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The Magic of Quilting- How to Make a "Domino and Star" Quilt Block featuring Lugu Fabrics


Hello Makers,

Whooo is ready for another quilt block tutorial?! Me me me! I am especially excited about this new block tutorial because I got to sew with Jessica Swift’s new fabric collection called Lugu. All the prints in this collection are gorgeous, ranging from magical moons, moths, festive deer and florals and my favorite which I think is the star of the collection the Sova owl print! It comes in two great colors ways.


I fussy cut Mr. Owl to be in the center of my “ Domino and Star” Block, a fun, beginner-friendly block that is pretty easy to whip up. This playful, whimsical collection would be perfect for nursery/children's room decor or for those who just want to add a bit of quirkiness and eccentric style to any room you're trying to fill.

Give my video a view below and make sure to leave me a comment! Also, make sure to check out all the other block tutorials in our AGF Quilt Block Collection Playlist!


To end my blog post for today I wanted to share a personal quilting story with you.

I had the privilege to sew up the Free Quilt Pattern for the Lugu Lookbook called Owl’s Tale. Not only did the beautiful colors in this collection bring me joy but the delightful, carefree illustrations brought my mind into a magical place. I started this quilt two days before I got the call that my Dad wasn’t doing well and was being brought to the hospital and that I should fly home to Minnesota immediately. My Dad was diagnosed with stage four Pancreatic cancer four and a half weeks prior to this. With my heart in my throat, I packed a quick bag and made sure to pack my Lugu fabrics. That same day I got to Minnesota and was able to talk to my Dad for the last time. The very next morning he passed away. We didn’t think that this was going to be the end but it was. That same day we came home from the hospital after his passing I went straight to my Mom’s basement where the sewing machine resides. Shocked and filled with about every single emotion you can think of I start to sew this quilt. I sewed for hours and hours, with tears running down my face. The only thing holding me together was the sewing machine and the fabric running through my hands. Sewing brings me so much joy and even in the time of just about the worst heartbreak you can endure sewing was the only thing could console me.  

Me and Lugu Block

Here I am my last night in Minnesota holding up one of the blocks of the quilt. This quilt and fabric collection will always remind me of my Dad. I can’t thank Jessica Swift enough for making such inspiring fabrics and I am beyond thankful for the art of sewing, this creative outlet has saved me in so many ways.  To see the finished quilt make sure to check out our new Fabric Lookbook!

Lugu Quilt

I know many of you have stories to share both sad and happy and everything in between. I would love to hear them if you are willing to tell. I just felt like my story needed to be told because even as devastating as my experience was I know everyone has or will go through something like this in their life. Sewing/ quilting is more than just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle, it feeds your soul and changes you in ways you wouldn't have expected. I will leave you all with this find out what makes you happy and do it every day, love with all your heart and have no regrets. It’s how my Dad lived and it’s how I plan to live the rest of mine.

Happy Sewing,