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Celebrating Dogs with Oh, Woof! By Jessica Swift 

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Surprise! A new Lookbook release on a Tuesday? What a great way to start the week! I am so excited to share with you Jessica Swift’s collection, Oh Woof!, that just makes me smile from ear to ear. Last summer Jessica Swift’s neighbors got two sweet puppies, that her kids absolutely loved and spent a lot of time playing in their backyard. Their love for the pups inspired this bright and colorful collection! Where every print celebrates the joyful energy that dogs bring into our world.

Hashtag copy*Available in 12 quilting cotton prints

This collection strums a chord in my heart because it reminds me of my dog, Tony! I got him unexpectedly when my little brother insisted on going to the shelter, little did I know I would walk out with the first dog I saw! He was 6 months old and he completely turned my life upside down. It was my first pet I ever had in my life, and I had to learn so much. It was a big change for both of us, but I wouldn’t take it back for anything in the world because I just gained another family member and a best friend for life. I wish I can explain how excited I was when the AGF team asked me and Tony to be included in the lookbook!  

Oh Woof Hats & Bows 1 copy
Here’s me and my boy! Ya’ll the amount of cuteness in this Lookbook is unmatched! So many cute accessories, quilts, and more, that blew the creativity out of the water with all the possible projects that were made with this collection. The team created the sweetest matching bucket hats and ties, plus a collar, a leash, and more that you will find flipping through the pages. You’ll get to see tons more puppies in action too! We gathered several furry models to strut their stuff for the lookbook, so make sure to check out all their outfits too. 

OhWoof!_FabricBLOG*Knit prints in Woofin Around and Snack Hour 

This super stretchy substrate is so cozy yet breathable, making it ideal for spring and summer. With both being black and white, this means you can make garments for your little ones and play around with the pops of color we have available in knit solids!

If you’re looking to accentuate these soft colors, check out these matching AGF Elements:

OhWoof!_Fabric(7) copy

PURE Solids: London Red, Coral Reef, Burnt Orange, Mandarin, Turmeric, Dark Citron, and Cozumel Blue. 

Nature Elements: Sweet Mango and Ocean Breeze

Squared Elements: Turquoise

AGF Denim: Cool Foliage

There are tons of opportunities to fussy-cut all sorts of designs in this collection. Have fun cutting out your favorite elements and create our playful free quilt pattern called “Doggo” below.


Flip through the pages of our lookbook below where you’ll discover doggy beds, quilt blocks, and whimsical quilts. You’ll even find wonderful accessories for you and your pup, like fabric bins, trendy bucket hats, and dog toys! 

Sometimes pictures aren’t enough! Check out our “Let’s Talk Fabric” YouTube segment where you’ll get to see “Oh, Woof!” true colors, scale, and view the fabrics in action as if they were on your sewing table. Within every print, you will feel the joyful energy that dogs bring into our world. Be inspired to create all sorts of patchwork projects with all the sewing patterns featured in this video, matching AGF Elements, and the knit prints available. Stay tuned till the end of the video for a GIVEAWAY and a chance to win a fat quarter bundle!

I would love to hear the stories on how you got your pets in the comments below and if you plan on getting your hands on these fabrics, I’d love to know what you’ll be making with them. You can also share with us by posting it on social media using the hashtag #AGFOhWoof

Make sure to follow us on Instagram and watch out for some super funny BTS on our stories with me and the pups! Who knew taking pictures with multiple dogs would be hard? (haha!) Thanks again for joining me on another exciting fabric collection and until next time...


Happy Sewing!