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Quilty Beret Tutorial

Hello my creative friends!

Have you ever had quilted left-over pieces that are not big enough for a pillow, but not small enough to throw away? Well, take all those pieces out because today we'll be using them to make a beret. I got the idea because I love the delicate designs and cozy tones of the "Little Clementine" collection, and also my little Carlota loves to dress up and wear all kinds of accessories, so I figured this would be the perfect match.


To start, you need two quilted pieces that are big enough to cut a circle with a diameter of 11". In this case, I only had the top piece ready, so I improvised the second one for the bottom part.

Once both pieces are ready, make a template or draw with fabric pen a 11" circle on each one and cut.

Then, take only the circle for the bottom piece and draw an off centered  5 1/2" circle to mark and cut the opening of the beret.


Place the top and bottom pieces face to face and join them by the outer edge. Use binding the clean the raw edges. If you prefer you can also clean the opening of the beret by folding the raw edge twice towards the inside and edge-stitching it.

Finally, wrap it and gift it to your favorite princess!


Just so you know, I wore it too and it looks great, there is no need to make it bigger for an adult.  


And yes, our puppy Kobi also wanted to be in the picture, so he got a beautiful Little Clementine scarf but I'm not sure how happy Carlota is with the fact that he is stealing her spotlight , haha! 

Happy beret making,