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Today is a lovely day here in south Florida because currently, the temperature is in the 60s! That's pretty cold down here considering we are pretty used to 90-degree weather almost all year round- it's nice to have a break from the rain too. When there is not a single cloud in the sky, the sun is out, and there is a cool breeze, it's the perfect recipe for making me happy! Which brings me to today's latest AGF collection release, Meriwether

Meaning "happy weather" in Middle English, this collection is available in 16 prints and it's all cotton, which means quilters, you will have tons of fun sewing with this group of fabrics. This collection celebrates the art of embroidery and hand-stitching techniques as a way to tell a story surrounding the love and enchantment of nature around us.

Meriwether tells a peaceful meadow story. Coming in two colorways, one to celebrate the peacefulness in all us when the sun is shining and a darker colorway to represent the warm breeze that moves through the fields of wild blooms. 

Meriwether Fabric Bundle 6 copy

In this fabric collection, you'll find graceful rabbits with their cotton ball tails, colorful blooms, and dancing june bugs. (The june bugs is my favorite!! Reminds me when I was a kid, I use to play Animal Planet with my cousin and catch all kinds of bugs.) 

If you'd like to take a closer look at these prints,  watch out the latest YouTube video, where I give you some more information on the scale and color information on these fabrics. Make sure to give the video a thumbs-up if you enjoyed it. :)  


Meriwether_Quilt-FREE_3 copyDownload Quilt Pattern 

In this lookbook, you’ll find tons of inspiration, from quilts (like the gorgeous one featured above), home decor, and more! With plenty of opportunities to get creative, browse through our lookbook for more projects that will get you running towards your sewing machine.


Meriwether Fabric Bundle 8 copy

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