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#AGFMakerMonday - May Feature!
Sharon Holland's Latest Collection - Everlasting!

From Bargello to Irish Chain

Hello my friends!

How about mixing and matching traditional techniques with the dreamy and mythological fabrics from Mystical Land?! Today, we will be using 2 1/2" strips to create an Irish Chain look using the Bargello technique.

The featured fabrics are Magical Fauna Mystique (Fabric A), Secret Seeds Whisper (Fabric B), Secret Seeds Solar (Fabric C), Enchanted Flora Ablush (Fabric D), and Snow (Fabric E).

To make this 20" x 20" block you will need 1/6 of a yard of each fabric.



Cut width of fabric x 2 1/2" strips from each fabric, then join the strips into a strip set: E-D-C-B-A

Join the unsewn edge from fabric A to the unsewn edge from fabric E creating a fabric tube. 


Bargello Technique

Subdivide the fabric tube in 2 1/2" tube strips, and do the following:

For strip 1, rip the seam between fabrics A and B

For strip 2, rip the seam between fabrics B and C

For strip 3, rip the seam between fabrics C and D

For strip 4, rip the seam between fabrics D and E

For strip 5, rip the seam between fabrics E and A


Each block will be composed of two equal rows: 2 x (1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1)


Join both rows making sure fabric A meets in the center of the block, and enjoy your Irish Chain looking block using the Bargello technique <3.


Each block will have a finished size of 20" x 20" so to make an amazing 80" x 80" quilt top, all you have to do is make the block sixteen (16) times and join them into four (4) rows of four (4). You would need 1 3/8 yard of each fabric.


Who would you make this mystical quilt for?

Happy Irish Chain making :)