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Playroom-Banner_600pxDon't you miss being a kid sometimes? I remember when I was younger, I just wanted to grow up as soon as possible, but who didn't right? We all wanted to be grown-ups! If only I could tell my younger self to relax and enjoy being a kid. Sometimes we need to enjoy the simple things in life, whether it's going out to eat ice cream, watching a movie, or playing some board games—  we could all use a little playtime! Which brings me to the latest news here at AGF, with Mister Domestic's latest collection release, PLAYROOM

From finger paints, watercolors, colored pencils to melty beads, and the alphabet, Mathew created a dream playroom full of inspiration for kids of all ages, especially with his daughter Helena in mind. Makers prepare to transport yourself to simpler times with Mathew's latest collection, where you'll have some fun making quilts for kids to fun garments.

Playroom Fabric Bundle 1*Available in 12 cotton prints

Playroom More Fabric 2*Available in 3 knit prints

Playroom More Fabric 10*Available in 1 rayon print 

There's a substrate for anyone out there! I can already see some really cute twins wearing the same shirt made with the hands knit, and the watercolor palettes print made into a cozy blanket for a creative little one in your life. Even the rayon has such a retro look, which means it will look nice no matter what age. Transform it into a flowy skirt, a children's dress, or a very nice scarf for a pop of color!

For more creative ideas and free patterns, make sure to check out our latest lookbook below (and the free quilt pattern)! 


Playroom Quilt Free + 4 copyDOWNLOAD FREE QUILT PATTERN

This month has been so much fun with giveaways, it's nice to switch this up now and again! And this time, we wanted to end the year with a bang. MISTER DOMESTIC IS TAKING OVER! Our YouTube channel anyway... hehe. Make sure to check out our latest YouTube video where Mathew talks about his collection, some up-close shots, and a surprise giveaway at the end of the video.

Playroom More Fabric 14

Check out the description box of the video for more details on the giveaway! 


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