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Jessica Swift's Collection: LUGU

Hi Makers,

I'm super excited to share with you our designer Jessica Swift's latest collection, LUGU!


If you're not familiar with her designs, she often features lots of playful, folkloric and whimsy designs mixed with strong storytelling. Her collections definitely evoke a sense of nostalgia and childhood wonder that make them perfect for kids or adults that are young at heart! I especially love this collection because of the cute, little owls in it with their big eyes! They're one of my favorite birds and I love that they also represent "wisdom." :)

This time around with LUGU, she decided to turn to Lithuanian folk art images and created a magical woodland theme. In her hand-drawn prints, she creates an enchanted forest that comes to life from dusk to dawn that’s filled with playful owls, fluttering moths, magical moons, and crown-wearing deer.

Lugu Fabric Bundle 5

I love the options for blenders that come in this collection with the prints "Teskstil Emberglow, Konstelacija Maagia, Tekstiil Solarflame, and Konstelacija Valge."


For more about these fabrics and what you can sew with them, head over to our "Lugu Fabric Lookbook." Also, make sure to check out the interview I did with Jessica as well in the lookbook. It goes more into depth about her inspiration! 



Here's our "Owl's Tale Quilt" for you to sew up, just click the below link for the FREE pattern:

Download Quilt Pattern

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