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Color Master Designer's Palette - Get to Know our AGF Designer's

 Hello Fabric Friends,

 So the secret is out! AGF is now offering CURATED FABRIC BUNDLES! We just introduced our AGF Bundle Up Edition and if you missed out on that you can read all out it here!

 The fun is not stopping and today I want to share with you our Color Master Designer Palette, new curated groups that celebrate each of our AGF Designers’ signature style! The very best of each designer’s fabrics are grouped together to create the perfect bundle for all your sewing needs.

 Got a favorite AGF Designer?  If you are a avid fabric collector of certain AGF Designers (or all of them :)) this is a great way to collect your favorite prints from their various fabric collections! It’s also a great way to get to know a designer because it's basically a amazing sample or preview of who they are as fabric designers.

Ready to see all these amazing groups? Sit back and get ready to say ooooo and awe like five million times! Enjoy all the bundles below!

Our NEW “Designer’s Palette”  come in 12 different bundles, choose from a Fat Quarter Bundle or Half Yard Bundle! Available in two wonderful presentations; choose your fave,

our signature AGF box which is perfect for gift giving or for organizing your sewing space  or it also comes presented in a beautiful paper wrap. 


            Pat Bravo



Pat is definitely my go to designer when I want to create a project with a bit of bohemian flair. Incorporating  her famous floral designs and use of color will give your next sewing project the perfect touch of romance and eclectic design.

Mathew Boudreaux



Mathew is the newest edition to our designer crew and has brought so much laughter and love to the team.  His debut collection called Loved to Pieces has definitely been a big hit and we couldn’t be more happier for him! We have collected the best selling prints from his collection making sure to offer an even amount of lights and darks, and scale for optimal quilt making.


Bari J.


Bari J is known for her painterly florals and maximalist style! I love how her dramatic yet melodic designs come together to create  sophisticated, expressive, fabric collections. You will find a lovely combination of artistic florals infused with the right amount of geometrics and blenders.


Amy Sinibaldi


Amy stays young at heart with her charming, delicate, and youthful collections. In her palette you will find sweet florals, soft shades of pink and blues, and cute heartwarming designs. She is always a go to designer for me when I want to create something feminine and elegant. I also love using her collections for baby quilts and apparel! 


Katarina Roccella


If you are looking for jaw dropping, edgy prints and  blenders that act as solids but add the right amount of texture and movement. Then I highly encourage you to check out Katarina’s bundle! All of her collections carry a sense of exotic elegance and dreamy feels!

Bonnie Christine


Bonnie is your gal when you are looking for a sweet, earthy color palette with delicate designs dedicated to her love for nature.  Dedicated to finding joy in the simplest things Bonnie reminds us to slow down and enjoy every minute of the creating and sewing processes. 

Sharon Holland


Sharon is a designer of many talents who is inspired by the world around her capturing photographs and translating these images into her paintings and hand drawings she turns them into the most powerful fabric collections. When I sew with her fabrics I know that every prints has a special meaning behind it and a lot of thought and love went into to every element. Her collections posses a modern vintage vibe that we just can't get enough of!

Maureen Cracknell


Maureen’s hand drawn sketches come to life with the different shades of magical blues and pops of pretty pinks. I love how she plays with nature elements while staying  true to her boho style and always adding a hint of playfulness amongst her prints.

Dana Willard


Three words that come to mind when sewing with Dana’s Willards fabric is festive, colorful, and simplistic. If you like bright, happy colors and adorable  novelty prints her collections will fit nicely into your fabric sash.


April Rhodes


If you love everything Southwestern April Rhodes is the designer for you! Her bundle is  full of warm earthy tones and sky blues to create the most visually relaxing quilts and home decor. A lover of macrame, yarn crafts, and discovering patterns in objects both handmade and naturally occurring you can definitely see her passions of her crafts displayed throughout her collections.

Caroline Hulse


Caroline has been known for her cheerful and playful collections. Expect to see fun geometrics, bold brush strokes, and vibrant color! Her bundle is a easy way to add some excitement to your quilt and quilty projects.


