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The Prettiest and Strongest Seam: The Flat Felled Seam

Hello my fellow makers!

Today we will talk about the Flat Felled Seam, a seam that lays flat on the right and wrong sides of your project. It is famously known for its strength and beauty. You can find it in your daily life on the sides of your jeans, in men’s shirts, and even in outdoor gear like camping tents. Also, you can find it in a more sacred place like the Pojagi patchwork, a Korean artform that uses improvisational piecing joined by hand sewn flat felled seams. Pojagi pieces are used to wrap special presents, protect sacred writings, and even carry important possessions on a journey. Depending on the size it could be used as a table cloth or a curtain. Wrapping a gift in a Pojagi piece communicates respect towards the object and good will towards the recipient.

I decided to make a 24” x 24” machine sewn Pojagi inspired piece using Pure Solids, Floral Elements, Deco Stitch Elements, and Rayon. I love that it looks like stained glass in front of my window, and how it changes colors depending on how the light hits it as the sun moves during the day. The funniest part is that subconsciously I chose the colors that perfectly match Kobi, my furry assistant.


Pojagi Inspired Piece & Kobi




Top Left Corner_Tutorial-Images-06


Bottom Right Corner

Whole Piece



Lets begin:

  • Lay your pieces flat on the table:


  • Align them wrong sides together and stitch at ⅝” from the edge:


  • Trim one seam allowance (fabric B) to ¼” from the stitched line:


  • Open your fabric and press the seam allowances towards fabric A:


  • Fold and press the seam allowance from fabric A (⅝”) towards the stitch line covering the seam allowance from fabric B:


  • Press the seam allowances towards fabric B:


  • Edge-stitch the seam allowance in place:


  • The wrong side of your seam should look like this:



Here I am sharing with you one last picture but this time is not with my furry assistant, but with the boss of the house who seems to approve and like my project ;) Once again my piece also matches my daughter's PJs. It seems we have a color trend in this house, now that I think about it my husband has red hair, but he wouldn't pose for my post lol.



Get on the Flat Felled Seam making bandwagon! Whether it is making cool jeans or exploring your Pojagi improvisational abilities. 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and please share your thoughts with me!