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Quilting Tips- Learn to Strip Piece Three Different Ways

Hello Makers,

When I first started quilting I had no idea how to cut fabric for quilting and using a rotary blade and quilting ruler was so foreign to me coming out of fashion design school. Every time I would cut out my pieces they would end up being a bit too small and wonky but that didn’t stop me from tackling all the tips and techniques I could find about quilting. Weirdly enough I starting designing quilts on the computer before I even new how to put one together, which if you are starting out I definitely don’t suggest you start in that order. With time and practice I kept finding ways to help make my quilting fast, fun and easy! Learning how to strip piece was my favorite technique to learn as a beginner! If you never strip pieced before then watch the video below to find out what I mean!

Doing something as easy as sewing strips together and cutting it in different ways to create different quilting units was both magical and super rewarding to learn! In this video we learn three ways to strip piece to get three totally different outcomes! For more quilting tips make sure to check out the Quilt Tips Playlist on the Art Gallery Fabrics Channel

Until Next Time,

Happy Sewing