Jessica Swift


Jessica has been such an amazing edition to our wonderful group of designers. She has created two uniquely different collections for us, one taking us on a journey through Eastern Europe with her quirky folk motifs and another about her childhood dream of becoming a mermaid! I love how her collections tell a story and sewing with her  fabrics opens your imagination to creating things with a fun, colorful mindset.


Watch Video Below to learn more about our designers! 


I am so excited to get sewing with each one of these bundles and after going through all of them it is WAY too hard to choose a favorite. They are all my favorite in different ways! I can’t wait to see what you all sew with them and which ones you gravitate  to and why! To shop all these bundles click here


Happy Sewing,


Whimsy Nostalgia: Little Clementine Fabric Collection

Is there a certain children's book that you absolutely loved as a kid?!

When I was a little girl, my mother or grandmother would lay in bed next to me with a book, and would read to me before I fell asleep, each night. As they read to me, I would let my imagination come to life, pretending that I was making friends with animals or mystical creatures in the story, and going on adventures to far off lands! Depending on the character in the book, my grandmother would change the tone of her voice as she read aloud, which made it even more entertaining and silly. Some of my favorite books were "Where the Wild Things Are," "Goodnight Moon" and the nursery rhyme, "Wynken, Blynken and Nod." I still have all of these children's' books, and take them out from time to time when I'm feeling nostalgic! :)


With that super nostalgic, imaginative feeling in mind, I'm SUPER EXCITED to introduce you all to what we've been working on at AGF Studio. Our latest collection "LITTLE CLEMENTINE!" Inspired by stories coming to life, this story for our collection is  about "Little Clementine," a little girl with a big imagination who enjoys reading books and befriending forest creatures like bears and rabbits. Adorned with enchanted forests, cute houses, ditsy florals and novelty prints like "cardigans" and "cozy scarves," these fabrics are filled with soft, autumnal tones that make these fabrics, extra cozy! This collection honestly is one of my favorites! I love the story, the soft colors and the cute characters in it! I can picture so many different ways to use these darling fabrics with fussy cutting, baby quilts, kids' garments, accessories, a super cute lunchbox, book covers, wall decor, a mobile above a crib, and lamp shades that you'd find in a nursery!

Little-Clementine_Banner_600x300 LittleClementine_Fabric_1

 For more whimsy-inspired projects, head on over to our "Little Clementine Lookbook!"


Here's our lovely "Sweet Wonders Quilt" for you to enjoy, just click the below link for the FREE pattern:

Download Quilt Pattern

Little Clementine Quilt Free 1

Here's some blender suggestions for your quilty projects that go with the "Little Clementine!"


------Little Clementine Giveaway------


Enter a chance to win this darling, fabric bundle by signing up to our giveaway! To enter, please fill the form below.  Congratulations Pat Devore! You're our WINNER! Please check your email! :)



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How to Make a "Scrapbag" Block Tutorial

Hello Makers, 

Have you seen AGF's brand new fusion collections? If you haven't gotten your hands on a bundle of these collections yet let me tell you they are vibrant jaw dropping beauties! I have always been a mega fan of all of AGF Fusions but every new collection has got me drooling with excitement. For those that don't know AGF Fusion collections are bite size collections consisting of 10 prints. It includes 10 quilting cottons, two knits and one rayon for all you apparel makers out their!  Fusion collections feature prints from varies AGF designers arranged in conceptual themes! 

To introduce yourself to our brand new additions check out the Rainforest and Trinkets Fusions Lookbook, packed with an array of super fun sewing projects catered to every sewing level! ! I had to whip up a extra special block for these beautiful collections so I decided to create a "Scrapbag" Block! Mixed with solid pure element fabrics I thought this block showcased the prints  so perfectly. 

Trinkets & Rainforest__COVER


Here I am (below) holding up both of my blocks. I can't stop staring at them! All I keep saying is "those colors" !!!!!  If you want to make a block of your own follow along with the video below! 


In the video I mention I want to turn my block into a decorative pillow to spruce up my boring old couch! Below is a mockup where I sewed a white strip border to my block and then placed my block on point by sewing triangles to each side of my block! 



