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Soothing Fabrics: Serenity Fusion 

Serenity_fabric_12 BLOG

Happy Friday! 

Welcome to another lookbook reveal with tons of project inspiration! This week we are so excited to show you what we’re working on with our latest collection, Serenity Fusion. This honestly makes me feel very relaxed, it’s something about these soft, creamy colors that make me think I’m on vacation by the beach. I don’t know about you, but this year has been quite a roller coaster and the only thing that would boost my mood are fabrics that transport me to paradise! 

Serenity Fusion comes in 12 quilting cotton prints, and although these colors are soft there are different ranges of scale to create more textural contrast. The largest scaled print in this collection is “Wreathed Serenity” which would be perfect for your larger pieces in your quilts. The rest of the collection has a nice balance between medium and small scale prints, that I can see put together for dainty projects and home decor.

Serenity_fabric_32 BLOG*Featuring “Wreathed Serenity” cotton print 

Serenity Fusion and Elements  BLOG*Featuring matching Decostitch Elements in Cafe Latte & Cloud, Floral Elements in Aquarium, and PURE Solids in Macchiato.

Some other Elements that are not pictured but are a great fit are Decostitch Elements in Porcini, Reflection, and Cafe Latte. Floral Elements in Khaki and PURE Solids in Light Grey, Sandstone, Gentle Feather, Crystalline, and Ocean Fog.

Take a breath of fresh air with these low volume prints, inspired by the tranquil waters of the ocean and feeling the warm sand between your toes. Get ready to flip through the projects in our Lookbook, filled with projects that will help you unwind and get lost in the noise of your own sewing machine. 


Don’t some colors feel comfortable just by looking at them? It’s crazy to think that colors can make you feel a certain way. Combining this soothing palette with the free quilt pattern as gorgeous as this one just makes me want to cuddle into my bed and wrap myself up like a burrito!


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