Candy, Miami Sunset, Crystalline, and Eucalyptus. 

Decostitch Elements: Pink Powder

Floral Elements: Mandarin & Orchidea

Have you ever seen a quilt so pretty you were afraid to touch it? These fabrics will transform all your quilts into a masterpiece that you just want to hang and stare at, and our “Garden of Eden” free quilt pattern is one of them! 


Just flip through the pages of our “Eve Fabric Lookbook” that will show you a variety of sewing projects that you can recreate. Discover tons of new ways and ideas to piece these fabrics together, with the array of textures this collection has to offer you’ll find unique quilt blocks, stunning home decor, accessories, and of course, quilts! 

Sometimes pictures aren’t enough! Check out our “Let’s Talk Fabric” YouTube segment where you’ll get to see “Eve” true colors, scale, and view the fabrics in action as if they were on your sewing table. You’ll be inspired by how these fabrics can be transformed into patchwork projects that will spark that sew-jo. Watch the magic unfold by watching the full video below and stay tuned till the end of the video for a GIVEAWAY to win a fat quarter bundle! The giveaway ends next week and all the rules will be in the description box, good luck.

Eve giveaway

I can relate to this collection so much as it celebrates motherhood and for me, there is no one more important to me than my own mother. She has taught me so much about life and she played a big role in my life, and the first thing I want to do when I see this collection is create something for her. Being a part of this quilting community, I have never seen such a giving bunch in my life! What better way to make this quilting experience better and finding Eve fabrics to make it extra special. If you create something with these pretty fabrics, we would love to see your creations. Just tag us on social media using the hashtag #AGFEve, so we can share! Thank you for joining, celebrating this wonderful collection back at the office. Until next time...

Happy Sewing!


A Spooktacular Halloween With Spooky 'n Sweeter Fabrics

Spooky n' Sweeter_banner2 blog

BOO! Did I scare ya? I know it’s July now but is it ever too early to start quilting for your favorite holiday? Half of 2021 is already over, so I know there are still many things on your sewing to-do list that you have to get through but if you are anything like me, Halloween projects are going to be boosted to the top of your priority list! Our much-loved Halloween collection, Spooky ’n Sweet was a hit and we can’t blame you, the characters, the storytelling, and the cute elements are like none other. The color palette is so unique from other Halloween collections and we knew we just had to add more to the love, so today I’m excited to introduce you to our collection Spooky ‘n Sweeter

Hashtag copy*Available in 18 quilting cotton prints

Here at AGF, we had to go big or go home! This time around this collection comes with 18 quilting cotton prints, so there are more options to play with, perfectly balanced with blenders, medium-sized prints, and large-scale designs ideal to piece together in your patchwork projects. 


This collection brings a lot of nostalgic feelings as a kid, dressing up as my favorite characters and staying up all night with friends trading our favorite candy pieces! It’s even better than a lot of the prints have this vintage vibe to them, it reminds me a lot of this classic 90’s movie called Halloweentown! 

Spookie fabric (23) copy*Fabric panel in Sweet Haunting


Now don’t get spooked and get straight to the fun of the project with our Spooky n’ Sweeter 100% premium cotton fabric panel, already printed on a large scale ready for on-the-go projects! I can see this collection as being a favorite for kids, imagine all the crafts they will be able to do with these fabrics! This panel would be a great opportunity to show your little ones how to create simple projects on the sewing machine like plushies, trick or treating tote bags, and buntings. 


Spookie fabric (2) copy*Knit print in Winging it Dark


Have fun sewing up the sweetest apparel pieces with the one knit print available called Winging it Dark! With things looking brighter this year for treat or treating, you can finally enjoy showing off your outfits made with these fabrics. This playful print would look good on any kid, teen, or adult of any age.

Spookie fabric (9) blog

Complete your patchwork projects with some matching AGF Elements

PURE Solids: Cabernet, Burnt Orange, Caviar, Sweet Pink, Very Berry, Cotton Candy, and Sugar Plum. 

Decostitch Elements: Lilac Dusk

Squared Elements: Mandarin & Orchidea

Oval Elements: Crocus & Juicy Grape

Make your own Halloween memories by creating magical quilts like our “Charmed Again” free quilt pattern, an easy beginner pattern where you can show off the unique color palette of the collection.


Flip through the pages of our “Spooky ‘n Sweeter Fabric Lookbook” below that will show you a variety of sewing projects that you can recreate! Discover tons of patchwork projects that we put together for you like spooky decorations, wall-art, quilts, and quilt blocks. 



Join the little witch named “Peppermint” and her best friend “Mocha” on an adventure to All Hallow’s Eve! Where you can dance with the pumpkins and play with skeletons in our “Let’s Talk Fabric” YouTube segment! 

  • See Spooky 'n Sweeter in action
  • Discover matching blenders
  • Take a closer look at prints & scale
  • Preview whimsical projects

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the video!  


Spooky GiveawayGet your hands on this collection and a chance to win a Fat Quarter bundle of Spooky ‘n Sweeter by CLICKING HERE to enter our Facebook exclusive giveaway! The giveaway will only last for the weekend, so spread the word to all your fabric friends (open internationally). All the rules and details will be posted on our Facebook page, good luck! 

Is anyone else obsessed with this holiday? Let me know in the comments below your sewing plans for the season, and if you make something with this collection make sure to tag us on social media by using the hashtag #AGFSpookyandSweeter so we can see it! We hope this gives you something to look forward to for the season and until next time...


Happy Sewing!