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Hi Fabric Lovers,

We have a new collection I’m excited to share with you guys today! Which is Bari J’s latest collection, “365 Fifth Avenue”.  Featuring her signature florals, 365 Fifth Avenue is embellished with eye-catching florals mixed with midcentury geometrics. One can easily be transported to the era of the chic trends of apparel and décor during the 1950s and ‘60s by solely looking at these gorgeous prints.

Inspired by a former address of an upscale department store in New York City, where Bari’s mother often drew inspiration from the fashions she loved. This collection has two colorways, “Catskill Mountains” and “Upper West Side” that are filled with vibrant reds, bright purples, and pops of green.

BLOG_365_FifthAvenue_fabric_17 (1)*Available in 16 Cotton Prints

BLOG_365_FifthAvenue_fabric_41*Available in 2 Rayon Prints

BLOG_365_FifthAvenue_fabric_33*Available in 1 Knit Print

365 Fifth Avenue comes in sixteen cotton prints, two rayon prints, and one knit print. Make any dress and top stand out while looking elegant with these prints. From children outfits to beautiful bed sets and home decor, you'll have fun picking which projects to start first with this collection. Take your love for quilting and sewing further by checking out our 365 Fifth Avenue lookbook below for some extra inspiration to fulfill your creative hearts!


BLOG_Wild Bloom Quilt 4 -1



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