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Welcome, fabric lovers! 

Happy to say that temperatures are going down in south Florida, which just calls for the coziest of clothes! Although each collection that AGF comes out with is exciting, today this is a very special occasion because we are releasing more prints to our KNITS substrate. You might've seen our knits in solid and striped, but by popular demand, KNIT SPOTTED has been added! Coming in two different types of polka dots- ranging in a softer pastel palette to classic black and white. There are options for any age! 

If you've sewn with our fabrics before, you'll understand the level of softness in our knits is uncomparable! I'd just make about anything with this substrate if I could, like bedsheets, blankets, dresses, scarfs, would all be ideal. That's saying a lot because if you ever followed my sewing journey on the blog, my first time ever sewing with this substrate has been a very positive experience. 

Knits-spotted_banner_600px*Spotted Speckles -  Available in 5 colors

For the first 5 colors, all the dots are white with a pastel-colored background. I find these colors fit great for kids' apparel and soft blankets for a nursery! 

Knits-spotted_banner_600px*Spotted Bubbles -  Available in 5 colors

The second set of colors are my favorite because they will look good on anyone! All these prints have different colored polka-dots but against a white background. Make a classic dress, some snazzy socks, and even some winter scarfs. 

Of course, as much as we love sewing with our fabric, we also love to collaborate with some makers! This lookbook is no different, so if you are looking for more projects to sew with this substrate, some creative ideas, or even free patterns- you'll find everything you need in the "Knits Spotted Lookbook"!


Don't you just love all the possibilities when it comes to fabrics? This is the best part of being a sewist! I see many people are intimidated by this substrate because they may think it's harder to sew than others, but I must encourage you to try it. It is a different experience but one you won't regret learning. For anyone that is familiar, please let me know in the comments below a tip that you wish you knew when you first started sewing with knits! 

Here are my top 3 I learned:

  1. Don't pull on the fabric 
  2. Use a zig-zag stitch (if you don't have a serger) 
  3. Practice on scraps!! You'll never know how your sewing machine will react. 


Looking forward to hearing your tips!

Until next time,

Happy Sewing