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Quilt Block Tutorial- How to Make a "Arrow Point's Block"

Hello Fabric Friends,

As makers we create because we need to in order to survive. It’s our outlet where we can roam free and make something from raw materials into something that didn’t exist the day before. We create for necessity because handmade items are important to us. We create to bring beauty into the world and we love sharing our work and a little piece of our hearts with everyone. Which brings me to the release of our New Fusion collection called Art District because it celebrates us as makers, creating our own masterpieces to bring light into our lives and others.

I am excited to share a new block tutorial I added to the AGF Quilt Block Collection called the “Arrow Points” Block! Movement is very important when it comes to putting together a quilt so am am super stoked with the way this block came out.



My two favorite prints are the “Cat Nap District” print because well I am a total cat lady and the “City Sounds District” print because it showcases so many amazing places around the world that I hope to travel to in my life time.

Come sew with me by watching the step by step video below. Let me know what you think of the block!


Happy Sewing,