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"Spring Garden" Inspired Fabric


Spring Garden BLOG

Happy Spring, makers!


Who’s ready for some spring sewing?! I'm sure everyone is ready for a break from this (what seems to be) a very long winter! Although, many people up north of the United States are still getting makes me a little more grateful for the heat we have down here in Florida. If you don’t know already, my favorite color is green and for this spring I really wanted to stay away from typical pastel colors that are common for the season! I selected some of my favorite prints that represent a lushes spring garden, and some inspirational projects to go along with them.


Group 1This print is called “Gitan Paradis Foliage” from Indie Boheme fabric collection, and its bright floral print and style are perfect for any boho decor. Make lovely fabric napkins, to add on your dining table this spring.


Group 2The “Liten Ditsy Feild” print has one of my favorite shades of green, it reminds me of a soft jade color and it will match perfectly to a lot other pastel spring colors like yellow, blue, and light gray. The table runner on the right, I thought would have been great to pair all 4 of the fabrics featured in this blog and replace within each cross of the pattern to make delightful table piece.


Group 3Did you know AGF carries an all organic fabric collection? It’s called “Hello, Ollie” and the print above “Feathered Fellow Luck” is apart of it. Make the print shine with a simple sewing project like this pouch! This is a lovely collection to sew with for the spring because it’s filled with rich spring color, and it simply reminds me of an open field and the birds chirping from afar.


Group 4Is it really spring without a dress? Time to put down those winter coats and whip up a lovely dress with the print “In the Thicket Dawn!” Bunnies and florals? I can’t think of anything more in season than this!

I hope you enjoyed this fun group of fabrics and if you have made anything with these prints before, make sure to tag us on social media using the hashtag #artgalleryfabrics!


‘Till next time,