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Magical Childhood Memories: Daydream Fabrics

Hi everyone,

Another week, another exciting release! Today we have a special collection to show you because it’s Patty Basemi’s debut collection, Daydream! This collection is so sweet, as it paints the magical memories of being a child. This is why I enjoy this collection so much, as it reminds me so much of my childhood memories! I remember always being outdoors, playing with friends all day, and enjoying ice cream on a hot summer day.  The designs in this collection are so sweet, and playful, and the color palette is filled with light colors that are perfect for a kid’s room. 

Daydream comes in 12 quilting cotton prints, ranging in different colors and scales, which are perfect for all your sewing projects. The largest scaled prints and the ones that tell a story are “Magical Memories” and “Sweet Dreamland” which are great for a kid’s bedsheets, or lovely blouses. With many medium and small scale prints, it’ll surely fit right into your quilting plans! 

Daydream_fabric_9 BLOG

Aren’t these prints dreamy? Lately, I’ve been into a lot of DIY home decor and I see a lot of these designs in a nursery! Imagine a fabric banner with “Blooming Ice Cream” fussy cut in the center, or a mobile with all the different little girls from the print “Best Friends Forever” would be adorable! 

If you have some Elements of extra AGF Denim laying around your fabric stash, here are some suggestions that pair with Daydream.

Daydream Fabrics Elements Meli BLOG*Featuring Squared Elements in Tutu, PURE Solids in Sweet Mint & Honey Dew plus our Denim in Adobe Clay. 

Some other Elements that are not pictured but are a great fit are Icon Elements in  Character Sky, PURE Solids in Crystal Pink, Peach Sherbet, Grapefruit, Icy Mint, Sweet Macadamia, and Cotton Candy. 

If you ever felt our knits before, you would fall in a trance of clouds because it’s so soft! Our knits are also OEKO-TEX certified, meaning we use eco-friendly dyes that you can be happily assured that is safe for you and your kids. Create garments, blankets, and more with the 2 available knits in this collection.

Daydream_fabric_39 blog*Girl At Heart and Best Friends Forever in Knit 

Fall in love with Patty’s magical world with playful prints that remind us of picking flowers, reading books, and creating ice-creams out of flowers. Flip through the dreamy projects in our Lookbook! 

Show off all these prints with this FREE QUILT PATTERN! 


If you want an up-close look on all the prints, make sure to check out our latest YouTube video where “Meli” gives you all details, sewing inspiration, and of course a FABRIC GIVEAWAY! 


I hope this collection puts a smile on your face like it did mine, and make sure to show Patty Basemi on her Instagram about her first collection! As always, a world without fabrics wouldn’t happen without all of you, so please tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #artgalleryfabrics.


Until next time,

Happy Sewing!