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Striped Landscape

Hello my friends,

Do you love to show off complex looking projects that are truly easy to make? If so, me too! For the romantic and delicate Everlasting collection, we will be making an 18" pillow top combining the improvisational and the strip piecing techniques.

Just so you know, the reason this tutorial is called "Striped Landscape" is because once I finished it, it reminded me of the vacation I want to take in a quiet beach with beautiful sunsets! ;)

The featured fabrics are Something Blue (Fabric A), Creme de la Creme (Fabric B), Snow (Fabric C), and Cherished Wishes (Fabric D).



Start by creating two simple blocks that measure at least 21" x 21". Since you will be trimming a lot, it is better to start with bigger pieces and have room for error.


Improvisational Piecing:

Align both fabrics facing you, and using the rotary cutter make an improvised curve.

Remove excess fabric and mark strategic points to use as guides while joining your pieces.

The edges won't match after sewing, so don't worry, just trim the imperfections.


Strip Piecing:

Once you have made both blocks, square them to the same size.

Start cutting each block into 1" strips, keeping them in order.

Intercalate one strip from block 1 and one strip from block 2 and place them to one side.

You will start seeing how both blocks come together into one beautiful pillow top.


After all your strips are joined, press and square.



The fun thing about strip piecing is that it can be used with many piecing methods. Do you enjoy improvising, or do you prefer accurate techniques?

Happy landscape making!

- Laucara