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Matching Fabrics Part 4: Color Themes

Welcome back, fabric friends! 

Today is another day, where we get to share our love for fabric and fabric prints! If any of you are reading this and you are new to the series, WELCOME! I’ve dedicated my time to share my knowledge that I’m fortunate enough from learning through my talented team here at AGF. Witnessing the design process, and learning about color, scale, and prints have greatly influenced the way I choose my own fabrics when sewing. 

This is part 4 of my series, which means you can read part 3 (all about our Elements) in our last post in case you missed it! Every day I see beautiful work come out of these sewing rooms, and there is never a project that doesn’t catch my eye. So, in this series, I really want to break down why sewing projects look appealing by some theories I have discovered. We’ve already learned about the color wheel, and today I want to dive a little deeper about this and introduce color themes. 

Color themes can simply be categorized by their hues, meaning how intense the colors are! For example, we can simply organize them by seasons, and they are easily recognizable by just looking around you. Nature’s beauty always has a way to inspire and we may lean towards a season due to the way the colors make us feel! Below I will share with you these color themes and quilt block examples using the same pattern, but sewn with different fabrics for better visualization. 

Starting off with Fall colors (simply because it’s my favorite season hehe), these tend to be on the warm side, like yellows, oranges, browns, all the colors you can think of from the trees during the season. The more red the undertone of color is, the warmer is it. 


Here is a block that is a great example of sewing with fall colors! To give you more examples, here are some more fall-themed fabric collections, that you can see how the colors match with the inspirational photos above. With collections like these, you have more options because you can easily sew them together. Having matching themes, just makes it a little easier for you to choose something from your fabric stash.

1*Featuring collections: Spirited by Sharon Holland and Autumn Vibes by Maureen Cracknell 

Next, we have Winter theme colors! These colors can be taken from the first day of snowfall, it’s light, airy, with all the colors that remind you of the season. They are the least intense colors of the group, and they are on the cooler side, meaning they have a blue undertone. 


3*Featuring collections: Earthen by Katarina Roccella and Sparkler Fusion by AGF

The collections above are a great example of winter-themed fabrics, they're plenty of cool colors including soft peaches and pinks that serve as pops of color. Both collections also have winter elements like snow, deer, and foxes making these collections great to sew with each other. 

Now moving on with a Spring theme, which sometimes can be a little confusing because its colors are on the warm side but they are lighter in value. Pastel colors are popular throughout this season, so if it’s easier to remember just think about Easter eggs and spring flowers! 


2*Featuring collections: Printemps Fusion by AGF and Daydream by Patty Basemi

Besides spring colors, putting fabrics together by the theme’s elements helps too! Spring has a lot to do with natural elements, like florals and birds that can be put together with the hues. In the collections above you have a mixture of both, pastel colors with a combination of florals. 

Time for some summertime happiness! Bringing bright, saturated colors in this theme, and all the things you’d like to bring in your summer tote bag. Sunglasses, refreshing drinks, and sunny beaches are all elements in this theme that you can bring together. 


4*Featuring collections: Summer Side by Dana Willard and Hello Sunshine by Katie Skoog

Hello Sunshine and Summer Side took the best parts of summer, using vivid colors and elements that remind us of a relaxing day by the beach, such as tropical fruits and foliage. 

The way colors work can be something hard to grasp at times, but as long as we simplify them, we can use them to our advantage when it comes to sewing! This is just the tip of the iceberg, and of course, with so many other themes to talk about and including their elements, this blog series doesn’t end here! There are many collections that break the rules of these themes, but still, work together because they all tell the same story. That’s part of the beauty of quilting, telling your own story with the fabrics you choose. So, stay tuned next time where I’ll be diving a little deeper about themes and more sewing inspiration! 

Thanks for sticking with me in this learning journey,

Happy sewing!  


