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#AGFMakerMonday - May Feature!

Happy Monday, Makers!
As you know, every Monday we feature the amazing work that you create with our fabrics on our social media. Since it's #MeMadeMay this month, we wanted to celebrate slow fashion and feature a garment maker that caught our attention and highlight her work and story. While scrolling, we came across @kunklebaby a.k.a. Jessica Waldegar who often shares her handmade wardrobe (and accessories), along with simple moments that involve her family and collecting plants. Jessica shares her makes from her home in Columbus, Ohio and we just adore her relaxed, boho style using a lot of our fabrics. We had to get in touch with her and get to know her a little better! 
Makermonday_jessica"Scatter Wood" print in cotton // April Rhodes' Arizona After Collection 

Hi Jessica! Congratulations on being our May "AGF Maker Monday" feature! Can you please tell us a little bit about your background and how you got into sewing?

Hi, I’m very excited to be here! I actually come from a Fine Arts background. I’m a painter who was finding it hard to fit painting into my new life when we first started our family. Those erratic and random length naps were not great for paint drying and bursts of inspiration. I was used to having big blocks of time to work and this new schedule wasn’t working for me. Mothering came first, but I still needed and craved that daily creative outlet, so I started teaching myself to sew at this time. I found it was easy to set down and pick back up without frustration, whenever I had the time, even if just for a few minutes at a time. I was working with my hands and that’s what I needed.

What are you inspired by?

I’m constantly inspired by the world around me. Nature and all its intricacies have always been a huge inspiration to me. The way its ceaseless color, textures, and shapes play together never bores me. I’ve always been drawn to the relationships of color and texture. Instagram has been amazing for pattern inspiration. I love having the ability to see a pattern on many people of all shapes, sizes, and color right at my fingertips. It’s a priceless tool when forming wardrobe plans.

Describe your personal style.

I’d say my personal style is a bit eclectic, playful, low key maximalism. I’m always drawn to garment patterns with clean, simple lines which really let the fabrics shine. My fabric choices are typically very textural with saturated, bold color. I really enjoy monochromatic pairings, when layering. You’ll rarely find any solid colors or neutrals in my closet or stash.

When did you begin creating garments?

I was sewing for several years before turning to garments for myself. I had been running a handmade children’s clothing and accessories business I created. This is where my Instagram name actually came from. When my fifth child arrived, I knew I needed to scale some things back due to family needs and made the hard choice to stop my children’s line. That decision has morphed into making myself the “wardrobe of my dreams,” piece by piece, and then teaching. It’s opened up lots of opportunities for me, and I’ve never ever regretted the change of direction.

You're a mother to five, an artist, instructor, and a do balance home and creative life?

To me, the two have always been intertwined together. I could not be a good mother if I were not creating. Creativity is a part of who I am so I can feel settled and fulfilled. I’m lucky to have an expressive family of makers, so we are often found working on projects in tandem. Learning to work around the needs of my family, at this stage of our lives, honestly means I probably sleep less than I maybe should. In the end, all of life is a trade-off of finding the best way to live and do the things that fuel and inspire us, this is no different.

What substrates do you usually prefer to sew with?

Oh, I LOVE rayon. It’s a little tricky to cut, but once you’re past that, it’s an absolute dream to wear. It may sound silly, but I feel extra good about myself when wearing rayon, somehow fancier and more elegant. I’m forever drawn to linen. I love the texture and shapes it holds, you can easily print on it, with age it just keeps getting softer and better. I’m also keen to sew garments from quilting cotton. I often choose Art Gallery’s because of the nice weight of the quilting cotton. When paired with an appropriate pattern, they turn out splendid, are easy to care for, and have all the fun prints.

What does "slow living" mean to you?

Slow living to me would be seeing all the good you have in your life day to day. Enjoying the simple thing, while still taking time to dream and putting in the effort to cultivate them. Appreciating the things you might miss if you’re rushing through life - a new flower bud opening, the way shadows dance, your favorite color in nature. I think it’s slowly building a wardrobe because you’ve taken the time to plan and chose what you’ll use and wear most, rather than jumping on every trend or making, just to make.

If you had to wear one outfit forever, it would be...

This is the hardest question. Ahh! It would obviously be a dress.... and a pair of leggings because those two staples can carry me through an entire year of layered dressing. It would be a pretty shade of blue in maybe a botanical or graphic print. I never get bored of blue, it’s my favorite color.

5 things you can't live without.

My family, sunshine, fresh paints, plants...gimme all the plants and pizza!

Where can other makers' find your work?

You can follow along with me on

Jessica_Waldegar2"Aura Fletchings" print in knit // Maureen Cracknell's Nightfall Collection 

Jessica_Waldegar3"Treasured Kermes" print in rayon // April Rhodes' Heritage Collection 

JW_5"Lunation Bright" print in knit // Maureen Cracknell's Nightfall Collection

JW6 "Floral Universe Turquoise" print in rayon // Maureen Cracknell's Soulful Collection


 Indigo Window Crystal print in voile // April Rhodes' Observer Collection


Since we wanted to thank Jessica and she told us that she LOVES "blue tones and rayon," we're sending her 3 yards of "Meadow Dim" print in rayon from Pat Bravo's collection, "Indie Folk!" :)


Next month, we'll be picking another talented maker and announcing them via our blog/social media. For a chance to be featured, keep posting and sharing your beautiful handmade makes with us using the hashtag #AGFMakerMonday or #artgalleryfabrics.

Good luck and keep creating!


Spring Quilt Market - Kansas City 2019!

