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Quilting Knits

Hello, my creative friends!

Don’t you love to wear soft and comfortable knits? Well, how about quilting with them? I know it sounds challenging, but this is why I asked Lena, our beautiful teacher, to show us the basic steps of quilting knits.

Here are the fabric prints featured: Furries Cool, Etchings Nectar, and Line Markings from the magical Pine Lullaby collection.




Lena started by choosing her two favorite prints from the collection, and since the fabric is 58” to 60” wide, she just cut 52” in length from each one to make a 58” x 50” quilt.

Then she made a fabric sandwich placing cotton batting in the center, and securing it with many safety pins.




She installed the walking foot before threading the machine; the walking foot is a very important tool for quilting especially for knits, because it helps feed the fabric on the top at the same time as the dog feet in the bottom, thus avoiding unwanted fabric gathering.


Something to Remember


Lena made sure to guide the fabric while feeding it through the machine, and keeping in mind not to pull it against or towards her.




Once the quilt was ready and trimmed, it was time to bind, so to ease the cutting and sewing process of the binding, the fabric was stabilized with fusible interfacing.


Smile and Be Proud


After choosing her favorite prints and quilting her own blanket, she is very happy with the results! 

Now it's your turn, give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Enjoy discovering,