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Mystery Monday Reveal

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a nice break from Labor Day weekend and is still looking forward the short week. Although it may feel like a Monday, let’s start the week with an exciting announcement! Thank you all for your patience and participation trying to guess what’s in the mystery bag! The time has come, the reveal of “AGF Mystery Monday” is here!!

In case you missed it, last week we announced a NEW Mystery Monday giveaway where we'll be giving away a mystery bag with lots of fabrics and sewing goodies! Every month, we select a theme for the bundle and give you a few hints. So in order to win, you have to guess what’s inside and enter the giveaway!

For those of you who’ve entered…

Here's the BIG REVEAL to this month's mystery's bag, and the theme is… “Cactus Flower”


Inspired by all the bright and gorgeous flowers that sprout out of cactuses, like the ones pictured below.

Cactus collage

So the winner is… *DRUMROLL*

All of this fabric is going to Mary Davis
*Please check your email

Congratulations! :)

In case, you're wondering where to find this fabric, I've listed it out for you, so you can easily find it via our site:

  1. Coyote & Quail Jojoba 
  2. Angle Folie Pristine 
  3. Joy Plante Chartreuse 
  4. Plantae Sunrise 
  5. Fluxus Teal 
  6. Ni Hao Faires Hu 
  7. Illusionist Vine Boho 
  8. Petits strokes rose 
  9. Arista Keepsake 
  10. River Shadows Rain
  11. Very Berry 

Stay tuned for next month’s "Mystery Monday" and thanks to everyone who participated!

Make sure to comment down below with what theme you’d like to see in the next “mystery bag”, we appreciate any wild or crazy ideas!


- Jannelle