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How to Sew a “Continental” Quilt Block Tutorial featuring Nuncia Fabrics by Pat Bravo

Quilting in Fashion

Who would’ve thought that quilting is becoming a huge trend in the fashion industry? Handmade and personalized touches are "must-have's for the season" and we, my dear quilting friends, are the experts! All we have to do is choose a simple pattern to show off all our knowledge.

For me, it was very easy to get inspired by the colorful, bohemian, and chic Nuncia Collection. Since so many quilting ideas came to my head with all the amazing prints, I decided to make vests with two techniques that I really like. That way, I could put all my effort into what I love the most: piecing.


For the first vest, I chose to use the Chevron technique, I felt that with the saturated colors from the collection I could get a '70s vibe, kind of boho and fun. If you would like a step by step explanation of how to make it just click on the Chevron Tutorial link.


After all the fabric cutting and piecing, it was very exciting to lay the strips on the floor and get a vision of how it was going to look.


Then, I took my front vest pattern and back vest pattern and blended the side seams to make one pattern for the whole vest. This way I didn’t have to interrupt the zig-zag look with the side seams.



To clean the inside of my garment, I cut the vest pattern in another fun print from the collection to use as lining.  I started by aligning and joining the necklines, then the armholes followed by the hemlines, and finally the center front with the zipper.


For the second vest, I wanted to do an improvised look using a traditional technique, the Dresden. For a detailed explanation on how to make it just click on the Dresden Tutorial Link.

I cut many uneven strips from different fabrics and joined them randomly into blocks to sub-cut them using my Dresden ruler.Vests-06

As you can see, I couldn’t resist playing with my pieces and admiring how beautiful they looked together.


Since the Dresden wasn't big enough, I added larger uneven strips to the sides until the whole block was bigger than the vest pattern. And just to give it a more improvised look I decided to appliqué some flowers from the "Flowers Everywhere Caress" fabric in the center of the Dresden, instead of a perfect circle. These fabrics kept on inspiring me!

Now, all that's left to do is quilt it and finish it. This time instead of hiding the raw edges with the lining, I will use binding all around to add the extra quilty/high fashion look.Vests-07So what team are you on, Team Dresden Obsession or Team Chevron Love? I still can’t decide, but there is something that I know for sure, I will have two beautiful vests to wear this fall! ;)



Happy Piecing!

- Laucara