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Celebrating Nature's Beauty: Earthen Fabrics

Earthen_banner_600pxWelcome to a new decade, fabric lovers! Can you believe it's the year 2020? That sounds like something very far in the future, yet here we are still making beautiful handmade things. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and is ready for a fresh start! I've been seeing a lot of new sewing challenges for this year, the most popular being sewing 20 projects in 2020—what a clever challenge! I'd love to start that challenge as well, especially since I will have my hands on all upcoming collections for AGF. Now, I am excited to start the year with the first lookbook release of the year! 

Introducing Katarina Roccella's latest collection, EARTHEN! These fabrics really hit home for me because it's inspired by the beauty of nature that surrounds us. Nowadays we have been aware of what we've been doing for the planet, such as being a little more self-conscience on what we throw away and buy to try to make the earth a better place. This group of fabrics is an ode to life on our beautiful planet, painted in earthy tones, enriched with imprinted textures.Earthen Fabric 1 copy*Available in 16 cotton prints

Earthen Fabric 1 copy*Available in 2 rayon prints

Earthen Fabric 23 copy*Available in 3 knit prints

Earthen is filled with tons of substrates to fit all your sewing needs! Having multiple options from knits, rayon, and quilting cotton, you can create just about anything from garments, accessories, home decor, and quilts. The colors of this collection are some of my favorites because it has a nice balance between cool and warm colors, which makes it versatile for any season. If you are looking for more sewing inspiration make sure to check out the lookbook below! 


Earthen Fabric 1 copy
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 As always, let me know what you'd love to create with this collection or if you have any 2020 sewing resolutions. Thank you all for following me along with the blog and for everyone that leaves comments, it means so much to me! I am looking forward to showing you what's in store here at AGF.

Until next time,

Happy Sewing! 

- Jannelle