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"Handmade Getaway" Giveaway!

"When there's not enough time for making, sometimes you just need to get away. Handmade getaways are a rare chance to sew from morning to night, to eat delicious things, and to take care of our friends. There is nothing else quite like it."


If you're looking for a new book that's filled with projects and TONS of inspiration, you should definitely check out Handmade Getaway! This book was brought to life by the talented  Jacqueline Sava Clarke (who I had the pleasure of meeting at last year's Spring Market in Portland!) and Karyn Valino who have been "getting away" together with their friends, sewing projects, scrumptious food, cute dogs and a camera for over seven years. They decided to put these "getaways" into a book and filled the pages with 14 individual and  7 group projects, planning tools, tips, and of course..a lot of gorgeous imagery for their adventures to inspire you. I think my favorite might be the "Cyanotype Printing" technique and the ideas they show of how to create things with it. I want to make some tea towels for gifts using that technique! 

IMG_20190129_154905 Book1 IMG_20190129_154954
Whether you're a beginner sewist or an advanced maker, and if your preference for a "getaway" is the woods or just your sewing room, there's something for every level and interest in this book that will help you focus on your strength and passion!


Congratulations to Melissa Brockway! Please check your email. 




5 DIY Fitness Accessories

5 diy fitness

Is anyone trying to change themselves for the better this year? I know a lot of people love to say “new year, new me,” but at least for me when a new year begins it does feel like a fresh start. Sometimes, we all need a blank page to spark up some creativity! In November, I decided to start my fitness journey (probably not the best month to start with the holidays, haha), trying to cut out all the bad food I'm so used to eating and start gaining healthy habits. Now that it’s January, I’ve decided to take on more than just the food that I eat, but EXERCISE. I know, the word that everyone runs away from. But fear not, I have some fun sewing projects that you can do that will bring you one step closer to your health journey!

  1. Gym Bag: If you are starting to go to the gym, this is the project for you so you can carry all your work out essentials. It’s not the size of a regular duffle bag, it’s more compact just enough to hold those extra clothes, a water bottle, and a towel!
  2. Headband: Nothing is worse than working out and having your hair sticking to your face! These super cute headbands are definitely a-must!
  3. Floor Mat: Maybe the gym is not your thing, and you like to work out at home. This floor mat is the project for you, using the green from Esoterra fabric collection to start off your workout on some good, earthy vibes.
  4. Water Bottle Holder: I find this project best for runners because you can make this bag, put it over your shoulder, and run hands-free! Using the canvas fabric from Sun Kissed, it will last you forever and handle daily usage with its durable cotton.
  5. Yoga Mat Carrier: This has to be my favorite project, one of the reasons being that the print from Lagom collection is lovely, black and white floral is a great balance between neutral and feminine! Lastly, its multi-use, use for your yoga mat, store your water bottle, and it has a little pocket for any extra small things you would like to carry like car keys or your cell phone.

I hope these projects excite you to start a new fitness journey this year. If you have any fitness accessories you’d like to see made, leave them in the comments below! As always, if you make any of our projects, tag us on social media with the hashtag #artgalleryfabrics, I’d love to see it.


Happy Sewing (and working out!),


"Pixel Pieces" Quilt Block Tutorial



Hello Makers,

Happy 2019 Everyone! Here at AGF we are feeling all the happy vibes the month January brings with a fresh start and determination to start or continue our new year goals! We are excited to begin another great season sharing our brand new fabric collections and makes to help bring inspiration to this wonderful new year.

Today I want to put a spotlight on Katarina’s new fabric collection called Grid. I am dancing with delight over here with her use of jewel tone colors and texture. This modern, edgy collection was so exciting to sew with. I decided to sew up a blocky, modern, geometric type quilt block to celebrate the unique artistic style Grid radiates.  

Let me introduce you to the “Pixel Pieces” block and join me by watching the step by step video below.

I can’t wait to see all of you makers get your hands on some Grid fabrics and see all the things you create. Wishing you all a creative, happy, and healthy 2019!


Happy Sewing,


A Squared Approach: Grid Fabric Collection

I remember walking into my "Sacred Geometry" class in art school and being so confused by everything our teacher was explaining for the first, few weeks. The class involved a lot of math and applying it to creating art, and well, math and I aren't the best of friends, haha! It wasn't until a few weeks when he started breaking down how artists during the Renaissance period used a special grid to create their paintings that I suddenly become super intrigued and wanted to know more and more! The special grid was called "The Golden Ratio" or also known as "The Divine Proportion" and was used by some of the greats like Leonardo Da Vinci. From that moment on, I've never look at a painting from that time period the same way and feel super grateful for learning that secret! I often use it in my own approach to design. 

Fast forward to modern day where we still use grids to not only create paintings, but also use them in almost everything from using them as guides in Photoshop for graphic design, on our phones to take a that perfectly symmetrical picture, and even to design that perfect quilt block. Grids are also used in architecture, city planning (NYC is all on a grid!), and can even be found in nature. Our designer Katarina Roccella was inspired by this whole idea and decided to make it her main focus for her PhD thesis in art. After spending time researching and becoming more inspired, she decided this whole idea had to be turned into a fabrics which is now our latest collection, GRID

GRID Grid_Fabric_1

For more elegant-inspired projects that include quilt, garment and home decor patterns, head over to our "Grid Fabric Lookbook!"



