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6 Projects to Stay Organized


2019 is the year to finally start organizing all the mess that was left behind in 2018! Maybe one of your priorities this year is to start fresh with a clean sewing room, bedroom, or in my case, desk space. At least for me, it hard to concentrate when everything is all over the place and not in their “right home,” and nothing is more satisfying than knowing where everything is and having it all in order. In case, you’re ready to begin revamping and reorganizing your space for this year, here’s some projects that are on my sew list this month that can get you started on your organization journey!


  1. Rope Bowls: These fabric bowls with handles make them perfect to transfer from room to room. Add your fabric scraps, quilts, or anything that needs to always need to be moved around the house and into its own little home.
  2. Mail Organizer: I love this project because most people usually have their mail on one basket or just tossed on a table or counter, and this is the perfect way to have your mail all in one place. It has pockets to make sure each envelope can be prioritized and a section to separate mail that you’ve already opened.
  3. Sewing Clutch: Small sewing notions just tend to get lost in the mix all the time, but with this sewing clutch, you can have everything in one place. This is also perfect for traveling, and can be used for more than your sewing can keep your toiletries in it too!
  4. Binder Cover: Winter break is over and it’s time for all the kids to go back to school. I remember when I went to school, the first thing that would get damaged was my binder. This cover would make sure the corners won’t get ripped, and you can keep your important notes/pens in the front!
  5. Quilted Journal: These journal covers are great to sort out all your journals or even use them to cover any books you want to preserve. I especially love this from a design aspect if you just want to stop staring at mismatched book covers on the book shelf, this is a fun way to add color or cohesive prints to your book covers. Great for a nursery book shelf too! This is an easy project to get beginner sewists of any age comfortable with machine quilting too!
  6. Triangle bag: Don’t just sew any old pouch! Keep your things from rolling out of your bag with this triangle purse that's stylish and can stand on its own on any surface.


Hope these projects can help you start your new year on the right foot! If you have any tips on organizing your space, please leave them in the comments below, I would love to read them!


Happy Sewing,