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Exotic Jungle Escape with Boscage Fabrics by Katarina Roccella

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Welcome to the jungle!! Did anyone else hear Axl Rose’s voice in their head? Haha! What a good song to introduce you to Katarina Roccella’s latest fabric collection, BOSCAGE! This fabric collection is quite exciting and a little different from our past releases because it only comes in one colorway and LOTS of substrates. Looking at these fabrics in real life, you can see why there are so many substrates, and it’s because they are quite iconic and bold!  Your fabric-loving hearts are going to skip a beat with the 12 quilting cotton prints, 2 knits, 4 rayons, and 1 canvas print that is meant for apparel, quilts, home decor- anything, you name it! 


Hashtag copy*Available in 12 quilting cotton prints


Every collection has a story and this one came to life by Katarina dreaming about a tropical paradise! Her mother was a ceramic pottery artist and collected many books featuring nature that she used for her work, and her mother has a book called Borneo that served as Katarina’s base inspiration for her fabric designs.

Boscage_Fabric(22) BLOG*Knit prints in Feral Essence Tan & Wandering Leopards Sea

Boscage_Fabric(21) BLOG*Rayon prints in Lush Rainforest, Feral Essence Tan, Palm Paradise, and Camouflaged Ocean

With this lookbook release, it was so refreshing to see so many garment makers show off their skills! 7 talented sewists created the most stunning dresses, and you’ll be able to find a fresh pattern for each and every knit & rayon print available. These fun textures and animal prints are timeless, making them ideal for any occasion. 

Boscage_Fabric(23)*Canvas print in Pua Sunset


You are not dreaming! There really is a Canvas print available!! I remember the first time I touched our canvas, I was instantly surprised by the softness and lightness of it. It didn't feel like your typical rough and heavy material that often comes to mind when you think of this substrate. AGF Canvas fabric is sturdy enough for structured projects yet soft enough for apparel, too. 

Boscage_Fabric(15) BLOG

Complete your patchwork projects with some matching AGF Elements

PURE Solids: Nocturnal, Night Sea, Tile Blue, Zambia Stone, Jade Cream, Dark Citron, Coral Reef, Flamingo, and Aurora Red.

Nature Elements: Cyclamen

Floral Elements: Esmeralda

Oval Elements: Deep Bayou

AGF Denim: Cool Foliage, Adobe Clay, and Indigo Shadow. 

Download our “Hibiscus” free quilt pattern that shows off these exotic fabrics!


Flip through the pages of our “Boscage Fabric Lookbook” below that will show you a variety of sewing projects that you can recreate! This lookbook was made to open your eyes to new ways to piece together these fabrics.  


Escape to the exotic island of Borneo through painted prints of beautiful wildlife and lush jungle vegetation in Katarina Roccella’s “Boscage” fabric collection. Watch the fierce leopards and vivid parrots come to LIFE right through your screen in our “Let’s Talk Fabric” YouTube segment! 


See Boscage in action

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Preview tropical-inspired projects

Click play and enjoy our fabrics come to life through a high-definition lens! 


Stay on the lookout for the giveaway hosted on our Instagram page! Make sure you follow us and turn on the notifications so you can get the chance to win a fat quarter bundle of these prints. Plus, you might want to stick around, we will be showing tons of projects and fabric inspiration through the week with Boscage fabrics! We’d love to see what you make too, so make sure to tag us on social media and use the hashtag #AGFBoscage. Have a great weekend and...

Happy Sewing!