Here's our  "Megapixel Quilt" for you to to make! Just click the below link for the FREE pattern:

Download Quilt Pattern

Grid Nina's Free Quilt 4

Enter a chance to win this fabulous, fabric bundle by signing up to our giveaway.


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6 Projects to Stay Organized


2019 is the year to finally start organizing all the mess that was left behind in 2018! Maybe one of your priorities this year is to start fresh with a clean sewing room, bedroom, or in my case, desk space. At least for me, it hard to concentrate when everything is all over the place and not in their “right home,” and nothing is more satisfying than knowing where everything is and having it all in order. In case, you’re ready to begin revamping and reorganizing your space for this year, here’s some projects that are on my sew list this month that can get you started on your organization journey!


  1. Rope Bowls: These fabric bowls with handles make them perfect to transfer from room to room. Add your fabric scraps, quilts, or anything that needs to always need to be moved around the house and into its own little home.
  2. Mail Organizer: I love this project because most people usually have their mail on one basket or just tossed on a table or counter, and this is the perfect way to have your mail all in one place. It has pockets to make sure each envelope can be prioritized and a section to separate mail that you’ve already opened.
  3. Sewing Clutch: Small sewing notions just tend to get lost in the mix all the time, but with this sewing clutch, you can have everything in one place. This is also perfect for traveling, and can be used for more than your sewing can keep your toiletries in it too!
  4. Binder Cover: Winter break is over and it’s time for all the kids to go back to school. I remember when I went to school, the first thing that would get damaged was my binder. This cover would make sure the corners won’t get ripped, and you can keep your important notes/pens in the front!
  5. Quilted Journal: These journal covers are great to sort out all your journals or even use them to cover any books you want to preserve. I especially love this from a design aspect if you just want to stop staring at mismatched book covers on the book shelf, this is a fun way to add color or cohesive prints to your book covers. Great for a nursery book shelf too! This is an easy project to get beginner sewists of any age comfortable with machine quilting too!
  6. Triangle bag: Don’t just sew any old pouch! Keep your things from rolling out of your bag with this triangle purse that's stylish and can stand on its own on any surface.


Hope these projects can help you start your new year on the right foot! If you have any tips on organizing your space, please leave them in the comments below, I would love to read them!


Happy Sewing,





Introducing Our Newest AGF Designer: Alexandra Bordallo

Hi Makers, 

Hope you're all enjoying 2019, so far!

This year, we're planning BIG things here at AGF and super excited to share all of them with you, these next couple months! With that, I'd like to announce that our AGF family is getting a little bigger and I'd like to introduce you to our newest designer - Alexandra Bordallo! Currently residing with her husband and young son in Spain, Alexandra's whimsical style caught our eye, and we just knew she had to be part of our talented team.

Here's a little interview I did with her, so you can get to know her a little better and hear about her background!


1. Can you describe your creative path and what brings you to where you are today?

As a kid, I enjoyed making woven bracelets with my friends and I took painting and piano classes. When I was age 15, I bought my first sewing machine. I’m always trying to challenge myself to learn new sewing and quilting skills. I also have a knitting, crochet and embroidery obsession which also are my favorite fall and winter activities.

Being a mom has changed my perspective in every way. When my son was born, I wanted to spend all my time with him. I was working part time as a social worker and selling my sewing creations on my Etsy shop. I built my sewing brand and was sharing my creations on my Instagram account, just for fun. My love for sewing and fabrics are the reason why I started to learn how to draw and design repeating patterns. In September 2015, I took my first surface design course. I've been learning so much by following Bonnie Christine’s Skillshare classes! She’s an amazing teacher and her advice encouraged me to follow my dream. I started drawing and designing repeat patterns all the time.

I focused all my energies into only one industry and started calling myself a fabric designer. I keep learning and practicing. I often work late nights just to finish a repeating pattern or draw some new sketches for future designs. After five years of hard work with a few ups and downs, my dream finally came true and I can't wait to sew with my own fabrics soon.

2. Describe your design style.

It’s a tough question. I think my work is constantly evolving and I like to experiment with new drawing techniques and materials. My style often includes hand drawn inky lines, naïve motifs, quirky sketches inspired by nature and everyday objects.

3. How do you find inspiration and organize it?

Inspiration comes from people around us, feelings and experiences. I love being outside in nature with my family, reading books with my son, listening to music and taking photos as future inspiration. I start with an idea or object to draw as reference. When I do not know what to draw, I often draw flowers and from there everything begins to flow again. All my designs start with hand drawing in my sketchbook. When I have a bunch of sketches I am happy with, I scan them and start coloring in Adobe Illustrator, building the repeating pattern. I can spend hours recoloring a design. Color is everything!

4. When you're about to sit down and begin designing, do you have a certain ritual you have to do in order to begin your creative process?

I need to wear comfortable clothes, a pair of leggings and a big t-shirt. I have some nail polish on my desk and I often find myself painting my nails when I feel overwhelmed. Recently, I decided to draw directly with ink pen into my sketchbook to avoid my stupid perfectionism voice and just draw without thinking too much.

5. My spirit animal is....

A dragonfly!

6. Five things you can't live without....

My son, water, music, my sewing machine, son :)

7. Do you have any goals lined up for 2019?

Last summer, I released my first sewing pattern, the #2in1summerbag and I’m writing new patterns to release with my first fabric collection. I also would love to learn how to sew garments for myself!


Please make sure to give Alexandra a warm welcome and stay tuned for more to come!

Keep creating,

- Sophia