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My Photo Stash - Mini Quilt (Magnificent Sunset)

Hello everyone!

I am really excited to be back, I am typing exactly as I'm speaking because I cannot control the excitement.

Last time I wrote here, I shared with you my new source of inspiration. If you want to read that story again, or if you haven't read it please CLICK HERE.

I took all those beautiful fabrics in bright colours and I started playing around to create a mini quilt for the wall.

Here are the fabrics because: VIBRANT!


I confess I did a bit of pre-design on the computer, but actually when I started placing things in real life I liked it even more. Here is a photo I took with my phone while I was placing pieces around:


Quilting police: please don't come after me, I am just a girl standing in front of some beautiful fabric with extreme happiness to create the things I see in my mind. Having said that here is a close up of my baby:

I decided to knot it instead of quilting it because I was sewing at home and Lolita Jazz, my sister's cat (also my goddaughter), lives by the machine. This way I could do it in my room. I also love knotted quilts, they have this nostalgia and calm-process feeling. I would be happy making knots all day, drinking tea by the fire because I like corny. I'm looking for corny in my life (this is a reference to the movie The Holiday).

Here is the final project:


I wouldn't normally gravitate toward these colours. I stick to primary red, jet black and crisp white, but I had to do it. That photo (also framed on the table) and its tones inspired me SO MUCH. 

Because of that, I am doing a giveaway of the Pure Elements I used here, hoping it will also inspire many of you to create.

To enter, please leave a comment below telling me about a photo that moves you and the kind of project it will inspire you to make. I will choose my favourite before the year ends and then contact the winner so that she/he will get new fabric for the NEW YEAR!

I wish all of you the happiest times during the holidays, may you share many laughs and enjoy time together with your loved ones. We don't need as many gifts as we are made to believe, but we do need present moments (without phones). If we are going to have gifts may they be intentional and made with love.

As always: ROCK N' SEW!



The stories I chose are from: Rosemary Bolton & Pat Anderson

Thanks to everyone for sharing, may we share & create more this 2019