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Sewing and Music- How to Make a "Road to Vienna" Quilt Block Tutorial

Hello Fabric Friends,

Who listens to music when they sew? Depending on the day or the mood I want to be in I flip through my Pandora stations usually stopping on a station that will put me in a good sewing mood. Some days it energetic dance music, and other times its soft classical or  soothing jazz.

Whether you are bobbing your head back and forth to some groovy 70s music or shaking your hips to some salsa music, music is always there to motivate us, relax us, and overall bring us to our happy place! Today I want to introduce you to Amy Sinibali’s new fabric collection Sonata, which is inspired by Beethoven's concertos and symphonies. If you haven’t checked out the pages of the Sonata Fabric Project Catalog I highly encourage you to to flip through the pages to possibly find your next sewing project or to jump start you on your next creative process.


Today I want to share with you the “Road to Vienna” Block which I sewed up with some of the gems from Sonata fabrics. I wanted to show off the cute “Window Sill” print because well, we all know I am a fussy cutting addict! Join me below and watch the step by step video! Enjoy the view below.




Got a block you want me to make? Leave me comment under the video.


What are your fave prints from Sonata Fabrics? Comment below and let me know what you would make!

Happy Sewing,