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Binding for Beginners - Easy Way to Finish Your Quilt Projects

Hello Makers, 

Hope you are finished making your handmade makes and have them beautifully wrapped under the tree! I can't believe Christmas is only three days away! Hope you all have a relaxing and safe holidays! But before you start celebrating I have a Quilting Tips video for you showing you a simple binding method that will have you finishing your quilting projects like a pro! There are so many different ways to bind a quilt and choosing the one that works for you may take some time. In this video I will show you the most successful method I have found that has given me the best results with the least amount of stress and fuss. Enjoy the video below! 

If any of you are like me and have a stack of unfinished projects at the binding stage, NOW is the time to start checking them off your projects list. With binding, practice makes perfect and practicing on smaller projects like potholders or table runners are perfect projects to build your confidence to get you ready for binding larger quilting projects. 

Happy Sewing,