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Tranquil Oasis: Velvet Collection by Amy Sinibaldi

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Does anyone have a specific area in their home that brings them bliss? For me, it’s my backyard where every time I need to relax or make important decisions, it’s the first place I go to. And over time, I’ve curated it to be my own little sanctuary, where I started my garden a couple of months ago and so, I placed a chair right in the center surrounded by some solar powered string lights and it’s the special part of my home that I can call mine. I bring this up because when I read Amy Sinibaldi’s special interview for this collection, she talks about her favorite room in her home. She further explains that there is a quiet room that is always empty with a couch and velvet cushions where she can feel happy and experience the luxury of being home. From this special room, her collection Velvet was born! 

Velvet is all about the comfort of being surrounded by loved ones, and one's most beloved art, books, and souvenirs. Ranging from rich to gentle hues, this feel-good color palette tunes in with the opulent prints of this collection

Velvet Fabric bundle 1 BLOG*Available in 12 quilting cotton prints

Look at these dreamy prints, it just makes me want to pet them. I enjoy the levels of brightness in this collection, there are a lot of subtle prints that feel cozy and are more on the earthy color side, but on the other hand, we have pops of yellow and orange that would be great to add to the mix for your patchwork projects. 

Blog Collage Mood Board copy

I realized from the last collection that a mood board was necessary for me to put together as it just brought these fabrics to life! It gave me a better idea of how I can apply these fabrics to my own home, and for what occasion I would bring them out to sew with. I feel like you can apply a fabric collection to any style of your home! For example, I enjoy a “boho” style, and if you include a lot of nature’s texture like wood & plants like this style is known for and put it with this collection (like the picture on the top right of the mood board), you can adjust it to your personal style. It all depends on what you enjoy, and from there you take these fabrics and apply them to your surroundings. 

Velvet Fabric bundle 17 BLOG*Featuring prints: Olivia Celeste, Jasmine Mellow, and Hillside gust.

I wanted to show you a close-up of these fabrics too because that’s part of the magic! Find Amy's signature ditsy Florals, like the print “Olivia Dulcet” and “Olivia Celeste” that'll make you want to fussy cut every individual design for all sorts of projects. 

Velvet Fabric bundle 8 BLOG*Featuring rayon prints: Firefly Nightfall & Jasmine Afresh

Velvet comes in 12 quilting cotton prints and two additional super soft rayon substrates. A darker blue and green print that's great for dresses on a night out and a soft pink floral that's perfect for your apparel sewing just in time for the spring. 

If you’re looking to accentuate these beautiful colors, check out these matching Pure Solids:

Velvet Fabric bundle 30 elements copy*Featuring Pure Solids in Aurus, Dried Moss, Quartz Pink, and Tigerlilly 


More matching AGF Elements not pictured:

PURE Solids: Sweet Macadamia, Blossomed, Terracotta Tile, Icy Mint, Ocean Fog, Zambia Stone, and Ocean Fog. 

Floral Elements: Tropical green & Hay.

Nature Elements: Moss


Discover more sewing inspiration in our Velvet Fabric Lookbook, linked below!


Let’s talk fabric! Is our YouTube segment that gives you an inside look into the latest AGF collections, and in this video we will show you what Amy Sinibaldi’s, Velvet, is all about. Find Amy's signature ditsy florals and a better feel of Velvet’s true color palette through a high definition lens! Explore all the projects you can also create that perfectly showcases these prints, from reversible pouches, sweet handbags, quilted pillows, and more. Just click play, relax, and prepare to be inspired.

Check out our “Chandelier” free quilt pattern, where you'll get to see the full-color gradient, all while having fun practicing sewing some curves!


If you have this collection and you want to share your creations, make sure to tag us on social media and use the hashtag #AGFVelvet, so we can share the love! I hope you get the chance to play with these fabrics in your favorite place at home and enjoy the happiness it brings. Please let me know where you find bliss in your home and your favorite print of the Velvet collection in the comments below! 

Until next time,

Happy Sewing!