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Hello Fabric Friends and Fellow Feline Lovers!

If you’re crazy about cats as you are with fabric then I have a special treat for you today. We have released our newest collection called “Oh Meow” by Jessica Swift! Now I would identify myself as a crazy cat lady. So when I saw some cute furry friends and the variety of fun and colorful prints that come in this collection, I got very excited for its release. I immediately thought of my own two cats and their funny unique personalities. They actually both made their modeling debuts on the AGF social media and the "Oh Meow" Lookbook! Check out the cute felines with some fun prints of "Oh Meow" below to satisfy your cat lover's heart. 

Inspired by Jessica’s own two cats, this collection celebrates all the things feline friends love the most. From yarn, string, and windows to peer out of, you’ll discover a purrfect world in these playful, bright prints.

CatsBlog Edit_Oh Meow Fabric Wheel 1*Available in 12 Cotton Prints

Blog Edit_OhMeow_Fabric_20*Available in 1 Rayon Print

Blog Edit_OhMeow_Fabric_24*Available in 1 Knit Print

Oh Meow! comes in twelve cotton prints, one rayon, and one knit print. Jessica mentioned "If this collection was a person, it would be a rambunctious, kitten-obsessed 6-year-old girl! , which I totally agree with. I can see some of these prints be used in apparel for young girls such as dresses. Our one rayon print is a blender polka dot print perfect for some flowy trousers just as the one made for the lookbook. If you love our cotton print in "Cat Nap", you'll definitely be a fan of our only knit print "Cat Nap Blu" which is a colorway. The creamy white color and blue-toned kitty faces add an extra touch of coziness to the texture of knits.  For more feline playfulness and inspiration on what to create with this collection and free patterns, view our latest lookbook below!


Blog Edit_OhMeow_Quilt1_1

Blog Edit_Oh Meow Extra Fabric Bundles 3

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