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Top 5 DIY Festive Pillows

Festive pillows

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is get together with my family, and spend a day decorating the house while listening to Christmas music. We always split the tasks within our household. My mom always decorates the tree, my dad puts up the Christmas lights outside, and I”m always in charge of decorating the inside of the house. ‘Till this day, I love making my home feel all cozy with our festive table runners, fancy dinner plates, and filling the house with vanilla cinnamon spiced candles! Yum! Of course, we couldn’t forget the pillows to add for that special touch, and to cuddle with after eating a big meal! If you love decorating your home, here’s my favorite festive pillows (all with patterns) that you can create. They also make cute gifts for the holidays too!

  1. White Winter Pillow: Using our Sparkler Fusion fabrics, we’ve created this neutral colored picture perfect for the winter months. Finished size: 20'' x 20''
  2. Bias Weave Pillow: Using Katarina Rocella’s Blithe fabric collection, Nicole Young created this oversized pillow to showcase the fabric but small enough to tackle instead of a starting a quilt. Finished size: 26'' x 23''
  3. Let it Snow Pillow: One year, we created this pillow for Bernina, also using Blithe fabrics, that was super duper fun to make and to display in your home! Finished size: 20'' x 20''
  4. Wooly & Friends Pillow: With the cool tones of Lambkin fabric collection by Bonnie Christine, this pillow stands out with it’s triangle shape and its very cozy creature, “Sir. Wooly!” Finished size: 14''x 14''
  5. Enchanted Forest Pillow: Last but not least, we have this fun pointed pillows that can be put at any corner of a room! Also, easy to make with the included template. Finished size: 4’’x 6’’, 5 ¼'' x 8½'', 6'' x 10½''


Wishing everyone a lovely holiday season,