Happy Sewing, 


Striped Stairway

Hello my creative friends!

Putting fabrics together to combine prints with different scale, color, and contrast is my favorite thing to do, and discovering the quilting magic of strip piecing is my second one! Inspired by the nostalgic designs of the Trinkets collection, I will be taking you on a piecing trip to make a 24" x 18" rug using the Striped Stairway technique; a fun technique that starts with a diagonal trim, and ends by piecing rearranged strips.

The featured fabrics are: Flowered Engrams Trinkets (Fabric A), Infused Hydrangea (Fabric B), Flower Stamp Trinkets (Fabric C), Gran Piano Trinkets (Fabric D) and Vintage Florets Trinkets (Fabric E).


You will need, one (1) WOF (width of fabric) x 12" rectangle from fabrics A and B, one (1) WOF x 2" strip from fabrics C and E, and one (1) WOF x 4" strip from fabric D. 


1. Cut Diagonally:

Cut the rectangles from fabric A and B in the same direction.



2. Arrange and join your pieces:

Take the top piece from fabric A, the bottom piece from fabric B, and place the strips from fabrics C, D, and E in the middle. Then join, press and trim.


3. The magic step ...

 Cut your block into 1 1/2" vertical strips, then reverse arrange the strips to get the stairway effect: 



4. Join:

Join the strips at 1/4". 


I always love the end result of this method, specially if there is a striped print in the center because it really accentuates the stairway effect. Did you enjoy this method? What would you do with the left over triangles from fabric A and B ;) ?

Happy piecing!


Our Latest AGF Fusions: Rainforest + Trinkets

Hi Makers, 

With the holidays right around the corner, I know all of us are prepping or have already begun sewing gifts for our family, friends, colleagues and teachers. I think that as a maker, we're always trying to create gifts that are so personalized to the person we're giving it to, so if you haven't started sewing your gifts yet, don't worry! We just released TWO NEW FUSIONS that cater to two different themes that can turn into so many great gifts! 


If you're new to AGF, our "Fusion Collections" are bite-size collections featuring best-selling prints from our internationally-known designers such as Pat Bravo, Maureen Cracknell, April Rhodes, Bonnie Christine, Katarina Roccella and Sharon Holland. With these two collections, you’ll find two different themes that provide you with countless sewing ideas and are no doubt, two collections that are a must-have for your fabric stash. Now, let’s take a closer look on how you can sew with these fabrics!


With botanical designs high on the trend radar for “jungalow inspired”  interiors and fashion, our “Rainforest Fusion” is perfect for creating a “tropical paradise” in your sewing room! Filled with vibrant, lush prints, this collection highlights tropical florals, palm fronds as well as tribal patterns that also act as great blenders. Grounded in bright and warm colors, this collection can be widely used in quilts, outdoor home decor, resort-inspired garments, as well as in accessories and wall art. I would love to make curtains and TONS of throw pillows with this collection! 


 Download Our FREE "Vertical Garden" Quilt Pattern:



Channeling “vintage meets modern” and recalling old memories of sifting through a grandmother’s treasure chest,  our “Trinkets Fusion” offers countless ideas for sewing with nostalgic prints that are inspired by pressed flowers, vintage knitting, and hand pressed wallpaper. Deeply rooted in warm hues of rust and gold, this festive collection is a great option for your holiday, sewing projects! From various florals that range in scale to textured designs that make unique blenders, these fabrics can be sewn into romantic, bohemian quilts, throw pillows, rugs, tapestries and special occasion garments! I would love to have a dress made out of "Trinkets" fabrics for Thanksgiving - preferably one that's loose, so I can eat all those delicious Thanksgiving side dishes like mashed potatoes, stuffing and creamed spinach! :)



 Download Our FREE "Free Spirit" Quilt Pattern:


For more sewing projects we've put together using these two collections, head to our "Rainforest and Trinkets Fabric Lookbook!"



In case you're OBSESSED with both of these collections and need them NOW, enter our giveaway for a chance to win BOTH! 


 To enter, please fill the form below. Giveaway ends Friday, October, 12th, 2018. Good luck!  