Happy Thursday!

We've officially landed and have arrived in Kansas City, MO for Spring Quilt Market! It's definitely a bit cooler here than in Florida, that's for sure. 

Super excited to show off our new collections, and reunite with old friends while we're here. We’ll see you all THIS FRIDAY! Stop by our AGF booth to come say hi and browse all our products. Can’t wait to see you there! If you're not able to attend, make sure to follow along on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see what we're up to. :)


Mystical Land Fabrics - How to make a "Columbian Star" Quilt Block Tutorial


Are you a fabric connoisseur? When did you find out you were hooked and fabric collecting was almost as important as having another project lined up to make before you finished the one you are currently working on?

I don’t recall the day I officially turned into a fabric addict, but since starting my journey working for Art Gallery Fabrics five years ago I never could have believed how quilting and sewing would have become such a major part of my life and overall happiness! Can any of you relate? I couldn’t picture my life without sewing and fabric in it!

Every new fabric collection that comes out at AGF I am like a kid at Christmas! When the first shipment makes it’s way to the AGF headquarters I am the first one jumping up and down ready to run my hands through all the prints!

Mystical Land by Maureen Cracknell was no different! I am totally a big fan of Maureen’s creations! Not only is she a major sweetheart and a lovely person but she is such a talented artist. Her hand-drawn sketches that get turned into her beautiful fabric collections are just out of this world phenomenal.

Today I am excited to share my new video tutorial where I sew up the “Columbian Star” block! There are so many different types of star blocks in quilting but I honestly can’t get enough of them! They are just so gorgeous and what better way to show off Maureen’s new fabric collection.

There is quite a bit of piecing and trimming in this block but the outcome is so lovely! Watch the video below to follow along!


Make to flip through the pages of our NEW FABRIC LOOKBOOK featuring Mystical Land Fabrics for sewing and quilting inspiration! 

Happy Sewing,


NEW Quilting Tutorial - "Rest Easy" Sleeping Bag

Sleeping amongst the stars, campfires surrounded by the people you love, laughing and making memories that will last a lifetime. THAT is what Summer is all about. Which is why we were inspired to create a fun Sleeping Bag tutorial for our next contribution to the WeAllSew Blog! To find the full tutorial head to the WeAllSew blog to create our “Rest Easy” Sleeping Bag!


We sewed up our Sleeping Bag with the brand new prints from Mystical Land fabrics. So whether you are wanting to be one with the great outdoors or you want a fun gift for the kiddos to cuddle in on movie night the “Rest Easy” Sleeping Bag will be the perfect new project to add to your to sew list!

Mystical Land Sleeping Bag 6

Make sure to check out all the other fun project we have on the WeAllSew blog here

Happy Sewing,


5 Eco-Friendly Fabric Projects

Hi, Makers!

People have been a  little more self-aware on the effects we’ve been having on this planet, and you may have realized this movement has been becoming more popular every year. I’ve been personally trying really hard lately to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Some things I’m proud of doing this year is bringing my own tote bags to the grocery store, and eliminating all plastic products from the bathroom. (And let me tell you, finding shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste without plastic packing was quite a challenge!) I still plan on getting better, and I’m inspired every day by the things all the things you create and share with us, online. Working with fabric has made me realize more opportunities with being eco-friendly too, there are so many things you can sew up that can help the environment. Here are a few my favorite projects below that will help you be green and fulfill that sewing craving!


Reusable Snack Bags

Grid-Sandwich-Bags-2Stash your lunch and snacks in a convenient, personalized bag that can be used over and over again, unlike plastic bags that you only use one time.


Fabric Planters

Gathered_Planters_4Plants have a way of bringing life in a room...literally. They improve air quality, so why not add a touch of personality to your home and sew up some fabric planters.

Food Wraps


Reduce waste in your kitchen like clingy plastic wrap, ziplock bags, and aluminum foil with these cute, food wraps that make any meal, extra colorful.

Lunch Bags

Decostitch-&-Icon-Lunchbox-2Ditch the paper and plastic lunch bags, and place your goodies in a stunning lunch bag.


Going to Market Tote


Stop saying yes to plastic bags at the grocery store, when you can walk out in style with this market tote that’s more sturdy and won’t break on you.  


I hope these projects inspire you and if you have other suggestions on how to be a little more environmentally-friendly, let me know in the comments below!


Keep on sewing,





Mystical Land Collection by Maureen Cracknell



We love a fabric collection that tells a story. When you cut and sew with a collection of prints from a specific designer or whether you curate your own group of fabrics to make your new quilting project we love it when the fabrics provoke a feeling and take us to our happy place. 

If you're a fan of our designer Maureen Cracknell and her whimsical prints, well she's done it again and created another collection filled with gorgeous, mystical designs! Featuring unicorns, moons, shooting stars, hummingbirds, and celestial blooms, MYSTICAL LAND transports you to a magical forest that comes to life under the moonlit sky.

If you are looking for romantic designs and strong, bold colors with prints perfect for fussy cutting, flip through our New Fabric LookBook below for loads of creative inspiration!  


This collection comes in 20 quilting cotton prints, yep that's right 20 well as 3 knits and a rayon. 

MysticalLand_Fabric_16 MysticalLand_Fabric_9 MysticalLand_Fabric_19
Check out our "Mystical Land Fabric Lookbook" that's filled ideas of what to sew with these fabrics! 


Here's our lovely "Dawn to Dusk Quilt" for you to enjoy, just click the below link for the FREE pattern:

Download Quilt Pattern


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