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Have some fun with PLAYROOM fabrics!

Playroom-Banner_600pxDon't you miss being a kid sometimes? I remember when I was younger, I just wanted to grow up as soon as possible, but who didn't right? We all wanted to be grown-ups! If only I could tell my younger self to relax and enjoy being a kid. Sometimes we need to enjoy the simple things in life, whether it's going out to eat ice cream, watching a movie, or playing some board games—  we could all use a little playtime! Which brings me to the latest news here at AGF, with Mister Domestic's latest collection release, PLAYROOM

From finger paints, watercolors, colored pencils to melty beads, and the alphabet, Mathew created a dream playroom full of inspiration for kids of all ages, especially with his daughter Helena in mind. Makers prepare to transport yourself to simpler times with Mathew's latest collection, where you'll have some fun making quilts for kids to fun garments.

Playroom Fabric Bundle 1*Available in 12 cotton prints

Playroom More Fabric 2*Available in 3 knit prints

Playroom More Fabric 10*Available in 1 rayon print 

There's a substrate for anyone out there! I can already see some really cute twins wearing the same shirt made with the hands knit, and the watercolor palettes print made into a cozy blanket for a creative little one in your life. Even the rayon has such a retro look, which means it will look nice no matter what age. Transform it into a flowy skirt, a children's dress, or a very nice scarf for a pop of color!

For more creative ideas and free patterns, make sure to check out our latest lookbook below (and the free quilt pattern)! 


Playroom Quilt Free + 4 copyDOWNLOAD FREE QUILT PATTERN

This month has been so much fun with giveaways, it's nice to switch this up now and again! And this time, we wanted to end the year with a bang. MISTER DOMESTIC IS TAKING OVER! Our YouTube channel anyway... hehe. Make sure to check out our latest YouTube video where Mathew talks about his collection, some up-close shots, and a surprise giveaway at the end of the video.

Playroom More Fabric 14

Check out the description box of the video for more details on the giveaway! 


Of course, I love to hear about your opinions on our collections, so don't forget to leave a comment below.


Until next time,

Happy Sewing! 



From knits to COTTON: Pine Lullaby Rediscovered

Capsules_banner_pine_lullaby_rediscovered_600pxAnother week, another release! It's been a crazy month here at AGF but we are excited to always keep showing what we've been working on the past couple of months. You might've heard of our collection Pine Lullaby before, and it's because we've created this collection in the past that was released in KNIT only! We really wanted it to create the perfect apparel option for kids, and it will be a great option to make the softest pillows and blankets too. Well a couple of months passed by and boy, did we get an overwhelming amount of feedback! With tons of requests to have this collection in cotton, we finally made it happen. 

So here we are today, excited to tell you that this collection is back, and it's calling you quilters out there. Pine Lullaby Rediscovered now comes in all COTTON! With a few selected new prints and TWO new panels, your sewing options just got bigger. Now you can turn these fabrics into beautiful baby quilts, nursery decor, totes- pretty much anything your crafty heart desires! I'm happy to have a hold of these fabrics, because my cousin is having her baby soon, and I plan on making her a small baby blanket! Just in time for her baby shower present. 

Pine Lullaby Rediscovered Fabric 2 copy*Pine Lullaby Rediscovered available in 12 cotton prints

Pine Lullaby Rediscovered Fabric 12 copy Pine Lullaby Rediscovered Fabric 13 copyI always get questions on what you can make with panels because they are large prints, people sometimes are not sure what to do. But let me tell you, panels are one the more fun pieces of fabrics to play with! You can add them to the backing of your baby quilt and make it reversible, cut each print and convert them to pillows, or convert them to blankets. 

You'll find a lot more creative ideas to make with these fabrics in our "Pine Lullaby Lookbook," take a look below.

Excited to get to sewing?! Me too! Don't forget to check out our free quilt pattern, using one of the panels too. 

Pine Lullaby Rediscovered Quilt - FREE 1 copyDOWNLOAD FREE QUILT PATTERN

If you're saying to yourself, " I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW!" You're in luck because we are hosting a giveaway via our Facebook Page! Make sure to head to our page, where they will be a pinned post, just follow the steps to be entered for a chance to win an FQ bundle of Pine Lullaby Rediscovered! 

Pine Lullaby Rediscovered Fabric 16 copy

As always, I love hearing your thoughts on our collections, especially on what you'll like to see made with these fabrics! It helps what you'd like to see from us in the future lookbook too. Even seeing your creations on social media when you tag us just makes our day, the fact that you took the time of day to sew with our fabrics. So, don't forget to tag in your makes so we can share the love!

