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Striped Stairway

Hello my creative friends!

Putting fabrics together to combine prints with different scale, color, and contrast is my favorite thing to do, and discovering the quilting magic of strip piecing is my second one! Inspired by the nostalgic designs of the Trinkets collection, I will be taking you on a piecing trip to make a 24" x 18" rug using the Striped Stairway technique; a fun technique that starts with a diagonal trim, and ends by piecing rearranged strips.

The featured fabrics are: Flowered Engrams Trinkets (Fabric A), Infused Hydrangea (Fabric B), Flower Stamp Trinkets (Fabric C), Gran Piano Trinkets (Fabric D) and Vintage Florets Trinkets (Fabric E).


You will need, one (1) WOF (width of fabric) x 12" rectangle from fabrics A and B, one (1) WOF x 2" strip from fabrics C and E, and one (1) WOF x 4" strip from fabric D. 


1. Cut Diagonally:

Cut the rectangles from fabric A and B in the same direction.



2. Arrange and join your pieces:

Take the top piece from fabric A, the bottom piece from fabric B, and place the strips from fabrics C, D, and E in the middle. Then join, press and trim.


3. The magic step ...

 Cut your block into 1 1/2" vertical strips, then reverse arrange the strips to get the stairway effect: 



4. Join:

Join the strips at 1/4". 


I always love the end result of this method, specially if there is a striped print in the center because it really accentuates the stairway effect. Did you enjoy this method? What would you do with the left over triangles from fabric A and B ;) ?

Happy piecing!