Magical Childhood Memories: Daydream Fabrics

Hi everyone,

Another week, another exciting release! Today we have a special collection to show you because it’s Patty Basemi’s debut collection, Daydream! This collection is so sweet, as it paints the magical memories of being a child. This is why I enjoy this collection so much, as it reminds me so much of my childhood memories! I remember always being outdoors, playing with friends all day, and enjoying ice cream on a hot summer day.  The designs in this collection are so sweet, and playful, and the color palette is filled with light colors that are perfect for a kid’s room. 

Daydream comes in 12 quilting cotton prints, ranging in different colors and scales, which are perfect for all your sewing projects. The largest scaled prints and the ones that tell a story are “Magical Memories” and “Sweet Dreamland” which are great for a kid’s bedsheets, or lovely blouses. With many medium and small scale prints, it’ll surely fit right into your quilting plans! 

Daydream_fabric_9 BLOG

Aren’t these prints dreamy? Lately, I’ve been into a lot of DIY home decor and I see a lot of these designs in a nursery! Imagine a fabric banner with “Blooming Ice Cream” fussy cut in the center, or a mobile with all the different little girls from the print “Best Friends Forever” would be adorable! 

If you have some Elements of extra AGF Denim laying around your fabric stash, here are some suggestions that pair with Daydream.

Daydream Fabrics Elements Meli BLOG*Featuring Squared Elements in Tutu, PURE Solids in Sweet Mint & Honey Dew plus our Denim in Adobe Clay. 

Some other Elements that are not pictured but are a great fit are Icon Elements in  Character Sky, PURE Solids in Crystal Pink, Peach Sherbet, Grapefruit, Icy Mint, Sweet Macadamia, and Cotton Candy. 

If you ever felt our knits before, you would fall in a trance of clouds because it’s so soft! Our knits are also OEKO-TEX certified, meaning we use eco-friendly dyes that you can be happily assured that is safe for you and your kids. Create garments, blankets, and more with the 2 available knits in this collection.

Daydream_fabric_39 blog*Girl At Heart and Best Friends Forever in Knit 

Fall in love with Patty’s magical world with playful prints that remind us of picking flowers, reading books, and creating ice-creams out of flowers. Flip through the dreamy projects in our Lookbook! 

Show off all these prints with this FREE QUILT PATTERN! 


If you want an up-close look on all the prints, make sure to check out our latest YouTube video where “Meli” gives you all details, sewing inspiration, and of course a FABRIC GIVEAWAY! 


I hope this collection puts a smile on your face like it did mine, and make sure to show Patty Basemi on her Instagram about her first collection! As always, a world without fabrics wouldn’t happen without all of you, so please tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #artgalleryfabrics.


Until next time,

Happy Sewing!




Get to Know Patty Basemi!

Hi fabric friends, 

If you don’t know already, we have a new designer in our AGF family, Patty Basemi! Working with Patty has been nothing short of a sweet experience, and it brings us so much joy to be launching her first collection, DAYDREAM. Bringing a unique style to AGF, her effortless doodle-like designs and use of dreamy gelato colors make for playfully innocent patterns that will connect you to your inner child. 

Today we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get to know her a little more! So, we thought it would be a great idea for Patty to create a video for all of you. Make sure to show her some love and enjoy this fun video to “meet” Patty and take a closer look at her creative process, fun facts, and sneak peeks of Patty’s debuting collection, Daydream, where she transforms all the magical memories of being a child into colorful and charming fabrics.

Fall in love with Patty’s magical world, and stay tuned for her lookbook release!


Quilting Tips YouTube Series - Sewing Half Square Triangles and Flying Geese

Hello Makers,

Team flying geese or Half Square Triangles? Both choices can create tons of different quilt designs and sewing projects. Today I am excited to talk about my new series on Youtube, dedicated to the beginner quilter. Learn how to choose fabrics from my Sewing with Color video and once you got your fabrics picked out it's time to learn some basic quilting units. In my next two videos I show you how to create Half Square Triangles (HST) in three different ways and Flying Geese in two different ways. 

I love that in quilting there are multiple ways to create the same thing, you can pick and choose the options that work best with you and your quilting project! Download and print a copy of your HST and Flying cheat sheets from the video and have fun watching my brand new videos below!