Until next time,

Happy sewing!




NEW Knits Spotted!


Welcome, fabric lovers! 

Happy to say that temperatures are going down in south Florida, which just calls for the coziest of clothes! Although each collection that AGF comes out with is exciting, today this is a very special occasion because we are releasing more prints to our KNITS substrate. You might've seen our knits in solid and striped, but by popular demand, KNIT SPOTTED has been added! Coming in two different types of polka dots- ranging in a softer pastel palette to classic black and white. There are options for any age! 

If you've sewn with our fabrics before, you'll understand the level of softness in our knits is uncomparable! I'd just make about anything with this substrate if I could, like bedsheets, blankets, dresses, scarfs, would all be ideal. That's saying a lot because if you ever followed my sewing journey on the blog, my first time ever sewing with this substrate has been a very positive experience. 

Knits-spotted_banner_600px*Spotted Speckles -  Available in 5 colors

For the first 5 colors, all the dots are white with a pastel-colored background. I find these colors fit great for kids' apparel and soft blankets for a nursery! 

Knits-spotted_banner_600px*Spotted Bubbles -  Available in 5 colors

The second set of colors are my favorite because they will look good on anyone! All these prints have different colored polka-dots but against a white background. Make a classic dress, some snazzy socks, and even some winter scarfs. 

Of course, as much as we love sewing with our fabric, we also love to collaborate with some makers! This lookbook is no different, so if you are looking for more projects to sew with this substrate, some creative ideas, or even free patterns- you'll find everything you need in the "Knits Spotted Lookbook"!


Don't you just love all the possibilities when it comes to fabrics? This is the best part of being a sewist! I see many people are intimidated by this substrate because they may think it's harder to sew than others, but I must encourage you to try it. It is a different experience but one you won't regret learning. For anyone that is familiar, please let me know in the comments below a tip that you wish you knew when you first started sewing with knits! 

Here are my top 3 I learned:

  1. Don't pull on the fabric 
  2. Use a zig-zag stitch (if you don't have a serger) 
  3. Practice on scraps!! You'll never know how your sewing machine will react. 


Looking forward to hearing your tips!

Until next time,

Happy Sewing







Fearless & Expressive: Spirited Fabric Collection

Spirited_Banner-600pxHowdy, yall! 

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend, I know I did! This past weekend it gave me time to reflect all the things I've done through the year, and really appreciate what I accomplished. It's nice when you set a New Year's Resolution, and actually do it! It's a great thing, whether you completed a big sewing project you've been working on a long time, or something small, it's something to be proud of! Now to finish out the year with a bang, and starting this month with Sharon Holland's latest collection, SPIRITED

Let be honest here, this is hands down one of my favorite collections from Sharon! These just speak to me, the warm sienna, the denim blues, and the marigold yellows are just colors I will wear/sew with all year. With a southern twist, these prints are going to be fun to sew with for apparel, home decor, and some lovely quilts. 

Paying a tribute to the summer’s last blooms and nature’s majesty. Spirited is a collection with an attitude as big and bold as the Midwest prairie.

Spirited Fabrics 16 copy*Available in 16 cotton prints

Representing a fearless attitude, but showing off a majestic side with graceful horses and romantic florals, you'll find something that fits your mood. 

Spirited Fabrics 8 copy*Available in 3 knit prints

Spirited Fabrics 3 copy   *Available in 2 rayon prints

Garment lovers rejoice as this collection is filled with apparel friendly substrates! With some many choose from, the knits are going to be great for the fall season, you can make long sleeve shirts and even some cozy scarfs. If you want something even softer, and lightweight, check out the rayon featured in the collection, where you can make some blouses or even kimonos- perfect for layering! 

Spirited_Quilt-FREE_1 copyDownload Quilt Pattern 

In this lookbook, you’ll find tons of inspiration, from quilts (like the gorgeous one featured above, made by Sharon herself), home decor, and more! With plenty of opportunities to get creative, browse through our lookbook for more projects that will make your heart just skip a beat. 


Spirited Fabrics 17 copy

Surprise! We are switching it up this time around, and if you want a chance to win these fabrics, the giveaway is being hosted via our Instagram Page

Just follow the simple steps to enter, and if you don't have an account, I highly recommend jumping on that bandwagon. You get to stay-tuned on the latest collection releases, giveaways, and tons of project inspiration. 

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts behind this collection and which print is calling out your name! Let me know in the comments below. 

Till next time,