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The Delicate Technique of Watercolor: Aquarelle

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Now I know last week I said that it was a crazy week, well I lied to you all because THIS week is actually crazy! Holidays are near and we couldn’t be more excited to start on new projects for 2021. This week is going to be the last full week here before the year ends, so we are working together to bring you as much inspiration as we can. This brings me to today, where we have Katarina Roccella’s latest collection, Aquarelle! Seeing all the makers submit their projects got me excited for this lookbook, and of course, Katarina never disappoints with her fabric designs. She is truly a talented artist, and you can see it through all her collections with her details! 


Ok, I’m sure you all just want to skip right into the fabric, so let me give you some insight. Giving an ode to her favorite style of painting in this collection, Aquarelle, is a delicate technique of watercolor. Navy blues and rich fuchsias highlight these lush florals all whilst creating contrast with geometrical shapes and textures that produce sensations of fluidity and translucency.

Aquarelle38 copy*Available in 16 quilting cotton prints

Look at that beautiful range of colors! There are 2 colorways available, one being “Atelier Cobalt” which is filled with true blues, and the second colorway is called “Atelier Viridian” that’s more on the teal side and filled with saturated pinks.  

Aquarelle59*Featuring prints: Rhombastic Positive, Watermarks Cerise, and Plein Air Bouquet

You have everything you need in this collection, lights, darks, large florals, small florals, and unique blenders. I can already see the intricate quilts under the hashtag #AGFAquarelle!  The magic trio pictured above shows a perfect example of the variety of prints offered, like “Rhomastic Positive” that you can fussy cut without disturbing the rest of the elements, “Watermarks Cerise” which is small enough to use as a blender and that looks great when sewn with larger prints like “Plein Air Bouquet.”

Aquarelle153 copy*Featuring the rayon prints in Buttercups Still Life and Rhombastic Negative.

Apparel makers prepare to be excited because we have 2 rayon substrates available in this collection. The painterly florals and geometric shapes in Aquarelle will make sophisticated dresses, skirts, and accessories like scarves!

Looking for more matching blenders? Here are suggested Elements that pair with the collection:


*Featuring PURE Solids in Cherry Lipgloss, Tile Blue, and Royal Cobalt & Floral Elements in Shocking Pink and Esmeralda.

More matching blenders not pictured:

PURE Solids: Fuschia, Mirage Blue, Nocturnal, Icy Mint, and Flamingo. 

Floral Elements: Icy Blue and Cobaltic

Take a look at all the wonderful projects made with this collection by checking out the lookbook below for tons of patterns that you can download with a click of a button.



Have fun cutting tons of strips with our “Waterfall” free quilt pattern below!

Aquarelle Quilt 2 copyDOWNLOAD HERE

Take a closer look at Katarina Roccella’s latest collection, Aquarelle! In this Fabric Haul video, you’ll be mesmerized by Katarina’s favorite style of painting, a delicate technique of watercolor infused in all her design details. Just click play, relax, and enjoy some inspiring sewing content! 



Aquarelle08 copy

Who is ready to start the new year with some pretty fabrics?! For a chance to win the entire collection of Aquarelle, CLICK HERE, and enter your information. The giveaway ends on Monday, December 28th, and the winner will be emailed and announced right here on the blog! 


Thank you for following along this wild AGF ride, it has brought me a lot of joy hearing your feedback lately on the blog! If you enjoy this collection, please let me know what you would create with these fabrics in the comments below. And until next time…

Happy Sewing!