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Hello my creative friends!

Handmade gifts are special because they represent all the thinking, effort, and time that you dedicated to let someone you love know how much you care. We want to give them something that they will love and use.  In this tutorial we will be making a phone pouch using quilted fabrics and binding. This is a fun and creative project to meet our gifting needs. You can also make this into a laptop or tablet pouch. Simply change the measurements of your pieces and you will get the same result. What a better choice than the vibrant colors and bold prints from the Virtuosa collection! The main fabric is Theatre Resonance Iris, the lining fabric (or in this case the backing) is Episodic Blooms Aqua, and the binding fabric is Harmonious Act Dolce.




You will need two (2) quilted pieces 2" greater than the length and the width of the phone, and a zipper that measures the same width or longer.


Start by attaching the zipper to the long edges of the quilted pieces, face to face with the right sides. If your zipper is longer, align it on one side so later you can trim the left over on the other side.

This is how it should look on the wrong side:


This is how it should look on the right side: 


Bind the sides where you attached the zipper. Then, do an edge stitch folding the binded flap away from the zipper teeth.


 Sew along the sides and the bottom of the pouch to close it making sure the zipper is open. Trim the excess fabric and zipper if necessary.

Finish by binding the edges to clean the inside of the pouch.


Finally, turn it to the right side and enjoy!


Don't you think this would be a great gift? Let me know how it goes!

Happy Sewing,