Got any tips about creating HST’s or flying geese? Share your knowledge in the comments!

Happy Sewing,


All Things Crocheting: Hooked Fabrics

Welcome back friends,

Today has been a long time in the making, but the Hooked Fabric Lookbook is finally out! This collection by Mister Domestic is so sweet because he dedicates it to another handmade craft, crocheting! Whether you are a fan of crocheting or you want to dabble into it, this fabric collection gives you the opportunity to bring playful notions and colorful yarn prints right into your sewing machine. 

One of my favorite things about fabric is texture. The number of quilts and projects I see every day on social media varies so much depending on the prints you use, and I’m sure this collection is unique enough to make your projects stand out! 

This collection comes with 12 quilting cotton prints, all perfectly balanced for your sewing projects. Starring prints like “Crochet Sampler” that really captures the essence of this collection, and the “If They Were Real” florals just makes you want to create handbags or use as the backing of quilts to make them shine!

Hooked_fabric_5 BLOG

There are so many fussy cut opportunities as well with prints like “Readers,” “Wool Origins,” and “Spun Yarn” that make it ideal for the center of a quilt block, EPP, and more. Of course, all these prints have lots of negative space in them and can easily be sewn with the blenders of the collection, and there are 3 to choose from. 

Here are other suggested Elements that pair perfectly with the collection:

IMG_1771 BLOG*Featuring Prisma Elements in Pagoda Gem and Subtle Turquoise & Oval Elements in Amethyst and Golden 

Not pictured but also matching PURE Solids to choose from is Nocturnal, Verve Violet, Spruce, Warm Wave, Lavender Water, Sweet Macadamia, Lemon Tart, and Field of Lavender. 

Our Denim substrate too in Wicked Sky, Cool Foliage, and Classic Denim. 

For all the garment makers out there, there are some substrate options for you too! The “Readers” print comes in knit, which would make the most adorable t-shirts or PJs. Also the print “If They Were Real” comes in Rayon but is featured in a lighter colorway, make dresses, scarfs, and so much more. 

Hooked_fabric_42 BLOG*Readers in Knit 

Hooked_fabric_35 blog*If They Were Real in Rayon 

I can talk all about inspiration for the rest of the day, but nothing is better than sewing the projects yourself. Check out the lookbook below for tons of patterns that you can download with a click of a button! 

Want to head straight into quilts, huh? No worries, you can just click below for the FREE QUILT PATTERN!

Hooked Quilt Mockups 1 BLOGDOWNLOAD HERE

As some of you may know, we just love to share fabric with all of you, and this time we are hosting a giveaway on our YouTube channel! With a very special guest, Mister Domestic himself. Take a look at his inspiration, his current sewing projects, and of course stay tuned till the end for the giveaway!

I hope this collection excites you to whip out your sewing machine! I can’t wait to see what you makers will create, so please share with us by tagging us at #artgalleryfabrics on Instagram. The team and I would love to share your creations. 


Until next time,

Happy Sewing!





Holiday Sewing with Cozy and Joyful Fabrics by Maureen Cracknell

Hello Makers,

Have you started sewing for the Holiday’s yet? With just a few short weeks of Summer left Fall is coming quicker than we think. This morning it was in the lower 50s in Minnesota and I already started unpacking my winter clothes! In a matter of days department stores will have their holiday decor set up and we will already be thinking of people on our gift giving list! As makers we make more then we buy present, or at least we try too!  So to avoid stressful sewing and all nighters getting a quilt finished in time, it’s best we all start sewing today!


I am so happy to share with you a Fabric Haul video featuring Cozy and Joyful Fabrics by Maureen Cracknell! This collection is filled with holiday cheer showcasing traditional holiday elements such as nutcrackers, gingerbread men and reindeer. There are also so many great blender fabrics that can be used all year around in your quilting. For holiday sewing inspiration and to learn more about Cozy and Joyful watch my fabric haul video. Make sure to check out our Fabric Project Catalog for more sewing and project ideas! 

Happy Sewing,