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From knits to COTTON: Pine Lullaby Rediscovered

Capsules_banner_pine_lullaby_rediscovered_600pxAnother week, another release! It's been a crazy month here at AGF but we are excited to always keep showing what we've been working on the past couple of months. You might've heard of our collection Pine Lullaby before, and it's because we've created this collection in the past that was released in KNIT only! We really wanted it to create the perfect apparel option for kids, and it will be a great option to make the softest pillows and blankets too. Well a couple of months passed by and boy, did we get an overwhelming amount of feedback! With tons of requests to have this collection in cotton, we finally made it happen. 

So here we are today, excited to tell you that this collection is back, and it's calling you quilters out there. Pine Lullaby Rediscovered now comes in all COTTON! With a few selected new prints and TWO new panels, your sewing options just got bigger. Now you can turn these fabrics into beautiful baby quilts, nursery decor, totes- pretty much anything your crafty heart desires! I'm happy to have a hold of these fabrics, because my cousin is having her baby soon, and I plan on making her a small baby blanket! Just in time for her baby shower present. 

Pine Lullaby Rediscovered Fabric 2 copy*Pine Lullaby Rediscovered available in 12 cotton prints

Pine Lullaby Rediscovered Fabric 12 copy Pine Lullaby Rediscovered Fabric 13 copyI always get questions on what you can make with panels because they are large prints, people sometimes are not sure what to do. But let me tell you, panels are one the more fun pieces of fabrics to play with! You can add them to the backing of your baby quilt and make it reversible, cut each print and convert them to pillows, or convert them to blankets. 

You'll find a lot more creative ideas to make with these fabrics in our "Pine Lullaby Lookbook," take a look below.

Excited to get to sewing?! Me too! Don't forget to check out our free quilt pattern, using one of the panels too. 

Pine Lullaby Rediscovered Quilt - FREE 1 copyDOWNLOAD FREE QUILT PATTERN

If you're saying to yourself, " I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW!" You're in luck because we are hosting a giveaway via our Facebook Page! Make sure to head to our page, where they will be a pinned post, just follow the steps to be entered for a chance to win an FQ bundle of Pine Lullaby Rediscovered! 

Pine Lullaby Rediscovered Fabric 16 copy

As always, I love hearing your thoughts on our collections, especially on what you'll like to see made with these fabrics! It helps what you'd like to see from us in the future lookbook too. Even seeing your creations on social media when you tag us just makes our day, the fact that you took the time of day to sew with our fabrics. So, don't forget to tag in your makes so we can share the love!

Until next time,

Happy sewing!