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The Lone Star

Hello my Dear Makers,

Don't you love to mix traditional quilting techniques with fun prints? Today we will be learning step by step how to make a Lone Star mini-quilt using the mystical fabrics of the Lugu collection.

If you love the Lone Star like me and would like to challenge yourself in a bigger project, I invite you to take a look at the Stardust quilt, or check out the Buho quilt for a twist on the technique.

The fabrics featured are Efflorescent Opulent (Fabric A), Sova Nightlight (Fabric B), Odyssey Dewdrop (Fabric C), Tumeric (Fabric D), Tile Blue (Fabric E), Endless Paradise (Fabric F).



You will need two (2) WOF x 2 1/2" strips from fabrics A and B, one (1) WOF x 2 1/2" strip from fabrics C and E, three (3) WOF x 2 1/2" strips from fabric D, and eight (8) 9 5/8" x 9 5/8" squares from fabric F. *WOF (Width of Fabric)

Join the strips into strip sets: strip set 1 (D - E - A),  strip set 2 (A - B - D), and strip set 3 (B - D - C).

Cut all the squares from fabric F in half diagonally into half square triangles.


Sub-cut each strip set into 2 1/2" strips on a 45 degree angle, using the 45 degree guide from your quilting ruler. You should get eight (8) from each strip set.

To start creating your block arrange the resulting strips in order. 


Take the half square triangles from fabric F and align them to the strips following the image, then join the pieces.

Each block is 1/8 of the Lone Star.


Once you have your eight (8) blocks ready, pair them and join them to get (4) quarters. Then pair the quarters to get two (2) halves.

I love this technique to piece concentric projects because it guarantees a flat center.


Join the halves and trim the excess from fabric F to square your mini-quilt. The final size is 29" x 29", ideal for a wall-art, or like my little nephew suggested, a nap time blankie ;).


Now the final touch ... the quilting!! How would you quilt a Lone Star? Would you do something simple like horizontal lines, or maybe follow the lines of the star... would you do it by hand?

Let me know, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Lone Star making!

- Laucara