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How to Sew a “Continental” Quilt Block Tutorial featuring Nuncia Fabrics by Pat Bravo

Nuncia by Pat Bravo: A Tribute


“One of the most challenging designs I think I’ve ever done, a collection that pays tribute to the wonderful human being that my mother was. She passed away a little more than a year ago, and I wanted to do a collection dedicated to her. Her name was Anunciacion, but we called her Nuncia, and in this collection, I put my heart and soul, creating the things, designs, and colors that she loved.” - Pat Bravo.

Paying tribute to her mother, our designer Pat Bravo created her latest collection, NUNCIA! Since her mother was from Argentina and adored cultural influences from there like dancing the tango, this collection features a bold Spanish flair, as well as a nod to a free-spirited, 70's bohemian aesthetic. 

Nuncia Fabric 19

Available in 16 cotton prints, Nuncia is also available in 3 knits and 1 rayon! 

Nuncia Fabric 10 Nuncia Fabric 15

To read more about Pat's memories of her mother and how they turned into fabrics for this collection, make sure to check out our "Nuncia Fabric Lookbook." This lookbook not only offers inspiration for home decor projects, but there's also quite a focus on garment making as well! 

Pat also designed "Bolero Quilt" as a free quilt pattern for this collection. "Bolero" being a popular dance in Argentina! Just click the below link for pattern: 

Download Quilt Pattern

Nuncia-FQP-EDIT Nuncia-FQP3

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