Our winner is Jo Isaac! Please check your email! Thanks to everyone else who participated!

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Curated Bundles for Conceptual Sewing- AGF Bundle Up


Hello AGF Fans,

At AGF, we're always constantly trying to deliver the best fabric collections and inspire sewists around the world to create something new! We're so honored to be apart of this amazing sewing community full of talented, kind and creative people. You motivate us everyday to keep creating new and easier ways to sew in this crazy, busy world! I'm so excited to tell you about something we've been working on for quite sometime! All you fabric lovers and AGF Fans, AGF has heard your many requests and we're happy to announce AGF is now creating bundles!

Not just any bundles but special curated bundles to make the most out of your creative time, making it easier to create something new. These curated fabric designs are grouped together to help you sew with a theme in mind. Our new groups consist of our best-seller prints, they're balanced in value and full of color!  

 Let me introduce you to AGF Bundle Up , a  group of fabrics with fun, special themes to create special projects for you and your loved ones! We have 8 amazing themes catered to all different types of sewist and sewing for the seasons. Grab yourself a warm beverage and enjoy all the fabric themes below. Share with me in the comments your favorite AGF Bundles! Pick up your favorite bundle online or at your local quilt shop



All of these bundles come in two different sizes, half yards and fat quarter bundles, and we will be occasionally updating  our themed bundles to make sure you have the newest selections and lots of variety to sew with.

Americana Edition


Red, white, and blue, AGF Style! This group has everything from playful ditsy florals, to basic geometric designs with the perfect choice of textured prints and blenders. This modern and fresh arrangement of fabrics has me dreaming of home decor projects.

Are you a holiday sewing addict like me? There is no better excuse to create something new then for special occasions and holidays. This bundle has me feeling all the feels of July 4th!




Written Edition   



I'm always in search for a good text print and AGF has gathered together such a great array of different styles. In this bundle, you'll get to play with dreamy brush stroke words,  newspaper/ typewriter fonts, bold stencil lettering and words created from florals.

 What do all these text prints say you may be wondering? They share words of love, happiness, and words of encouragement!



Animalia Edition


Looking for a gender neutral color palette? The Animalia bundle has such a fresh and inviting color section perfect for any season. You'll find cute goats with crowns, buzzing bumble bees, pugs with floral necklaces, and cuddly cats for our first round of all things animal related! Right away, I think about fussy cutting the cute critters from the fabric to create the most sweet and  lovable baby quilts.



Floralism Edition  


Who needs a bouquet of flowers when you can get your hands on a bundle of beautiful blooms of all shapes and sizes?! What style of fabric florals are your favorites, geometric,  painterly, hand drawn, whatever your style may be this bundle has them all!




Autumnal Edition


Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand as you watch the leaves fall into beautiful piles of all shades of orange, red and yellow, fall is here and the Autumnal Edition has captured the best of this season!

 I think Halloween and Thanksgiving sewing is in order with this All things Autumn bundle!



Woods Edition


Who doesn’t love being out in nature? There is something so magical about being away from the busy city and out amongst the trees, breathing in the fresh air and listening to the sounds of the animals.

The Woods Edition highlights the very best of being out in the woods. Use these prints in your next sewing project to create a sense of nature in all your living spaces.



Winterland Edition



As cold and cruel as winters can be there will always be something so enchanting about this season.  Not sure if it’s the beauty that comes with a fresh snowfall or if it’s staying warm by the fire all wrapped up in your favorite quilt with all your loved ones but sewing with the Winterland Bundle will get  you in the holiday spirit.


Geometrical Edition



Love to sew with lots of color and basic prints? The Geometrical Bundle has just become your new best friend. Think all things straight lines and shapes of all kinds! This bundle is packed with a punch of juicey colors that will hard to resist  drooling over.


The holiday season is approaching and it’s time to start making those handmade gifts. AGF has really made our job as sewist so much easier by gathering the best of best and creating such a fantastic new way to create based on a certain theme. Have any suggestions for new fabric bundle themes? We would love to hear what you are looking for! Any of these themes remind you of someone in your life? Make sure to share this post with your sewing friends to spread the fabric love.  





Happy Sewing,