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How to Quilt As You Go - Time Saving Scrap Buster Technique

Hello Makers,

I am so excited about our brand new Youtube Series called Quilting Tips! In this playlist my mission is to cover all the basics every beginner quilter should know to jump start them on their quilting journey and to have them making finished quilts in no time!

Today’s new video is about Quilting As You Go!  Grab a piece of batting and pull out your scrap bin because not only is this process a great scrap buster but it saves you the extra steps of having to quilt your project after you have pieced it together. Quilting as you go you is essentially piecing your fabrics as well as attaching it to the batting so you are doing the piecing and quilting all in one step! After learning this fun technique you will never throw out another scrap a fabric again. It's so much fun making your project as small or as big as you want and watching it grow. You can turn your finished piece into so many fun projects like coasters, tote bags, placemats, pillows and so much more!

To follow along with me to make your own quilt as you go project watch the video below!


Make sure to head over to our Youtube Channel to discover more quilting tips, tutorials and fun fabric videos!

Happy Sewing,